Crystal Grids & How to Use Them

We all love our crystals, but did you know that you can enhance the power of crystals by using crystal grids?

You may be wondering what a crystal grid is. You may even feel that it has a complicated tinge to it (“Do I have to buy a grid?” or “Oh, no, do I have to design something? I can’t even draw!”)

But as a matter of fact, crystal grids are very simple to make – and all you need are your crystals, a paper/cloth and pen, a bit of knowledge and a dollop of intent!

Understanding Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is a shape or ‘grid’ formed with crystals of your choosing which follow the pattern of sacred geometry. Now, don’t worry – you don’t have to read endless books and become an expert on sacred geometry. When we talk about it in the context of crystal grids, we are simply applying it to creating a grid that resonates with you spiritually.

For example, let’s say I wanted to create a crystal grid. I might choose four or five crystals of my liking. I would then either choose one of the hundreds of sacred geometry patterns out there or create one of my own. These can range from simple grids such as circles, pentacles or spirals, to more complicated ones which can be a combination of lots of different shapes.

What matters is not the type of grid itself. What matters is that you create a grid that is specific to you and resonates with your own energy and vibrations. This is where it’s important to listen to your intuition – if it feels right, then it is!

A crystal grid can be used for a number of reasons – for crystal healing, for enhancing psychic abilities, for manifestation, for banishing negative energy. There are crystals out there that are specific to your intentions, but ultimately, the crystals you choose for your grid should be ones that, again, resonate with you.

We all know the mighty power of crystals – now, try using them in a grid so that they can merge their power as one and bring all types of awesomeness to your life!

How to Create a Crystal Grid

First, choose your crystals.

(How, you ask? Check out these Crystals for Your Rising Sign!)

It’s important to first think about what you want your grid to achieve, and then set your intentions. Do you want to heal yourself or others? Do you want to banish negative situations or people from your life? Do you want to form spiritual protection around yourself and loved ones? Do you want to attract abundance and prosperity?

Once you have thought about your end goal and set your intentions, choose the crystals that are ‘calling’ to you.

Then, cleanse your crystals while setting them with your intentions. You can cleanse your crystals through smudging them, bathing them or, if there is a full moon out, leave them overnight for a moon bath. (You may have to wait a little longer to create your grid with the latter option, but your crystals will thank you for it!)

With your crystals cleansed and charged, it’s time to cleanse and purify the space you will be working from. If your grid is particularly focused on a spiritual act, your space should be a sacred and spiritual one. Outdoors among nature is an excellent place for spiritual grids. You can cleanse your space by smudging, sprinkling salt around the perimeter or lighting incense.

Once this is done, it’s time for the next step! Choose your geometric shape!

You can choose something simple, like a pentacle or a wheel. Or you can choose something that is a mixture of many shapes, and even something like a mandala – it’s entirely up to you.

Next, draw your shape on the paper or cloth (or print out a pattern you like). You can draw lines for your crystals to sit on in the grid, but this isn’t necessary. Many people simply place their crystals wherever they feel is right.

It is good to place the largest crystal in the middle and then place the others around it in a symmetrical pattern so that a balance is achieved and the energy between the crystals can flow easily.

You can also write your goal or intention on a piece of paper or your crystal grid cloth and place it in the middle of the grid if it helps with your focus.

Using Your Crystal Grid

Now here’s the fun part!

Take some time to look at your grid and appreciate it. Close your eyes and focus on your intention. Open your eyes and then use your finger to slowly trace a line from one stone to the next. Make sure not to break the line and make sure to touch them all. You are harnessing the energy of the crystals and connecting them to one another while manifesting your intention with your mind.

When you have done this, thank your grid and leave it in place for a few days or however long you feel is necessary for it to work. Once the few days are up, perform the same ritual – focus your intention and trace the lines. Remember – crystal energy takes time to work, as does manifestation.

For best crystal grid results, do the ritual at the time of the New Moon and perform the tracing every few days until the Full Moon.


Crystal grids are fabulous for getting all your crystals together like one mighty, magical army and having them bring positivity, luck and joy into your life – not to mention banishing negative stuff from it too! Try a crystal grid and experience the power of crystals for yourself.

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