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As we draw the curtains on another year, December brings a significant homecoming marked by astrological shifts that will reshape our outlook. Transitioning from Sagittarius to Capricorn season, we move into a new level of faith, joy, and gratitude. Capricorn season encourages us to address challenges in practical ways.

A crucial part of our spiritual journey involves our angelic spiritual squad. This team consists of carefully chosen spirit guides who play a significant role in our personal growth. While our main guardian angels remain steadfast protectors, it’s essential to recognize the extra support provided by other celestial beings at various stages and seasons of our lives.

Our spiritual squad has a clear mission: to help and guide us through life’s complexities. Similar to astrology, angels are here to steer us toward our soul’s divine plan.

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through December’s astrological shifts.

Your Angel Card for December 2023


Haziel #9

Welcome to the end of the year, beautiful Aries! As you step into December, the cosmos has some intriguing shifts in store for you. This month will see changes and opportunities in your career, long-term goals, relationships, and business partnerships. With Mercury retrograde extending into 2024, you might need celestial guidance. That’s where the angel Haziel comes into play. Haziel can offer you a new level of support and power, transforming any negative energy that may come your way during this transitional period.

In addition to guiding you through December’s transformative energies, Haziel can grant you a multitude of blessings and benefits, such as:

  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Haziel’s influence can help you mend broken bridges and heal old wounds.
  • Love: Haziel can aid you in attracting and nurturing love in your life.
  • Money: The angel Haziel can also guide you in finance matters by helping boost your income, make wise investments, or simply manage your money more effectively.
  • Health & Well-being: Your well-being is a precious gift, and Haziel can assist you in maintaining and improving your physical and emotional health.
  • Work: In your career, its guidance can lead you to professional success and fulfillment.
  • Forgiveness and Tolerance: Embracing forgiveness and tolerance in your life is essential to personal growth.
  • Regency hour is 2:40 AM to 2:59 AM.


Iezalel #13

Welcome to December, loving Taurus! Last season might have taken you on a cosmic rollercoaster ride, but you can look forward to a month that promises to bring order and harmony into your life. This beautiful transformation is made possible by the angel Iezalel, who will be your guiding light throughout this month. Iezalel represents happy unions, balancing energies, and helping individuals overcome difficulties. This includes finding harmony between your inner masculine and feminine energies, allowing you to tap into your full potential.

In addition to the core influences of this guiding angel, you can draw upon Iezalel’s assistance to enhance several aspects of your life during December:

  • Training & Learning: It’s an ideal time to engage in training or educational pursuits, whether for personal growth or professional advancement.
  • Organization: If you’ve been seeking better ways to manage your time and resources, Iezalel can offer you the support you need.
  • Overcoming Difficulties: This angel provides you with the inner strength and resilience to tackle difficulties head-on, empowering you to find solutions and emerge stronger from any adversities you encounter.
  • Power Not to Lie: This is an ideal time to embrace truth and transparency in your communication. Being truthful and forthright can lead to more genuine and meaningful connections with others.
  • Protection Against Negative Karma: By following the guidance of this angel, you can make choices that are in alignment with your higher self, ensuring that your actions have positive and harmonious consequences.
  • Regency hour is 4:00 AM to 4:19 AM.


Eyael #67

Hello, beautiful Gemini, and welcome to the last month of 2023. As the curtains close this year, the benevolent angel Eyael arrives to guide you through December and usher in a harmonious new year.

The angel Eyael brings with them the gift of joy, infusing your spirit with a sense of lightness and positivity. In both your personal and professional endeavors, you will find a newfound sense of clarity and order in the area of organization. The influence of Eyael encourages you to simplify your thoughts and actions, thus paving the way for a more productive and smooth month.

Consider working with Eyael on the following aspects throughout December:

  • Support During Intense Change: By stabilizing the energy and promoting joy, Eyael’s assistance will assist in navigating times of intense change.
  • Promotion of Healthier, Restful Sleep: Contact Angel Eyael for assistance in achieving a more restful and rejuvenating sleep. Enjoy the soothing aura that Eyael brings to promote a sense of calm and well-being.
  • Overcoming Confusion & Disarray: Utilize Eyael’s guidance to overcome the tendency to mix up elements and create confusion. So, tap into this angel’s organizational energy, fostering clarity and order in your endeavors.
  • Regency hour is 10:00 PM to 10:19 PM


Nith-Haiah #25

Hello, gorgeous Cancer, and welcome to December. Despite Mercury’s retrograde and a dazzling Full Moon gracing your sign, the month ahead brings significant shifts in your partnership sector. Angel Nith-haiah arrives throughout December to offer firm guidance and support in navigating these dynamic energies.

