Full Moon in Taurus 4-Card Tarot Spread

The Full Moon lands in Taurus lands soon and this is welcome news for us, especially as many people will be feeling the effects of the dominant Scorpio energy at the moment which is likely to have brought all kinds of chaotic or uncomfortable things to the surface.

The Full Moon in Taurus brings us a sense of relief and an opportunity for calm. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, a strong placement for it, and this is a wonderful time for delighting in the five senses. This is a powerful time for enjoying the simple pleasures in life and taking a break from all that is heavy, draining, and taxing.

It is also a time when traditional values and old-fashioned qualities such as chivalry and honor will be more prominent. In fact, the Full Moon in Taurus grounds emotions and stabilizes them; it is also a good time to focus on creative endeavors as the practical earth energy of Taurus will also provide motivation to bring these creative joys into reality.

So as today is all about enjoying the moment and indulging in the things that make you feel good, it’s a good idea to do a Tarot spread that harnesses the power of the Full Moon in Taurus. A spread to discover more about your creative side and see how you can manage this time in a stress-free, productive way is the best way to use the cards. Checking your daily Tarot card reading online also provides added insight and combining that with a Tarot card reading can give you an excellent basis for working with this upcoming Full Moon!

So, without further ado, read on to discover a Tarot card spread you can use to help you work with the magic of Taurus during the lunar peak!

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4-Card Tarot Spread for the Full Moon in Taurus

Question: What does the Full Moon bring for me this month?

  • Card 1: How should I focus on relaxation/revitalization?
  • Card 2: What obstacles stand in my way?
  • Card 3: What type of intentions should I focus on?
  • Card 4: What is the energy for this Full Moon for me?

Below is an example card reading so you can get a better idea of how this spread works.

A Tarot spread for the Full Moon in Taurus. /p>

Card 1: Card 1: The Moon

As the card representing the best way to relax, The Moon speaks of imagination and creativity, so the reading is saying it is a great idea to indulge in your creative side at this time. This could involve writing, drawing, painting, and sculpting; it could even include spending some time outdoors under the full moon and letting your imagination take you to magical places! Relaxation comes from going inwards at this time and nurturing your inner child.

Card 2: 5 of Wands

The 5 of Wands is typically a card of conflict and strife so this conflict could be internal or external. There may be people around me demanding too much time and attention which doesn’t provide me with the chance to relax; the conflict may be internal which could indicate misplaced guilt on my part if I don’t let myself relax. Addressing the obstacles is the best way to find a way around them.

Card 3: Death

This is an interesting card in this position and suggests that whatever I am supposed to focus on is something that will be entirely new. Not something I’d previously focused on but something that may well come out of the blue around the time that the moon is in Taurus! Keeping an eye out for signs or having an “A-ha!” moment is very much on the agenda and can indicate one door opening as another door closes.

Card 4: The Empress

A great card for overall energy – the Empress is a card of abundance and creativity. She suggests that the creative energies are powerful at this time. The Empress also represents sensual pleasure and urges me to enjoy the pleasures of life, taking time to sniff pleasing scents and enjoy delicious tastes. This is not a time for stress, but a time for allowing myself to enjoy the fruitful joys the earth permits.


With a Tarot card reading at this time and delving deep into the various Tarot card meanings, it is possible to utilize the power of this upcoming full moon in Taurus to its greatest extent! This is a fortunate fool moon for many and it brings respite from any heavy and difficult situations that may have been prevalent lately. It is the perfect time for manifestation and spending time with loved ones, as well as exploring your own innate creativity. Enjoy whatever the full moon brings you and, above all, permit yourself to relax and unwind!

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