How to Cleanse & Repair Your Life’s Karma With Numerology

If you love numerology, you’re probably also familiar with the concept of a Life Path number. After all, we use personal numbers like these to understand our cosmic destiny or gain a bit of insight as to why we’re here.

But did you know that there’s more?

One lesser-known number is called the “Karmic Debt number.”

Stemming from the concept of karma — which can be described as the energy that is created through our actions — our Karmic Debt number will help us understand what existing karma we bring into this lifetime.

If you believe that the soul incarnates many times to evolve and grow and learn everything it needs to, then it′s easy to understand that every cycle of life has its own unique set of lessons and challenges. You always have the gift of choice; nothing can take away your free will — and it’s possible that the energy of these past choices is with you in the present day.

Today, we’re going to help you cleanse any unwanted residual karmic debts, or perhaps even just understand your existing karma, so you can truly work towards a fresh start!

How to Calculate Your Karmic Debt Numbers

Like your Life Path number, calculating your Karmic Debt number takes a little bit of addition, but it′s not hard!

To examine any karmic “debt” that you may have brought into this lifetime with you, you first have to go back to your date of birth.

For example, if you were born on July 4th, 1961:

  • Add up the year (1 + 9 + 6 + 1) to get 17.
  • Reduce that to a single digit by adding the two resulting digits together (1 + 7 = 8)
  • Add the month (7) and the day (4): 8 + 7 + 4 = 19. If you were working out your Life Path number, you′d add that together to get 10, or 1, but in this instance, we′re looking for the Karmic Debt numbers, and they′re double digits.
  • If the resulting number is 13, 14, 16, or 19, that indicates that you may have some unfinished business! These are what we call the Karmic Debt numbers.

The interpretation of the different markers is important when working with this kind of numerology.

It can get complicated because these numbers will behave slightly differently if they fall in a life path position rather than in a heart′s desire position or a birth number, for example.

However, the overall energy of these numbers will remain unchanged.

What Does Your Karmic Debt Number Mean?

Number 13

At worst, a Karmic Debt number 13 can manifest itself as a streak of laziness.

In the past, you perhaps rode on the success of others, and this is the lifetime where you need to break that cycle! Find your own success through motivation and determination and, of course, thoughtful planning.

Don′t take shortcuts when things start to frustrate you; you′re here to learn how to dig deeper into your own talents rather than relying on someone else to turn things around. And on the flip side, just make sure you don′t turn into a workaholic while doing so.

This number aims to find the balance between work and play and seek a happy middle ground!

Number 14

There′s often a kind of difficult power dynamic involved with a Karmic Debt number 14.

You may find it hard to feel in control of your own life, or on the other hand, maybe you tend to try to control other people.

Whether in this lifetime or another incarnation, something from your past threatened your sense of freedom and individuality. Now, you have the task of finding balance again.

Make sure you′re not compromising other people’s independence by asserting your own free will and following your aspirations. And on the flipside of the same coin, remember that compromise is just as important in helping other people achieve their goals and independence too.

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Number 16

If this is your Karmic Debt number, one of the main issues will be wrestling with the ego.

In the past, you may have held a position of authority. You′ll need to learn how to let go of the grandness of that instead of something that maybe gives you less recognition but is ultimately more rewarding and fulfilling.

Your lesson in this lifetime is to sacrifice and rise again, like the proverbial phoenix! Every fall will teach you something new — it’s not meant to permanently bruise the ego but encourage you to do better.

And as we all know, getting back up again and again will only make you stronger!

Number 19

Of all the Karmic Debt numbers, 19 is one that encourages softness and sweetness.

The last of the karmic numbers, number 19 indicates the possibility that in the past you had some talent or skill that you used for your own personal gain. In itself, this isn′t a bad thing of course, but maybe you shut others out, or didn’t use your success to benefit wider collectives as fully as you could have.

In this life, you may come across many repeated lessons in your life of the consequences of being too clingy to something that is not meant for you, or for the harsh realities of an imbalance give and take dynamic.

Overall, your soul′s lesson for this lifetime is to learn how to be more giving, helpful, and to learn to accept assistance from other people.

Numbers Aside, Keep in Mind…

Like in astrology, numerology is intrinsically connected to you. Studying it can help you not only understand who you are but can also provide insight into your destiny and your place in this ever-changing world.

Still, these numbers aren’t the only way that your past catches up with you — at the end of the day, we all know that our choices matter, and have important ripple effects.

Our Karmic Debt number can help explain why certain themes replay in our lives over and over again, but ultimately tools like numerology are here to help us better understand how to forge the life we really desire.

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