The following are some of the themes that this angel supports and manifests in December:

  • Mastery of Spiritual Forces: Make use of supportive energies to attain a deeper mastery of spiritual forces.
  • Greater Understanding of Metaphysics: Engage with angelic energies to better understand metaphysical principles. Explore the depths of metaphysics, gaining insights and wisdom that contribute to your spiritual growth.
  • Protection From Black Magic: Protect yourself from the influences of black magic by enlisting the assistance of Nith-haiah.
  • Joy & Peace: Allow the uplifting vibrations to enhance your daily experiences by bringing joy and peace into your life.
  • Regency hour is 8:00 AM to 8:19 AM


Aniel #37

Leo, we are entering the final month of 2023, and December offers a unique opportunity for you to meticulously structure your daily routine and achieve harmony in your life. In this transformational period, Aniel serves as a guiding light, offering support to break old patterns and usher in the new year with a renewed sense of vitality.

Consider actively engaging with Angel Aniel to cultivate and attain the following aspects throughout December:

  • Understanding the Cycles of Life: Seek this angel’s wisdom to gain deeper insights into life’s intricate cycles. Embrace a broader perspective that allows you to navigate life’s transitions with grace and understanding.
  • Better Mastery When Faced With Emotional Impulses: Use this supportive energy to enhance your ability to control your emotional impulses. Develop emotional intelligence so that you will be able to respond thoughtfully to a variety of situations.
  • Liberation From Negative Forces & Emotions: Utilize Aniel’s guidance to liberate yourself from negative forces and emotions. Release burdens and foster emotional freedom to experience the transformative power of freedom.
  • Mental Shift of New Ideas: Utilize this influence to facilitate a mental shift that welcomes new ideas and perspectives. Allow your mind to be open to innovative concepts, allowing you to grow intellectually and personally.
  • Understanding the Law of Karma: Take a moment to consider how actions and consequences are interconnected so that you may make more informed choices.
  • Regency hour is Noon to 12:19 PM
  • Emotional Power Day is December 5th


Caliel #18

This December, Virgo, engage with Angel Caliel to cultivate a shield of protection against stress, anxiety, and doubt that may attempt to undermine your peace. With Angel Caliel by your side, you can harness the celestial power that facilitates the distancing from injustice.

This divine guide can strengthen your resilience against arguments, corruption, and hypocrisy, promoting an environment of fairness and integrity.

Additionally, Caliel can assist with the following this month:

  • Fostering Love & Honesty: Incorporate these energies into your relationships to foster sincerity and authenticity in your interactions.
  • Protection Against Negative Forces: Experience a shield against arguments, corruption, and jealousy, safeguarding your well-being. Let the divine influence of this period deflect negative energies and maintain a harmonious environment.
  • Steadfast Support in Adversity: Navigate adversity with resilience, drawing strength from the celestial energies that surround and uplift you.
  • Regency Hour (5:40 AM to 5:59 AM): Recognize the significance of the specific regency hour in harnessing the energies associated with this celestial guide. Utilize this brief but potent timeframe for focused intentions and alignment with divine vibrations.
  • Balancing the Third Eye Chakra: A healthy third eye chakra can be achieved with the support of supportive influences. Enhance your intuition and spiritual insight, allowing for a clearer perspective and heightened awareness.


Mehiel #64

The divine presence of Angel Mehiel invites you to tune into the potent forces of your imagination during December. In doing so, you will discover creative solutions to challenges and open up new possibilities. There is a particular ethereal influence of Mehiel in matters related to writing, printing, publishing, television, and radio.

So, take advantage of the opportunities that may arise in your professional life during this auspicious period.

