How to Craft the Perfect Pick Up Lines for Every Zodiac Sign!

Let’s start this article with a disclaimer: we know everyone is different and there’s no line that can do the picking up job for you. We know pick up lines can be lame and even annoying when presented awfully. However, just for fun, we decided to help you craft some really good pick up lines that you can use according to your target’s zodiac sign.

“What’s your sign?” has been a classic pick up lines for decades and it sure can be a good conversation starter, but what to say next? That’s where astrology can step in. Before you assume there’s no link between astrology and attracting someone verbally, you should know that her/his zodiac sign can tell a lot about their reaction to your words.

With that in mind, we’ve put up a guide on crafting pick up lines for every zodiac sign that will at least attract her/his attention or break the ice. Next time you’re out and meeting someone, first ask for their zodiac sign and then use the following tips to create the perfect pick up line.


Aries is someone who doesn’t like shy people or those who use cheesy pick up lines. The ideal pick up lines for Aries are ones that explode with confidence and convey a straightforward message. Since confidence is a big turn on for Aries, you should wisely choose your words and be careful of the way you say them.

The sure way to make them want to get to know you better is to speak directly and be straight to the point.


With Taurus, everything needs to be slow and steady, including the words coming out of your mouth. They have a natural flair for pretty things and prefer someone who speaks in a sweet manner. The sensual bull is all about romance and feelings, so one sure way to get their attention is to talk about how you feel when around them.

However, you should only tell what you’re feeling, because lies are the biggest turn off for them.


Communication with Gemini is never a problem because these individuals find it extremely easy to talk about anything at any time. Flirting with a Gemini may seem very difficult, because of their duality. Therefore, it’s safe to assume there’s no pick up line that can work for both of Gemini’s different sides.

With a Gemini, the moment and the mood when you’re flirting are much more important than the words you say.


As someone who finds it hard to admit and express their feelings, Cancer is not very skilled at flirting and is usually awkward when dealt a pick up line. Cancers are into sentiment and affection, so if you must go with a pick up line, say something about how comfortable you are when around them (if you are).

You can include some gentle touches on her/his arm or cheek along with your lines.


Leos are charming, warm and simply loving individuals who love being surrounded by people who adore them. Their desire to be the center of attention makes them appear as hard to get, but when told the right words, they can surely melt down.

Since Leos are always confident about themselves, especially about their physical appearance, one great way to attract their attention is to say something about their looks. However, avoid sleazy lines and use something creative, unique or playful instead. You can tell them as many compliments as you like; they can take them all with gratitude.


The perfectionist Virgo is hard to be impressed on your first attempt, simply because they expect nothing less than perfection. Not only you should re-evaluate your appearance carefully before your date, but you should also think in advance what you’re going to say, when and how.

Virgos are known for not being able to tolerate imperfections, so pay attention to every single detail and put in a lot of effort when flirting. Even if you say something cheesy like “Hey, wanna organize this bar’s glasses by size?,” it’s a great way to get their attention.


Although finding a single Libra is a challenge by itself, attracting one is even harder. As one of the most social and charming zodiac signs and an incredibly easy going person, Libra is never alone. To charm a Libra with words, you only need to speak in a calm, peaceful manner and open up a deep, meaningful conversation.

They hate superficial things and small talk, so make sure they are off your mind.


Scorpio is someone who cannot be fooled, someone who can detect even the most subtle lie or shallow words with a goal of getting them in bed. Passionate, manipulative, hypnotizing and a living lie-detector, there’s only one way to impress a Scorpio with words: talk dirty. They simply love the physical act of love and always want to talk about it.


The optimistic and free-spirited Sagittarius is someone who loves having a good laugh. If you think you’re good at telling jokes, that’s one way to get the attention of the archer. With Sagittarius, you can be as cheesy as you’d like, because as long as your delivery is hilarious, they will fall for your line.

However, be careful not to insult them, because they are not among the most forgiving signs in the zodiac.


Calm, cool and collected, Capricorn has a hard time finding a compatible sign who loves the same moral values as them. To impress a Capricorn, all you have to do is be as calm as them and speak honestly. There’s nothing they hate more than a liar. Even if they tend to be not interested, keep in mind it’s a test to see just how willing you are to try to get their attention.


What better way to turn the head of an Aquarius than to tell them about your unusual hobby or anything weird about you? The eccentric and authenticity-loving Aquarius instantly likes people who are unique in their own ways. Just tell them about your real self and never tell them you’re something you’re not, because they value honestly above all.


The artist of the zodiac is most likely to be attracted by someone who has the same flair for art as they do. As a pick up line, you can open up a topic on favorite music or favorite books, and you’re off to a good start. Pisces usually has a hard time distinguishing reality and fantasy, because of their tendency towards day-dreaming.

Therefore, another way to get their attention is to share a fantasy of your own. That will let them know how comfortable are you with them and secure you a date.


It’s not easy to approach someone new, and it gets harder and harder to come up with an inspiring or attention-grabbing line to reel them in. Knowing the traits of someone’s zodiac sign can give you a leg up and really, are you any worse off if it doesn’t work than with what you were going to say before you read this article? Good luck!

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