Your Secret Guilty Pleasure Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You probably know the traits and qualities associated with your zodiac sign; you probably read about them every day if you check your daily horoscope. We all have our sunny sides – and our shadow sides that we show to the world, but what about the things we do when we think no one is watching?

Sometimes we just need to unwind and indulge in some crazy behavior that reached inside to a part of ourselves that makes us feel right with the world again. Today we are going to talk about that and reveal the guilty pleasures of each zodiac sign.


You move a mile a minute, Aries. You want to avoid boredom and race to find the next exciting ride to try or experience to add to your ‘been there, done that’ list of accomplishments. Your guilty pleasure is speeding in your car with the music blasting. Finding open road on a sunny day with your favorite playlist providing your movie montage moment. Breaking the rules has never been so satisfying.


Bulls adore luxury, and you can be a little materialistic when it comes to collecting things to add to your very tasteful home. It’s a good thing you’re handy with finances because you are dedicated and serious shoppers when the mood strikes. If you’ve had a bad day and need to indulge, you will whip out your credit card and fill your decked out car with bags of goodies and spoil yourself with some retail therapy.


As the sign most associated with communication, you are the social butterfly of the zodiac. It’s no secret that you love to talk, and talk, and talk. When you’re not holding your own at a party, or flexing your debating muscles, we bet you’re neck deep in gossip magazines and binge-watching reality TV for water cooler conversation fodder.


Idealistic, romantic Cancer is nurturing, helpful, and caring. You spend a lot of time taking care of those around you, but what do you turn to when you want some time just for you? A cozy blanket, a daring romance novel, and a box of good chocolate probably sound divine when you’re feeling crabby.


Leos love to be the center of attention. You need the confirmation that you are important, magnificent, and the most fun person in the room. Your guilty pleasure is karaoke – you play it cool when someone suggests a night of singing your head off. Inside though, you’re as excited as a kid on Christmas to get up there and belt out a tune. After all, you’ve been secretly practicing in the shower to make it perfect when you are called to sing.


The sign of the virgin has an eye on staying healthy, taking care of your appearance, and working hard to present a fastidious image of self-control. When you have a few precious moments to yourself after a particularly hard day, you go straight for the junk food. Not just anything will do either – you probably have your eye on sweet things like gourmet ice cream, pastries, cookies, or cake.

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You have a deep appreciation for all things lovely and beautiful. Your charming, easy-going nature draws people to you like moths to a flame. Your guilty pleasure lies in your ability to be flirtatious. Libra is romantic and loves the idea of being in love. Why not test out your skills on the most attractive person in the room? You can’t help it, and it gives you a huge rush!


Scorpio is the sign of transformation and death, and you make terrifically good detectives if you point your nose in that direction! You are also scary good at messing with people’s minds. In your down time, you just love a dark, intense psychological thriller. You are also into watching documentaries about cold case files and murder mysteries.


You’re known to be the optimist of the zodiac, with your rose-colored glasses guiding you through your lucky lives. You have a witty, sarcastic side as well, and this can come out when you’re feeling annoyed. When you’ve had a rough day and feel like letting loose, trash talking with your close friends while playing video games, or watching a romantic comedy are guilty pleasures that make you whole again.


Serious, dependable, structured Capricorn. Everyone relies on you to get the work done and to keep going long after everyone else has gone home for the day. You pile up so many overtime hours that you could probably take a year off if you could stand it! After all that responsibility, your guilty pleasure is taking an afternoon off, heading for a massage, some take out food and a night with your phone and e-mail turned off.


You’re always coming up with new ideas, trying to figure out the people and situations around you. You delight is using that analytical, big brain of yours. It should be no surprise that you get incredible satisfaction from going to escape rooms; the ultimate adult puzzle. You love this type of night out with friends but you might even also secretly go by yourself – just to prove you can solve them on your own!


A highly creative sign, Pisces have terrific imaginations and you often use yours to escape the world when the emotions you pick up on become too intense for you to deal. When you need a break, you indulge in your guilty pleasure of a night out at a music festival or concert. You love a night of getting tipsy, appreciating some gorgeous music with people of like mind and spirit to inspire your artistic side.


We all indulge once in a while – it helps us maintain our sanity! Don’t be afraid to keep these activities just for you. These private moments of bliss contribute to what makes you unique. Whatever your guilty pleasure may be, you needn’t be ashamed of it at all.

Guilty pleasures help us de-stress and bring back some balance in your hectic life. If you indulge in your guilty pleasure in moderation, most are a completely healthy way to escape from reality just for a little while. Do you identify with any of these guilty pleasures? If you haven’t tried them already, what’s holding you back?

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