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The energy of December brings in monumental change, culmination, celebration, and endings that will bring greater creative energies and spiritual vibrations to our lives. Although the energy will feel slightly sluggish, it will allow you to slow down and be present for the Soul’s callings. We are slowly moving out of an intense cycle of the year that challenged us in many ways.

A dynamic Full Moon in Gemini, conjoined with Mars, brought intense conversations and heated reactions at the beginning of the month. Then, Solstice, Capricorn season with a New Moon, and Mercury going retrograde at the end of the month.

December will help you filter out the debris of emotional baggage, relationships that don’t support you, and habits and patterns that don’t serve you.

When dealing with such energies, we often forget that we have spiritual assistance and support. One of the best ways to ensure you align with such spiritual help is by connecting with angel wisdom. Angels provide healing, protection, and guidance and offer great inner wisdom and healing messages. While often depicted in human form, you can envision them in the way that best resonates with you.

Whether you want to improve finances, self-love, and relationships, discover your purpose, release negative patterns, manifest abundance, or start a family or business, angel guidance will provide the support you need. Just like astrology, angels exist to guide us toward our Soul’s divine plan. They remind us of our connection to the Universe by holding the essence of clarity, healing, love, manifestation, strength, wisdom, and understanding.

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through December’s astrological shifts.

Your Angel Card for December 2022


Leuviah #19

The month of December will open new doors and prepare you for abundance and prosperity in 2023. As a result, current energies encourage you to trust yourself. No matter what you have planned, if it changes, trust that the Universe is guiding you toward the right path.

If you have been struggling with mastery of emotions and patience, Leuviah provides angelic guidance and support to master feelings with reason and expand toward intelligence.

In addition, Leuviah provides the following support this month:

  • Activates the Throat and Third Eye chakras
  • It gives access to past lives and your cosmic memory
  • It opens a gateway toward Universal truth and wisdom
  • It enables you to handle adversity with patience and acceptance
  • Heals grief, stubbornness, and mistrust
  • Reveals one’s desire to serve negative energies
  • Assists one in letting go through strength and courage
  • An ability to distance yourself from toxic people, places, or situations
  • Leuviah rules the Water element and the color indigo
  • Connect with this angel between 6:00 AM to 6:19 AM for intellectual clarity and support


Ieiazel #40

You are fresh out of eclipse season, with last month’s Full Moon in your sign. This month, you will dive deeper and get to know yourself better. It’s been a transformational year for you, but it’s essential to understand that a higher purpose was occurring to bring you the life you desire.

Ieiazel is your angelic guide this month, gifting comfort, peace, harmony, and the beginning of a new creation.

In addition, Ieiazel provides the following abundance this month:

  • Activates the Sacral and Throat chakra
  • It brings an end to a period of ordeals or difficult situations
  • Prevents emotional outbursts and stress
  • Restores and revitalizes the body, mind, and Soul
  • It sets one free from emotional conditioning, poor habits, and addictions
  • Rectifies issues with lack of confidence, discouragement, and sadness
  • It helps one find relief, love, maturity, and a deeper spiritual connection
  • Rules the element of Air and red
  • Connect with this angel between 1:00 PM to 1:19 PM for intellectual guidance and support


Vasariah #32

Gemini, you are reaching a period of completion and accomplishment this month, with the final Full Moon of 2022 in your sign. Interactions and relationships bring golden opportunities and good luck. First, however, you must forgive and let go of past heartbreak, hurt, and pain.

To support your ascension, Vasariah is your angelic guide for December, gifting you with the capacity to forgive and free yourself from the past and feelings of guilt. In addition, Vasariah grants the following support and wisdom:

  • Activates the Throat chakra
  • Assists in planning, thinking, and strategies
  • Grants clemency and a generous mentality
  • It gives you the gift of not judging others too quickly
  • Helps with communication and self-expression issues
  • Heals issues with guilt, bad memories, and feelings of needing to seek revenge
  • Grants access to cosmic memory and the origins of good and evil
  • Gifs great wisdom to help you find solutions and solve challenging problems
  • Provides profound listening that enables compassion and empathy
  • Connect with this angel between 10:20 AM to 10:39 AM for intellectual clarity and wisdom


Mitzrael #60

2022 forced you to confront some of your biggest fears, insecurities, and regrets. December brings immense clarity and a happy outcome in your endeavors. However, there may be lingering relationship issues or problems with family or friends. To support you with any challenges or problems, this month’s angelic is Mitzrael, granting comfort and freedom through stressful situations.

