The Best Superfood for Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

​Have you ever wondered what the best superfood for your Chinese Zodiac sign is?

You are in luck because this article will tell you the secrets of the best superfood for your Chinese Zodiac sign!

Naturally, all of these superfoods are “from the Earth,” so to speak. The Chinese Zodiac is a zodiac that is intimately connected with the Earth. It encompasses the five elements (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Metal), so you can imagine the impact various foods have on each sign.

Your Chinese Zodiac superfood is exclusive to you. Adding it into your diet can provide you with added oomph as the magic of the superfood works with the magic of your sign.*

*Of course, always be sure to discuss with your health care provider when it comes to adding new superfoods to your diet if you have underlying conditions or are currently on medication.

What Food Should I Eat Based on My Chinese Zodiac Sign?

Want to know what superfood is best for you based on your Chinese Zodiac sign? Read on to find out.


As a Rat, you are one of the most clever and shrewd members of the Chinese Zodiac. It goes without saying, really. How else did you manage to win the Chinese zodiac race, despite being the tiniest member and one of the slowest compared to the bigger and faster animals?

It’s all thanks to that incredible Rat brain of yours!

Therefore, Schisandra berry is the superfood for you. Used in ancient Chinese medicine, this wonder berry is perfect for improving cognitive performance and keeping your brain healthy.

Best served as a tea, seeped for several minutes, and then enjoyed as a healthy, goodful beverage in the morning.


As an Ox, you are hardworking and always willing to take on your share of the responsibility. It’s what makes you such a practical and reliable friend, and others adore you for it.

But you can be prone to pushing yourself too far at times, so it is important to take care of your physical health.

The best superfood for you is oats; good, pure, simple oats! High in fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, and other minerals, they give you all the energy you need for a day of hard work. A bowl in the morning will suffice.


Being the Tiger, you are no stranger to challenge and conflict. You have oodles of courage, and you inspire others to stand for what they believe in too.

But you can be prone to burning yourself out. Therefore, Chaga is the best superfood for you. This is a type of mushroom that is often taken as a tea. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and has a powerful effect on your pineal gland, helping to cleanse it.

In return, you can experience a balance between your material world and physical world, which is essential for you to be effective. Decoct it for one hour in filtered water in a stainless steel pan and drink after a long day for all the benefits.


As a Rabbit, you are a gentle soul, preferring a world of peace and harmony above all else. You are the one others turn to when they are in need, and your kind and diplomatic nature makes you wonderful company to have around.

However, it is important to take care of yourself, especially when things are chaotic!

You are more prone to sensitivity than others. Blueberries are the best superfood for you because they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Plus, they are readily available. A handful of berries a day keeps the Rabbit well, happy, and healthy!

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The mighty and powerful Dragon has an abundance of energy and isn’t afraid to show it! As the Dragon, you possess a great strength that others admire.

As such, however, you can sometimes overdo it when it comes to harnessing your powerful energy.

It is essential for you to remain balanced to avoid unwanted side effects. Green tea, especially sencha, is wonderful for you, helping you to not only relax but also providing you with powerful antioxidants to fight off any unwanted free radicals in your body.


One of your most admirable qualities is your wisdom, Snake, and others look to you to offer sound advice and help them when they are in need. You are someone who values your serenity, and when things get out of control, it can be very taxing on you.

Therefore, it’s important to fill yourself with superfood leafy greens to keep you feeling nourished and healthy. The great thing about this superfood is that it is available in abundance, and you can never quite run out.

Go organic when possible!


As a passionate member of the Third Trine, you are someone who goes where the wind takes you. Restrictions really aren’t your thing, and you are someone who strongly values your freedom.

The need to be your true authentic self is strong, and rarely will you compromise it.

The best superfood for you is spirulina. This algae hosts a wealth of benefits, including brain-protective and anti-inflammatory ones, and this keeps you packed with nutrients as you go about your busy and adventurous life, Horse!


A dreamy member of the Fourth Trine, you are someone who has a rich inner world, and when you are at your best, you can manifest the depths of your imagination into reality, Goat.

So it’s important you keep that genius mind of yours in tip-top shape!

The green superfood kale is particularly beneficial for you. It is excellent brain food, helping to spark your creative talents and keeping you packed with energy so you can go about your daily business in a way that is meaningful for you.


As a Monkey, your mind is one of your greatest assets, and others are often wowed by the genius ramblings that come streaming out of your mouth.

As it stands, probiotics are the best superfood for you because you can be prone to issues around the digestive area, and it’s important for you to keep this area in check.

Your immune system can also benefit from probiotics. You can get these from live yogurt, kefir, and kombucha, to name a few! Adding probiotics to your diet contributes wonderfully to your wellness.


You are one of the most hardworking signs of the Chinese Zodiac, and it cannot be disputed that when you see a long-term goal, you will put your heart and soul into achieving it, Rooster!

However, this can make you prone to stress, and the best superfood for you is raw cacao, which brings powerful antioxidants into your body and can also help lower your blood pressure.

Raw cacao on its own can be quite bitter, so mix it with warmed plant-based milk and raw honey to produce a delicious hot chocolate vibe that can send you off to sleep in no time, packed with goodness and nutrients to keep you refreshed for the day ahead!

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As a loyal and faithful member of the Third Trine, you are someone who can be prone to headaches, Dog, and this is because stress can come creeping up on you. You are a humanitarian concerned with injustice in the world, which complements your noble character, but at the same time, migraines can be an issue.

Turmeric is a superfood that is very good for you, particularly the active compound curcumin. It is said to improve anxieties and provide you with plenty of anti-inflammatory benefits.

Use turmeric powder in soups and stews, or alternatively, try a curcumin supplement (ensure the supplement is the best quality!).


As the last member of the Chinese Zodiac, you are a kind and giving soul who always makes wonderful company and who brings a sense of comfort to your loved ones, Pig.

However, you can be prone to laziness at times, so it is important for you to have a healthy routine with regular movement.

Goji berries are a wonderful superfood for you because they are a powerhouse of antioxidants, plus they do wonders for your sweet tooth and can stop you from reaching for sweets if you’re craving them.

Super Food, Super Life!

Are you ready to include your Chinese Zodiac superfood in your routine? Your zodiac sign eating habits can be an important contribution to your own personal sense of happiness and success.

These Chinese Zodiac superfoods can have a tremendous impact on your overall well-being. You can find them at most health stores or supermarkets.

So what are you waiting for? Experience the power of your superfood and let the magic of Chinese Astrology fill your body with healthy goodness!

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