Chinese Zodiac Palmistry for the First Trine

The ancient art of palmistry is one that has roots in Indian and Chinese Astrology and it is the ability to read one’s hands in order to discover more about one’s character and possibly predict aspects of their future.

In the Zhou Dynasty (roughly 3,000 years ago) palmistry was very popular in China. It was here that the distinction between reading the right palm and left palm was made, with one hand as dominant and another passive; the left palm represents the traits you were born with while the right palm represents your future and what happens to you when you grow older as well as, in some cases, how the traits in the right palm influence your future.

While the results of palm reading are different for everyone as we are all unique individuals, there are certain similarities that we may share based on the elements in our chart. This stands for Western Astrology, but also for Chinese Astrology. In fact, because palmistry has such a long history stemming from Ancient China, it has a strong connection with the Chinese Zodiac and the different animals and elements within it.

This especially rings true for the four different trines in the Chinese Zodiac. The trines are made up of three animals, all of whom share similar qualities and tend to be highly compatible. While these animals may not be the same element, they do share characteristics that represent their motivational drive, relationship needs, and overall life goals.

In palmistry, there are three main lines that are read on the hand: the life line, the head line and the heart line. There are also more minor lines that can be read, such as the marriage line, money line and child line.

What is the 1st Trine of the Chinese Zodiac?

The first trine of the Chinese Zodiac is made up of the Rat, Dragon and Monkey.

These animals are capable of great good or great evil; they are usually powerful leaders, though they are known for being unpredictable and in their most negative state they can become tyrannical dictators. Their energy is a strong one and it is common for them to have high ambitions.

Below are some explanations for the three different animals in the first trine and the palmistry correlations they share.


The Rat is governed by the water element which shows a strong emotional current. Their hands are often rectangular with long fingers. Though ruled by water, Rats are very methodical and logical, hence why they get on so well with the Dragon and Monkey. In palmistry, it is not uncommon to find a Rat with potent head lines as these people place much value on wisdom and knowledge. They can also be very creative when they choose to be. This is the type of water that is often kept under good control – a babbling brook as opposed to a tsunami. Rats typically have good control over their emotions and their emotions will often be a tool they use with their mind in control.


The Dragon is ruled by earth and this shows a strong, practical, down to earth nature. Dragons are high achievers and often have big plans; they think big and do not settle for any less. Their palms are often square with short fingers. They are hardworking and practical and have no time for nonsense. These people often have potent heart lines as they are very much governed by how events, situations and people make them feel. It is also common for them to have a secondary line running parallel with their life line as they have strong vitality.


The Monkey is ruled by the metal element and this is the element that does not feature in Western Astrology. Metal is an element of strength, control and a powerful disposition. These people are often self-reliant and highly ambitious in their endeavours. Monkeys will very often have many upward branches in their palms which shows they are ambitious with plenty lofty ideals; however, this can also mean that they struggle to stay focused on one task at a time and this is why they are such a good match with the Dragon and Rat, who can keep them focused and grounded.


Check back soon for palmistry for the second, third, and fourth trines.

Palmistry is a many-layered and fascinating form of divination. When paired with Chinese Astrology, it can provide greater insight into a person’s character and future. As with all forms of divination, it is important to remember that nothing is set in stone. Free will exists for a reason; we each have the ability to determine our own destiny, but we can certainly use Chinese Astrology, palmistry and other esoteric forms in order to help guide us through life.

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