In addition, Mitzrael provides the following guidance and support this month:

  • Activates the Solar Plexus and Throat chakra
  • Intellectual work and harmonization
  • Grants excellent leadership skills and a sharp mind
  • It allows you to stay true to others and yourself
  • Understanding of proper authority and obedience
  • Simplicity, knowledge, health, healing, work, and karma
  • Amplifies difficulties in accepting one’s mistakes and lack of cooperation
  • Reveals one fear to change or non-acceptance of karma, refusal to evolve
  • For intellectual clarity and support, connect with this angel from 7:40 PM to 7:59 PM
  • Emotional power day is December 27th from 6 PM to midnight


Lehahiah #34

2022 was full of tower moments that illuminated everything you’ve been holding on to and blocked your growth. As a result, the months ahead promise adventure, new opportunities, and prosperity. First, however, you’ll need the support of Lehahiah to give you discipline and a sense of order.

In addition, Lehahiah provides you with a better understanding of life experiences and will grant the following support this month:

  • Activates the Third eye and Throat chakra
  • Encourages collaboration, trust, and respect
  • Establishes order, peace, harmony, and divine Justine
  • It helps one recognize loyalty in friendships
  • Grants job security and social recognition
  • Gifts balance and improvement in relationships
  • It heals frustration and conflict with authority or superiors
  • Reveals unfair laws and disloyal or unreliable people
  • Rules the element of Earth and red
  • Connect with Lehahiah from 11:00 AM to 11:19 AM for intellectual strength and wisdom


Mikael #42

You’ve made it to the final month of 2022, and this year has been nothing short of transformation and letting go of negative beliefs and thought patterns. Home and family will be significant this month, with shifts in your self-expression, hobbies, and romance sector.

Mikael is your angelic guide this month to help you attract more success and understand obstacles, gifting you protection, success, and the power of spirit.

In addition, Mikael will provide the following support this month:

  • Unmasks enemies
  • Activates the Heart and Third Eye chakra
  • Aids in wise planning and foresight
  • Protects one against accidents and travel
  • Gifts ambition and courage to rise to challenges
  • Allows one to discover secrets and mysteries of the Universe
  • Reveals issues with authority or those in leadership positions
  • Protects one against lies, slander, or treachery
  • Heals communication issues, envy, jealousy, and betrayal
  • Rules the element of Air and orange
  • For intellectual wisdom, connect with this angel from 1:40 PM to 1:59 PM


Anauel #63

December usually is a busy time for you, Libra. Full of new connections, information, and non-stop phone calls. To help promote ease in communication and relationships with others, Anauel gifts balance, harmony, and success in all your relationships, whether intimate or platonic.

New opportunities to generate many new concepts and ideas will present themselves. Therefore, Anauel will also provide the following guidance:

  • Success in human relationships
  • Activates the Solar Plexus chakra
  • Enlightenment, kindness, and good health
  • Ruled by the element Air and purple, green, and orange
  • Provides a sense of organization and independence
  • It helps one understand the concept of money and energy exchanges
  • It protects from wasteful energies and helps one act sensibly
  • It enhances communication skills and helps one stand out from the crowd
  • Deals with retail, banking, and entrepreneurship
  • Emotional power day for this angel is December 30th
  • For intellectual clarity and support, connect with this angel from 8:40 PM to 8:59 PM


Nith-Haiah #25

It’s been a slightly rocky road since your solar return; however, the month ahead predicts mastery of spiritual forces, love, peace, prosperity, and magic that will linger well into the new year. To help you gain a better understanding and trust in the Universe, Nith-Haiah gifts you mental strength, tolerance, serenity, and wisdom.

Nith-haiah is the angel that can obtain everything through the hidden mysteries of creation. If you have been struggling with your creative ideas or attracting abundance, tap into the energies of your December angel guide to increase your well-being and spiritual charisma.

In addition, Nith-haiah provides the following support this month:

  • Resolves misfortune and despair
  • Activates the Third Eye and Throat chakra
  • Protects one from black magic and charlatans
  • It helps one find a place to meditate and solitude
  • It brings light during complicated times
  • Promotes greater psychic powers and knowledge
  • It will help one make the right decisions in alignment with their highest self
  • Rules the element of fire and blue
  • Connect with this angel from 8:00 AM to 8:19 AM for intellectual strength and support


Eyael #67

It’s been a monumental year for you, and your solar return is pulling out all the stops. Lady luck has been on your side, and you are radiating confidence, magnetism, and sex appeal. However, if you’ve been struggling to see the positive side of things, Eyael will guide you toward positive energies this December.

