Deeper Into Palmistry: All About the Mounts

​If you’ve been following along with this palmistry series so far, you know the basics of what palmistry is, what to expect if you get your palm read, and the overall features of your palm. Now that you’ve learned a little about the features and areas of the palm, it’s time to dive deeper into one of the most meaningful aspects in the art of chiromancy – the mounts of your hands.

As we’ve discussed before, ‘mounts’ refers to the fleshy pads located all-around your palm; given their abundance in the shape of the hand, there is much knowledge to be gained from the study of their meanings.

Here, we’ll go over the significance of each area, and what some of the interpretations of their features might mean for your life.

Identifying the Mounts on Your Palm

With each aspect of palmistry, being able to see the definition in the area you are studying is crucial.

To find the location of each mount in your palms, you’ll need to do two quick exercises.

With your palms facing up to the sky, first, flatten your fingers and palm out as if you were balancing a platter on your hand. This will draw into focus your finger mounts, located at the base of your index through pinkie fingers, and also the Plane of Mars located in the center of your palm.

Once you have completed your study of that area, you’ll want to cup your palm like you’re holding candy, with the thumb tucked closely against the side of your hand. This action will draw into focus your outer mounts, located along the sides of your palm and the thumb. Depending on your shape and fleshiness of your hand, you may have to flex between these two positions several times during your reading, so be sure to have your arm and wrist supported in a comfortable position while you analyze your palm.

Gods & Planets? What Do Those Have To Do with My Hands?

As with many other popular forms of divination, the art of palmistry was mostly spread through and by the Greco-Roman Empire. Since they defined all things by their gods, the fingers and mounts of the hand are named after various planets and celestial beings, and correlate to the aspects our ancient palm readers attributed to each higher power- money, sex, power, communication all had their patrons.

The key mounts to know are:

Mount of Mercury

Located at the base of the pinkie. This mount is related to your communication style and wisdom. This area shows not only how you relate, but how you think.

Sun Mount

Found under the ring finger, your Sun Mount is your ego, emotions, and interests. The features of this area mainly show your personality.

Mount of Saturn

The Mount of Saturn residing beneath your middle finger shows your perspective on life and your integrity. If the Sun Mount is your external expression, the Mount of Saturn is your internal process.

Mount of Jupiter

At the bottom of your index finger is the Mount of Jupiter, which represents your willpower, ambition, and self-respect. Since this is your most powerful finger, it carries heavy significance in palmistry.

Moon Mount

Found along the base of your palm (pinkie side), the Moon Mount is all about your imagination and intuition. Given the depth of this mount, it’s not surprising it relates to equally deep personality traits!

Mount of Venus

Located at the base of the thumb, it is the other deep mount of your palm and relates to health, love, and sensuality.

Upper/Outer Mars Mount

Nestled between the Mounts of Jupiter and Venus on the inside of your palm, this Mars Mount is related to your self-control and stamina.

Lower/Inner Mars Mount

Found on the outside of your palm between the Mercury and Moon Mounts, this area correlates to courage and your sense of adventure.

Plane of Mars

The flat palm of your hand is where you’ll find the Plane of Mars, which ties into energy and abilities.

What Characteristics Should I Be Looking For?

The first thing to look for is the depth or fleshiness of the mount; this is where most of the information in this area comes from. Well developed, even mounts are reflective of a strong, prominent personality, while overdeveloped or fleshy mounts indicate an excessive or inconsistent character and underdeveloped or flat mounts are a sign of something missing from your life.

For example, an evenly raised Mount of Jupiter would indicate that you are ambitious, honest and reliable. An overly fleshy mount in this area, however, shows that you are prone to cockiness and pretentiousness, while a flat and bony mount of Jupiter is telling of a selfish nature and low drive to succeed.

Being able to interpret the information presented in your palms takes time and practice, so really invest a little energy into looking for small details that will expand your readings. Things like calluses, scars, freckles and unique skin patterns are important to take into consideration when you are looking at each mount.

Long, seemingly unbroken micro lines running across your Mount of Venus would show a desire for deep commitment and long relationships, while short lines that appear to form a chain might be a sign of a free spirit who wants to experience many short loves in life. Having a better sense of how you love and what you’re searching for will make it easier to decide which relationships are worth pursuing for you and which ones are maybe not the right fit.

Calluses are literal hard shells protecting an area, so if you notice calluses on one or two mounts, it may indicate a defensiveness or vulnerability in this area. For example, a callus over your Mount of Mercury indicates an inability or a reluctance to share when you communicate – something that can hinder personal and professional development.

All You Wish to Know, in the Palm of Your Hands

If there is one thing to be taken from the art of palmistry, it’s that our history and our destiny truly are in our own hands – by taking the time to perform a thorough palm reading, we are able to see a reflection of how we are shaping the world, with our touch and strength. Being able to see the areas of power and opportunity we pass on to the world means we can change the way we go through life, nurturing that which we need to change and sharing that which makes us special. Being able to take ownership of your personal growth is a powerful tool, and everything you need to start this journey is right in the palm of your hand!

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