Do You Have One of These Supernatural Senses?

Whether or not you’re aware of them, each person on the planet has a degree of one or another psychic or supernatural sense – it’s all about determining yours and learning to listen to it.

Extra-sensory perception, or ESP, isn’t something we’re taught about in schools, and as a result, most people have to work to develop their senses.

Learning the difference between the supernatural senses – like clairvoyance versus clairsentience – will help you finetune your gifts.

Many people think that any ESP falls into the same category as a psychic medium that connects to spirits or someone who can see the future; these are not all the same, although they are all different, unique forms of symbiotic connection to Universal energy.

Let’s talk about what this all means!

What are the 6 Senses?

No, we’re not talking about sight, taste, touch, sound, and smell. We’re talking about clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience – with honorable mentions clairalience and clairgustance.

Yes, this may seem like a foreign language or a science textbook, but stick with us because it’s truly fascinating.

Have you ever just known something to be true without needing any information? Have you ever smelled something and gotten a rush throughout your body like you just accessed another time and place? Or maybe you’ve had a strong sense of déjà vu that feels otherworldly like you’ve actually been there before?

These feelings are more common than you might think, and most people don’t realize that they’re probably accessing Universal wisdom.

Let’s explore each branch of ESP, so you don’t miss the future signals!


Clairvoyance is perhaps the most well-known of these senses, but its definition is often misunderstood.

The word clairvoyant comes from ancient terms that mean “clear” and “vision.” Many people think that this is simply seeing the future, but clairvoyance is much more than that – and often not that at all.

Some people sense information, like knowing what someone is thinking at the moment or understanding something about an object, location, or event without any explanation needed. While it sometimes involves visions of future events, it is more of a broad ability to sense things that others cannot.

This ability has been reported historically, accounted for within many religions, and even studied scientifically.

So, the next time you sense something or know something out of context, pay attention – it may be the Universe sending you messages!

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The beginning of this word and all other senses, like clairvoyance, comes from the French “clair,” meaning clear. “Audience” relates to hearing, and these words come together to represent the sense of clear hearing or clairaudience.

Clairaudience 404is related to an ability to hear things that others can’t or to sense information from certain sounds that others glean no information from.

People with the gift of clairaudience may receive messages from loved ones or the Universe through their auditory processes, and these sounds may come in the form of voices, music, or even random noises.

If you happen to receive messages from loved ones who have passed through your auditory senses – or any other sense – you may also be a medium.


Clairsentience stems from “clair” and “sentir,” which is Latin for feeling.

Clairsentience is essentially the ability to feel or sense certain information without outside context. Your body may respond to this information through sensations like prickling hairs or goosebumps, feeling hot or cold, itching, or butterflies in the stomach.

If you have a certain feeling or idea and experience these sensations, it may be your clairsentience engaging with you.

In fact, pay attention to your feelings for the foreseeable future and try to notice any physical sensations that accompany them – this is an excellent way to engage your intuition.


Claircognizance is often mistaken for clairsentience, but it has more to do with knowing than a feeling.

In fact, “cognizance” means knowledge or awareness. Where clairsentience inspires a feeling, claircognizance is simply a state of knowing something to be true without context from this reality.

This is also related to intuition, and those with extra-sensory gifts may experience both clairsentience and claircognizance from time to time or even simultaneously.

Clairalience & Clairgustance

Our honorable mentions are probably the least known of the ESP abilities, but they exist nonetheless and are just as interesting – maybe even more so.


Clairalience is an extra-sensory perception involving the olfactory system.

Have you ever caught the whiff of a certain fragrance and felt like you were transported to another dimension? That’s clairalience. Many people say that our sense of smell is linked to memory and emotion and that it’s one of our strongest senses.

In some supernatural films, the characters talk about a sulfuric odor when they’re in the presence of a certain spirit, a form of clairalience.

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This form of ESP involves the tastebuds, making it perhaps the most fun of all the senses! After all, who doesn’t love delicious food and a late-night snack?

This is a psychic sense linked to the tastebuds, and while it may be hard to pinpoint, it is nevertheless real and exciting.

Think about how you feel when you cook, how each bite evolves, and the energies combine. Or maybe you’ve bitten into fresh fruit and just felt that something was off. Children often use their sense of taste to get a better “feel” for an object, perhaps pointing to an innate sense of clairgustance 404.

Trusting Your Senses

Now that you know more about each of these intuitive senses, it’s time to let your instincts kick in. You may have even remembered a memory or two that aligned with these senses – don’t you wish you would have recognized your unique gifts back then?

The more you engage your intuition and listen to these sensations and bodily cues, the more you’ll develop your psychic senses. So, when these feelings or intuitive insights pop up, pay attention to them!

The Universe is gifting you with information that you might not otherwise pick up on.

Each and every one of us has a certain bit of extra-sensory perception just waiting to be explored. Just be careful with your gifts once you’ve begun developing them – not everyone will understand or want to hear what you have to say, especially about feelings they might be trying to keep hidden.

Explore your senses on your own and practice gratitude for the additional understanding and wisdom that comes with trusting not only the Universe but your own intuition.

What are you sensing?

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