If you have been dealing with major life changes or situations stressing you out, Eyael is the excellent support to help you manage the end-of-the-year blues. In addition, Eyael will grant you the following support this month:

  • Grants compassion and good health
  • Activates the Root and Sacral chakra
  • It helps one overcome the fear of change
  • Encourages meditation and study of high sciences
  • Provides an understanding of Universal history and origins
  • Encourages art, culinary, music, painting, joy, and solitude
  • Connect with this angel from 10:00 PM to 10:19 PM for intellectual wisdom


Sitael #3

Sagittarius season brings a bit of turbulence and stress at the beginning of the month. However, your solar return begins on December 20th and opens the door toward new opportunities, abundance, and success.

If you’ve been feeling scattered, Sitael supports you with ease, excellent planning, and a practical mind to get things done. In addition, you can expect to receive the following support this month.

  • Activates the Crown and Sacral chakra
  • Protects against evil energies
  • It grants bravery and strength to carry out responsibilities
  • Expands and fructifies goals and manifestations
  • It supports one in overcoming difficulties and adversities
  • It helps one become aware of errors and transform karma
  • Heals issues with one not keeping their word
  • Reveals hidden agendas, greed, or excess
  • Provides opportunities to work with essential responsibilities
  • Rules the element of Fire and gold and purple
  • Connect with Sitael from 12:40 AM to 12:59 AM for intellectual healing and wisdom


Cahetel #8

Although the beginning of the month unleashes some minor disturbances, Aquarius, the remainder of the year, creates new opportunities and pleasant surprises, showing you why every challenge was worth it.

If you’ve been struggling to see the glass half full versus empty, Cahetel, your angelic guide this month, brings divine blessings and harmony and helps shift your mindset.

You can also expect the following support from Cahetel this month:

  • Crown and Sacral chakra activations
  • It helps one facilitate a positive lifestyle change
  • Heals issues with material wealth, debt, and overall resources
  • Enhances success and stimulates an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Provides good results in agriculture, planting, or farming
  • It brings more gratitude, joy, purification, and abundance into one’s life
  • It sets one free from negative energies or people with evil agendas
  • It brings balance and a greater understanding of the four elements
  • Reveals issues with excessiveness, rigidity, pride, and bad tempers
  • For intellectual healing and answers to life’s many questions, connect with this angel from 2:20 AM to 2:39 AM for support


Omael #30

You’ve endured many challenges and growth this year, dear Pisces. As a result, the current energies lead you toward happiness and success. But, of course, you must trust and have the patience that the Universe is guiding you in the right direction. To better help you harness the energies of achievement, patience, and success, Omael will assist you in developing your most significant expansion.

In addition, you can expect Omael to provide the following guidance:

  • Sacral and Solar Plexus chakra activations
  • Rectifies issues with lack of planning and organization
  • Resolves impatience, sadness, or poor harvests from previous manifestations
  • It brings love and social enrichment
  • It helps one fight against temptations and brings balance to relationships
  • Stimulates fulfillment, joy, fertility, and expansion
  • It helps one discover their inner child
  • It supports one in avoiding emotional manipulation
  • Heals issues with children and conceiving or family planning
  • Rules the fire element and blue
  • For intellectual clarity and healing, connect with this angel from 9:40 AM to 9:59 AM

Tips for Connecting With Your Angel Guide

Regardless of your belief system, you likely have spiritual guides protecting and sending messages. In addition, there are many guides, in different forms, assigned before birth, at birth, and during various stages of life. Overall, guides were conceived to accompany you daily in your universal initiations.

When we acknowledge the signs from the Universe through our guides, we open our energetic field to receive more abundance and prosperity, strengthening the lines of communication between the physical world and the divine.

Here are a few tips for connecting angelic guides:

  • Slow down and have gratitude
  • Ground yourself and breathe
  • Develop an appreciation of life
  • Create and purify a sacred space
  • Pay attention to the guidance you receive
  • Hold faith and trust that your messages are heard
  • Cultivate an open mind and raise your vibration
  • Keep faith and trust that your messages are heard
  • Know your motivations and be clear on the support you seek
  • Say a prayer, innovation, or mantra, either connecting to that angel or one of your choices

Embrace the Rest of December

The Universal language of the cosmos enables you to position yourself to receive divine assistance. Angels are spiritual, moving between the unseen and seen realms, assigned as your Soul evolution team to guide you through your life’s various cycles or seasons. They are a state of higher consciousness that represents divine qualities and virtues.

It’s important to know that depending on the contents of internal issues and unconscious memories, the angel either manifests purely or is a mirror for our distortions, showing faults and weaknesses. In addition, angels remind us of the qualities we are working with and help us learn how to rectify them consciously.

In conclusion, continue to focus on healing and transforming any distortions with the help and support of divine assistance. Connect with the energies of this month’s angel guide through incense, prayer, or meditation. Always open your sacred space by calling forth the powers of pure love and light and your soul evolution and healing team.

Happy December, see you next year!

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