In addition, Mehiel can assist with the following:

  • Inspiration: Embrace the celestial energy to awaken the wellspring of inspiration within, allowing creativity to flow freely and illuminate your path.
  • A Vivid Life: Channel the harmonious vibrations of the Universe toward cultivating a life rich in color and depth. Seize each moment with purpose, infusing vitality into your endeavors.
  • Impressive Mental Ability: Harness the ethereal currents to enhance your cognitive prowess. Engage in intellectual pursuits and seek knowledge, fostering mental acuity that sets you apart.
  • Balance Between Feelings & Thoughts: Navigate the intricate dance of emotions and intellect with finesse. Let cosmic energies guide you towards harmonious equilibrium, fostering synergy between your feelings and thoughts.
  • Inspiration Renewed: During the regency hour from 9:00 PM to 9:19 PM, immerse yourself in a meditative state, attuning to the subtle vibrations of the cosmos. Allow the gentle influence of this celestial period to rejuvenate your spirit and inspire fresh perspectives.
  • Supports A Healthy Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra: Allow the cosmic currents to flow through this energy center, fostering a sense of passion, creativity, and a harmonious connection with your emotions.


Lauviah #17

The month begins with the guidance of Angel Lauviah, beautiful Scorpio. The angel brings joy and a permanent state of spiritual ascension, as well as a gift for music, poetry, and high science. Scorpio, this is an ideal time to tap into your creative abilities and unleash the magic brewing within.

Take advantage of this opportune time to explore your artistic interests.

This month, Lauviah also provides the following support:

  • Intuitive Understanding: The ability to understand the intricate tapestry of existence with clarity and discernment.
  • A Love for Life: An invigorating surge of vitality and passion for life, inspiring you to embrace each moment with fervor and appreciation.
  • A Gift for the Arts: Allows you to channel your creativity into the realms of music, poetry, and higher learning.
  • A Greater Understanding of Reality: A lucid comprehension of the world around you, fostering a grounded awareness that anchors you amidst life’s complexities.
  • Protection Against Unkept Promises: A shield against unfulfilled commitments, allowing you to navigate relationships and endeavors with trust and reliability.
  • Self-Confidence: A bolstering of self-assurance, enabling you to stride confidently along your chosen path and face challenges with unwavering belief in your capabilities.
  • Chakra Support: Nurtures your third-eye chakra, fostering balance and health within this spiritual center.
  • Regency hour is 5:20 AM to 5:39 AM.


Hahaiah #12

You’re at the heart of your birthday season, Sagittarius, and the angel Hahaiah is here to guide and support you. Especially since Mercury will retrograde into your sign later this month, this angel recommends a period of rest.

In addition, you will be inspired by this angel to take care of your inner world, balance your intimate and social life, as well as to change any habits or behaviors that are holding you back.

Hahaiah’s influences the following:

  • Protection Against Lies & Betrayals: Enlist Hahaiah’s guidance to protect yourself against falsehoods and breaches of trust.
  • Defense Against Negative Attitudes: Embrace their protective energy to deflect negative attitudes and adverse influences.
  • Shields One From Distress. Lean upon this benevolent guide to traverse difficult terrain, emerging with newfound strength and resilience.
  • Architect of Well-Functioning Organizations: Hahaiah can assist you in establishing an organizational structure that is harmonious and efficient.
  • Bringer of Peace & Calmness: Feel Hahaiah’s soothing embrace, invoking a sense of calm and peace. Also activates a healthy throat chakra.
  • Revelation of Dream Meanings: Utilize Hahaiah’s wisdom to unravel the enigma of your dreams.
  • Regency hour is 3:40 AM to 3:59 AM


Yeiayel #22

Welcome to the beginning of your season, Capricorn, and a much-needed reset in all areas of your life. This month, the angel Yeiayel will support and guide you in stepping into a new level of leadership, fortune, wealth, possible travel, and overcoming obstacles to recognize your power.

