Are You Prepared For THIS Intense Full Moon & Solar Eclipse?

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On November 8th, 2022, we’ll experience a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Taurus! We’re in eclipse season, and this is the time for big developments, big decisions, and big events.

Lunar Eclipses occur with Full Moon, which occurs when the Sun and Moon oppose in the zodiac. Lunar Eclipses are times of culmination, where we see important results from work we’ve done and decisions we’ve made, so we can experience progress or setbacks depending on what was done.

This makes Lunar eclipses highly emotional times. With the Sun and Moon opposing, the Moon is the ruler of our emotions, so our emotions run high, and we can be in tune with what we feel.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus can focus on Taurus matters, which can include:

  • Anything dealing with money (Taurus is the sign of money, so this might mean finalizing financial plans, finishing paying something off, getting a raise, or making an important financial decision)
  • Anything that impacts self-esteem and self-worth (we’re often more sensitive and have low confidence with Taurus Full Moons and Lunar eclipses, and need to work on issues that are leading to that; this can help increase confidence)
  • Anything involving stability and security (this may mean removing blocks that have prevented stability and security or revealing issues or situations that have caused instability and insecurity)
  • Anything involving our senses and the physical world (Venus is the natural ruling planet for Taurus, making this sign sensual and grounded to the physical world; we may focus on improving the connection to the Earth and to our bodies, and we may be more indulgent)
  • Anything where we feel stuck (Taurus is the slowest sign and super stubborn, so a Taurus Full Moon Lunar eclipse can help focus on how we’re stuck and how we can get unstuck)
  • Anything impacting our ability to be present (Taurus wants to be in the moment and not rush to the next one quickly, so we can focus on what has kept us from being able to be more present, blocks that have kept us from relaxing, and how we can be more grounded)

We previously had a New Moon and Solar eclipse in Scorpio two weeks ago, so energy is running high right now for these eclipses. It’s a big time, and we have a lot to do!

This isn’t the first Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, though. There was one last year, on November 19, 2021.

Some of what came to pass at that time can tie into what is happening now. There may be a continuation, and we’re picking up on similar themes.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is VERY active!

The eclipse is hitting a lot of planets! To start, it’s opposite Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, which means communication may be difficult thanks to Mercury, and we may have to work harder to get along thanks to Venus.

There can be a lot of misunderstandings and challenges in our dealings with others, and we have to make sure we’re listening and processing. We need to be respectful, and we need to stay calm.

But, we’re likely feeling extra stressed and stifled thanks to the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus also square (challenging energy) Saturn in Aquarius, and this can add to the challenges that we’re dealing with. If we’ve done anything that Saturn doesn’t feel was right, we can feel punished in a big way.

Saturn always wants us to be smart, responsible, ethical, and disciplined, so that’s the way we need to behave. Otherwise, it’s just one problem after another.

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And then the biggie – the eclipse is conjunct (aligned with) Uranus in Taurus! Uranus is the planet of the sudden, unexpected change, the unconventional, and the future, so this eclipse comes with big energy for those things.

We may be pushing for some big important change and want to see things done differently from how they’ve always been. The status quo has gotta go!

That’s been a theme for the last few years, and it’s not stopping now.

The conjunction with Uranus also really pushes the getting unstuck energy with this eclipse. Uranus can be incredibly helpful for getting out of ruts, and this may happen suddenly and unexpectedly. 

April 2022 was also aligned with Uranus in Taurus, so some of this may tie into energy that was happening in April as well.

And none of this is even mentioning that at the time of this eclipse, Mars will be retrograde in Gemini (adding to the communication problems), and Jupiter will be back in Pisces and anaretic (super sensitive position riling us up even more). 

Make sure to use the free astrology calendar so you can keep track of all of this energy!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus Horoscopes


There can be great attention paid to what is slowing you down with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, Aries. You may struggle with taking action at times, but ultimately, you can focus on small steps initially that turn into something bigger down the line.

You can make big changes regarding how you manage your finances, and you can focus on eliminating what has made you feel insecure.


This Full Moon Lunar eclipse is in your sign, Taurus, and this has been big energy for you for the last year. You can see the results of work you’ve done, choices you’ve made, and actions you’ve taken, and you can feel good about the positive developments and bad about the negative ones.

You may be much more emotional and sensitive and likely need to take care of yourself. Try to have a healthy outlet for your strong feelings.

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The past may beckon you with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, and you can make more time to reflect and understand Gemini. This can be very helpful for everything you’re dealing with right now, and there likely is some important baggage that needs to be released or an old situation that needs understanding.

Your energy may be super wonky during this time, so try to plan for lots of breaks and don’t force yourself to move quickly.


The future can be more important to you with the Taurus Full Moon Lunar eclipse, Cancer, and you can be more open to changes as a result. You may make quick progress and have flashes of insights that help you make more progress.

If you’re not moving as quickly as you’d like, you may question yourself and feel like there isn’t any hope. This likely isn’t the time to give up though, so try to keep going.


If you’ve done things the right way and for the right reasons, the Taurus Full Moon Lunar eclipse can be an amazing time for success, Leo. You can hit strides and get attention, and you can feel good about where you’re going.

If you haven’t done things the right way, for the right reasons, or your heart wasn’t in it, you may feel like things aren’t going right. You need to reassess your goals and plans and make adjustments.


You may push to get more space to do what you want with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, Virgo. If you’ve felt overwhelmed by responsibility, you can focus on trying to give yourself more space to do your own thing.

You can also be very passionate about your beliefs around this eclipse and may be a good defender of yourself and others.


The Taurus Full Moon Lunar eclipse highlights a more serious area for you, Libra, and your energy may be more focused on serious matters. You may be much more passionate, which can help with research, but you can also get stuck more easily and need to avoid getting sucked in.

Your emotions can also be incredibly high, and you likely need a healthy outlet. Otherwise, your emotions can get the better of you.


This Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus brings attention to your relationships, Scorpio, and you can focus on the connections in your life which are good and can commit yourself more fully to the ones that are good. Either work to improve the ones that are not or get more distance.

This eclipse can also bring more attention to balance, and if you’ve been out of balance, had too much chaos, and been a little dramatic, you can work to improve that now.


This can be productive energy with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, and you can get a lot of projects done Sagittarius. You may take a lot on and get a lot done, but you can also push yourself too far, so try to plan for breaks in your schedule.

This may be a high-stress period if you go into it already stressed out, so try to have healthy outlets for stress and work on better stress management.


Creativity can run high for you with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, and you can focus this on projects and ventures, Capricorn. If you have to deal with anything mundane, you may lose focus, so try to be creative.

You can also be much more in tune with your heart, and you can be more affectionate and want more time with those you love. You may gravitate toward those you feel you have a karmic connection with.


Your emotions can be higher than usual with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, and you may be in greater need of emotional support, Aquarius. If you can’t get it from others, try to give it to yourself. Otherwise, you may feel insecure and lash out.

Home and family matters can demand more attention, and you may focus on the foundation of something that has been shaky and needs improvement.


Your mind can be active with the Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Taurus, and you can be more open with what you’re thinking, Pisces. You may get into fights with others if you don’t keep an open mind, or you may struggle with paying attention because your mind is too active.

Getting some control over this mental energy, and thinking before you speak, can be helpful for now. Otherwise, there may be a lot of foot-in-mouth situations.

Good Luck With This Planetary Energy!

It may feel like a bumpy ride right now, but try to hold on! These eclipses can bring massive changes in our lives or in the world, and it can be scary at first, but hopefully, we can see the good in it.

Keep calm and get your eclipse on!

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