Chinese Zodiac Palmistry for the Third Trine

The Chinese Zodiac is made up of 12 animals, each of which corresponds to a certain year. In Chinese Astrology, it is believed that you have the same characteristics and personality as the animal that rules the year you were born in. So if you were born in the Year of the Snake, you are believed to share Snake qualities, such as wisdom, patience, and attractiveness.

What are the Chinese Zodiac Trines?

Within these 12 animals are four ‘trines’. Each trine consists of three animals each. The three animals are typically known as ‘friends’ in the zodiac, as they share common characteristics and belief systems.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the third trine, which consists of the Tiger, Horse, and Dog, and examining how it correlates with the ancient art of palmistry.

This ancient practice has roots in both India and Ancient China. In Ancient China, it was very popular. There are three major lines to read on the palm in palmistry and these are the Life line, Head line, and the Heart line. Reading these lines can give someone an idea of which direction their life is going in, as well as greater insight into their own unique character.

The third trine in the Chinese Zodiac is known as the Humanitarian Trine. The Tiger, Horse, and Dog are a group of loyal, courageous and sensitive animals that believe in protecting the underdog and making change for the better in the world. They are often gifted with great energy and drive. These animals are ruled more by their feelings (as opposed to the animals of the second trine – the Ox, Snake, and Rooster – who are ruled mainly by their head). While they are brave, empathetic and warm-hearted, they can also be reckless, struggle with anxieties and have frequent mood swings.

So what kind of palms do these individuals typically have? Read on to find out!

Chinese Zodiac Palmistry for the 3rd Trine: Tiger, Horse, Dog


Tigers often have hands that are shaped like ‘paws,’ so regardless of whether they themselves are petite or bulky, their hands will likely be quite sturdy and square-shaped. Their hands are usually strong and they often have a powerful Life line, which indicates a desire to take care of the world at large and those around them. They will often have long index fingers, which is also a sign of power and sometimes aggression. But because their domineering element is Wood, this brings them a strong emotional nature and creativity. It also indicates stubbornness and independence, which are two common features of the third trine.


The hand of the Horse often has a long palm with a strong Heart line. This indicates emotional and charming people who are easily swept away by their feelings, throwing all caution to the wind. It indicates an adventurous streak. Horses governing element is Fire, and Fire Hands are people with plenty of emotional energy who are dedicated to their passions. Fire burns bright in the Horse for all to see (unlike the Snake individual, who is also governed by Fire but keeps it well-hidden); their Life lines can appear scattered, which is indicative of an unpredictable nature and lifestyle.


Dogs tend to have strong Head lines and this individual will have a greater hold over their rational mind than the Tiger and Horse. Dogs are loyal and steadfast individuals and they often have thick palms and large wrists. The Dog’s governing element is Earth, which bestows them with a practical and down to earth nature; the earth element gives them self-sacrificing qualities and an ability to see things through to the end. The Life line will often be strong, which indicates good health and a cautious attitude that enables them to prepare for any eventuality. While the Head line is strong, they need to be careful of letting worry consume them.

Concluding Thoughts…

Palmistry and the Chinese Zodiac is a fascinating subject and can help us understand ourselves and others better. When we combine the two, we are able to take a look at the wealth of depth both of these subjects possess and bring them together as one. Of course, no two people are the same and everyone is on their own unique and individual journey. But your own personal trine can give you insight into the shared characteristics you have with others, even if they manifest in different ways. There may be questions you have about yourself, your life and the world around you, and palmistry and Chinese Astrology may be able to help you find these answers.

Tune in next time for the final article exploring the Chinese Zodiac and palmistry – the fourth trine! And, don’t forget to check out our articles on palmistry for the first and second trines:

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