You Pulled The Hermit Card – Now What?

The Hermit is one of those cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot that can be baffling to many.

Is it because, in many decks, a lone figure stands in the darkness holding a light of some kind? Is it because the Hermit himself just looks so mysterious that no one knows quite what he’s doing?

This is a many-layered and complex card, despite its often simple picture.

Let’s take a look at the Hermit Tarot card and what it might mean for you in a reading.

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What Does the Hermit Card Mean?

As a Tarot card, the Hermit has many different meanings depending on the context of the reading. Almost always, however, it indicates some kind of soul-searching.

The Hermit Tarot card is the ninth card in the Major Arcana and represents the sign of Virgo.

It often highlights a bearded, crusty man in solitude, holding a lampshade with his back to us. The Hermit has chosen to leave society, leave civilization, leave people, and go off and live on his own somewhere in the woods where he can be among nature.

An example of the Hermit Tarot card would be Soloman Kane, a ruthless mercenary who, after a life of killing and plunder, went to live in a monastery where he could be away from the horrors of the world and leave a life of peace.

However, as with Soloman Kane, the Hermit card is not about withdrawing forever.

The next card in the Major Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune, shows that the winds of change will come again. Eventually, the Hermit will have to return to the chaotic world, just as Soloman Kane did when he was forced to leave the monastery and return to the world he knew. Still, this time with the newfound knowledge he acquired during his time as a Hermit.

In essence, the Hermit card is about reflection, introspection, soul-searching, mentoring, and finding peace among the chaos. It is an intense card that can often be viewed as a bridge between connecting the spiritual to the physical.

What Does the Hermit Mean in Love & Relationships?

In a relationship reading, the Hermit Tarot card is often about needing time alone.

If already in a relationship, the Hermit can mean that there is a need for space to reflect on the relationship and see where it is headed. This can be a card for separation among couples, but not one that is permanent.

Sometimes, it is necessary to have this space so that the next step in the relationship can be taken, making it stronger.

This is also a card of being a mentor, so the Hermit card could mean that this is a relationship where one person learns from the other or is learning more about the other person. This is especially likely if paired with the 6 of Pentacles or 6 of Cups (with the latter, there may be a significant age difference).

In the feelings position, the Hermit card can mean wanting to be left alone.

It could also mean that the person is so preoccupied with themselves that they do not feel anything for you. However, if the card is surrounding by lots of positive cups or wands, it could mean the person is enthusiastic about learning about you at a deeper level.

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What Does the Hermit Mean in a Career Reading?

This is the card of the spiritual teacher and guru. It is a card of mentorship, where one learns from another, often at a deeper level.

As such, it can point towards careers in holistic healing, herbalism, alternative therapy, the occult, and spiritual guidance. However, when this does not apply to a potential career, it can be a warning that your career is isolating you from others and causing you to withdraw from them.

What About the Hermit as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, the Hermit can indicate going with the crowd too much and not being your individual self. The Hermit in this position is encouraging you to step outside the box and away from the crowd.

It can also indicate the opposite, that too much solitary time is causing you to be distanced from loved ones or the physical world.

What About the Hermit in Reverse?

The Hermit reversed is a perfect card to represent 2020 and the pandemic.

Many people find themselves in a Hermit position, forced into isolation. Both negative and positive effects same from this. On the one hand, the opportunity to spend time alone or away from the bustle and chaos of daily life; on the other hand, isolationism which leads to loneliness, increased mental disturbance, and confinement.

The negative aspects of this card are reflected in the reversed position. Forced isolation, confinement, loneliness…these show a Hermit that is struggling with his solitude. In contrast, upright solitude benefits him as he can explore himself at a deeper level.

This card can also indicate rejoining society after a period of alone time.

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How to Make the Hermit Card Work for You

To understand the Hermit Tarot card meaning a bit better, try these steps:

1. Meditation on the Card

By meditating with the Hermit Tarot card, you can gain a greater perspective of it.

Take some time alone to be with the king of alone cards. Spend time quietly reflecting on the image with the knowledge you already have of its various meanings. This is a strong card for meditation and knowing yourself at a deeper level.

2. Journal With the Card

The Hermit Tarot card is all about soul-searching and finding the deeper meaning. Therefore, it would be a good idea to write down your thoughts about the Hermit.

You could start with journal prompts such as:

  • The Hermit is trying to tell me that …
  • 3 things I can learn from the Hermit are …
  • The Hermit can help me with …

3. Join a Tarot Discussion Group

As the Hermit Tarot card is a complex one, it can help get different opinions from various Tarot readers and practitioners. A Tarot discussion group is a great idea to join, either online or in person.

If there isn’t one near you, why not think about setting one up?

Use the Hermit Tarot Card to Your Advantage

Of all the cards, the Hermit is perhaps the one with the most depth and ability to draw you into self-discovery. The next time you pull the Hermit Tarot card, take some time to really think about it.

The Hermit shows up when our soul has an important message for us, asking us to listen.

We can do this by spending time with the card, reading up on its various meanings, and discussing it with others. Their experiences can help us understand our own.

Have you pulled the Hermit card recently? What is it trying to tell you?

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