Which Thanksgiving Food You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

This is the time of year when our surroundings glisten – from the glowing holiday lights strung upon the trees to the sparkling snow that dusts our hats and makes the perfect snowmen. Thanksgiving is a holiday that may have a misunderstood history, but the cheer and togetherness that this tradition brings cannot be denied.

It’s a time to get together with friends, family, delicious food, and hot apple cider (safely of course)!

Just as each zodiac is unique and special in their own ways, each dish that graces the Thanksgiving table has a personality of its own, from the filling and sleep-inducing turkey to the bright, joyful cranberries that work so perfectly with a mouth full of mashed potatoes.

Today, we’re going to combine the decadence of our favorite Thanksgiving foods with the magic of the stars to find out which Thanksgiving dish you are, based on your sign!

Which Thanksgiving Food Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you bold and comforting like savory stuffing or sweet like pumpkin pie? Let’s take a look at the stars to find out.

A graphic by Astrology Answers that represents each food item that each zodiac sign would be in a cartoon drawn format.


While your personality is quite feisty, you are a classic, Aries. However, you do possess a wild side that makes sure everyone around you is having fun!

You’re like green bean casserole with a hefty sprinkling of chipotle pepper – a spicy twist on a traditional dish. And just like a healthy portion of your personality, everyone will be coming back for another serving.


Taurus is comfy and cozy, inducing a sense of warmth and relaxation – much like the Thanksgiving turkey!

Golden brown, delicious and a necessity for any Thanksgiving celebration. Your personality helps people feel like they’re at home like all they need is a warm blanket to feel all the beauty of the world washing over them.


Geminis are light and airy, with a unique personality that surprises those around them. You’re not quite traditional, but you do bring a fun flair to the traditional Thanksgiving celebration!

You’re like creamed pearl onions – a recipe that many might overlook, but one that is sure to shake things up and make Thanksgiving that much more fun.


Cancers make you feel like home. Their empathy and understanding fill their friends and family with a sense of support and comfort that resembles the same comfort we get from warm, buttered rolls.

After all, what would a Thanksgiving meal be without flaky rolls to dip into your mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce? These staples closely resemble the need we all have for a Cancer in our lives.


Leos are usually the life of any party, with their feisty demeanor and their positive attitude. And what makes us feel happier than ooey, gooey macaroni and cheese on our Thanksgiving plates?

There’s just something about the energy of mac and cheese that makes us feel young at heart and childlike again, just like Leo’s energetic personality!


Virgos are earthy and grounded, taking pleasure in the sights and sounds of the natural world. However, Virgos are also rather traditional.

Your personality is most like savory stuffing with a hint of wild mushrooms. You enjoy the flavors of the past, but you want to put an earthy spin on things, embracing nature in all its splendor.

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Libras get along with everyone, as their sociable nature makes it easy for them to understand where others are coming from. You’re naturally sweet, but you also possess substance – much like traditional pecan pie.

Who doesn’t love to end their Thanksgiving celebration with a slice of something sweet? Well, that’s exactly how you make others feel, Libra.


Scorpios are dark and mysterious, unlike any other sign in the zodiac. However, you also possess a sweet side that emerges once someone gets to know you, kind of like slightly bitter but ultimately inviting dark chocolate mousse.

Like your personality, one might pick up on those astringent overtones only to realize how rich and candied you actually are on the inside.


Sagittarians are bubbly and bright, with an optimistic personality that can put a smile on anyone’s face. You are sweet and caring, and your personality best resembles the joy that’s brought on by the sweetness of the essential Thanksgiving cranberry sauce.

It perfectly fits every flavor on the Thanksgiving table and brings that extra zing that we all need.


Capricorns are nothing if not traditional. They are anachronistic at heart, and they love to embrace the customs and rituals of the past. Like classic mashed potatoes and gravy, Capricorns remind us of a simpler time, a time of peace, harmony, and savory carbs.

With a pile of mashed potatoes on your plate, you’ll feel as comforted as you do with a Capricorn in your presence.


Aquarians don’t like to be like anyone else – your personality is unique with a capital “U.” You like to shake things up and go against the crowd, but you’re well-loved by everyone, you know.

You are quite like the delicious but overlooked ambrosia salad. While many people may have forgotten about this classic dish, it always puts a smile on everyone’s face – just like you, Aquarius.


Pisces are dreamy and kind, with a sense of empathy that runs deep within their veins. Your caring personality adds something special to every relationship you have, much like the slice of pumpkin pie that no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without.

You bring something extra special to the table with your loving, gentle personality.

Wishing You a Happy Thanksgiving!

This is such a wonderful time to celebrate not only your friends and family (safely) but also yourself.

Remind yourself that your unique personality is delicious in its own way, and the exciting elements that you bring to every situation are an integral part of the lives of those you love.

Take time to really soak in the connection this year – we could all use a little sunshine in our lives right now. Savor each bite of food and each laugh with a friend or member of your family this Thanksgiving, and practice gratitude for everything that brings you joy in this life!

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