You can also work with Yeiayel to gain the following this month:

  • Protection: Invoke the celestial energies surrounding you to seek protection against repression.
  • Avoiding Egocentric individuals: Let the subtle energies guide you towards relationships and associations that nurture humility and authenticity.
  • Protection Against Hardship: Enlist the cosmic shield to protect you against life’s trials and tribulations.
  • Emotional Balance: Utilize a harmonizing influence to navigate conflicting emotions.
  • Success in Business & Commerce: Harness celestial energies to succeed in business and commerce. Allow the guiding currents to illuminate your path, fostering strategic insights and opportunities that lead to prosperity.
  • Generosity: Embrace the benevolent influence to cultivate a spirit of generosity within.
  • Regency hour is 7:00 AM to 7:19 AM


Reiyel #29

This is the final month of 2023, and it represents a powerful opportunity to cleanse and shift your energies in preparation for your season. The theme of this month is breaking away from bad companies, bad ideas, and greed. To assist you this month, the angel Reiyel is here to free you from evil eye energy, jealousy, and gossip.

It also promotes a greater sense of confidence and provides you with a deeper understanding of the Universal truth.

Through meditation, Reiyel helps you strengthen your connection with your spiritual guides and uncover the mysteries of life.

The following support can be obtained by meditating on Reiyel this month:

  • Liberation & Empowerment of Decision-Making: Tap into the guiding energies to achieve liberation and reclaim sovereignty over your decisions.
  • Protection Against Excessive Ambition: Seek shielding currents to guard against excessive ambition.
  • Reconnection With Inner Love: The relationship with yourself will be enriched as you allow the celestial energies to dissolve barriers, fostering a profound connection with self-love that radiates outward, enriching your relationships and life experiences.
  • Regency Hour (9:20 AM to 9:39 AM): During this auspicious period, immerse yourself in contemplation. Allow the energies prevalent during the regency hour to amplify your intentions for liberation, empowered decision-making, and a rekindled connection with inner love.
  • Support for a Healthy Heart Chakra: Harness celestial support to nurture a healthy heart chakra. Let the guiding energies foster emotional balance, compassion, and openness, creating a harmonious flow of love within and extending it to the world around you.


Leuviah #19

The month ahead is about letting go and stepping into a new level of emotional mastery and patience. It is the end of the year, Pisces, and your season is still several months away. During this month, the angel Leuviah is available to guide you through any shifts you may experience.

With the help of this angel, you will be supported and guided in communication, emotional intelligence, strength and courage, and reasoning to reach your goals.

Additionally, this angel assists in the following areas:

  • Discovering Lessons in Challenging Experiences: Work with the guiding energies to uncover the profound lessons that lie within challenging experiences.
  • Increasing Memory: Seek supportive influences to enhance cognitive abilities and memory retention.
  • Finding Equilibrium: Use the harmonizing currents to navigate the intricate dance of life with balance and confidence.
  • Readiness to Give Back & Help Those in Need: Develop a spirit of generosity and readiness to assist those in need by enlisting the assistance of supportive individuals.
  • Regency hour is 6:00 AM to 6:19 AM

Tips for Connecting With Your Angel Guide

Use these simple tips to connect with your angel guide.

  1. Cultivate Quiet Reflection: Dedicate moments of serene contemplation to create a conducive environment for connecting with your angelic guide.
  2. Establish a Consistent Meditation Practice: Incorporate a regular meditation routine into your daily life.
  3. Create a Sacred Space: Designate a space that exudes tranquility and is free from distractions. Whether through prayer, meditation, or quiet reflection, this sacred space fosters a receptive environment for connecting with your angelic guide.
  4. Keep a Journal for Insights: Write down your thoughts, experiences, and any insights that you receive during times of connection in a journal.
  5. Harness the Regency Hour: Utilize the Regency Hour as a potent time for connection. During this period, engage in focused practices such as meditation, prayer, or reflective contemplation. The energies prevalent during the regency hour can amplify your connection with your angelic guide.

Finally, the manifestation of the angelic guide is intricately related to the content of internal conflicts and latent memories within the recesses of the unconscious mind. It does not matter whether the angel manifests as its pure essence or acts as a reflection of our distortions. The focus should always remain on the transformative potential.

Your angelic guide wishes you peace, joy, and success as we approach the end of the year.

Listen to your inner guide; it provides the clarity to understand your path, come up with creative solutions to challenges, and skillfully navigate the subtle changes in energy. Connect with this month’s angelic support through incense, prayer, or meditation. Make sure you open your sacred space by calling forth the energies of pure light and your soul evolution and healing team.

Happy New Year!

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