Unconventional Date Ideas, Inspired by Aquarius

Are you tired of fail-safe date nights? Your go-to spots may be comforting because you know what to expect, but they have a lot to make up for when it comes to excitement, discovery, and inspiration. Whether you’re just starting out or have been together for 25 years, coming up with some creative and even weird date ideas can really get your juices flowing!

Aquarius is the wacky, imaginative rebel of the zodiac, ever impressing us with their creative ideas and fresh way of looking at the world. Taking a page out of their book, we’re going to look at some ideas to spice up your dating life – from the perspective of our weird water-bearing friends!

Scavenger Hunt

This might be a little easier once you know each other better (Definitely won’t work for a blind date, although it could be really fun to watch for other people.), but this can be a great way to tap into your inner child and get to know your city more intimately. This can be as simple or as detailed as you like, but the idea remains the same.

You are tasked with finding hidden gems, food items or even buildings and street signs within your own city. You can come up with a theme – I did this with one of my friends where we found all of the used book stores in town and had to a) Take a picture in the bathroom and b) Find a book about a dog, or with a picture of a dog. It was bizarre and hilarious and shook up our usual plans.

This idea is flexible based on your own interests – love donuts? Go on a mission to find the craziest, best tasting, or prettiest round, sugary treats, and see what you come up with. See how many strange-looking houses you can find on a neighborhood walk, or head to a different grocery store and see if you can find items you’ve never seen and dare to try.

Escape Room

Aquarius is a natural puzzle solver, using their analytical brains to spot the clues about people’s personalities. As independent as they are, they are fabulous team players, providing support to all, as well as being one of the smartest, most capable people you’ll work with. With this in mind, look into doing some escape rooms for your next date.

Escape rooms are active puzzles, where you participate in a live scenario, locked in a room full of intrigue, hidden leads, and strange setups to decipher in order to attain new clues, eventually escaping the room. There’s a time limit and lots of obstacles, riddles, and numbers along the way, and it will take teamwork to make it through!

This would be a great date in the early stages because you really get a sense of how they work as a team, how quickly they get frustrated, and even how they problem-solve. It’s also a huge rush to solve a room and escape, which can be a fantastic trust-building experience at any stage of your relationship. Careful – they are addictive!

Weird Landmarks Road Trip

Our water-bearing friends love to explore, and traveling tends to be exactly the inspirational experience they love. Spiriting away to Paris for your weekend date is probably not conducive for a number of reasons, but how about a day trip to spice up your Saturday? Think about springing for some take out coffee, a tank of gas, and a fun excursion to a nearby little town.

There are scores of little towns with unique landmarks – claims to fame that speaks to the one of a kind culture of their community. From the Jolly Green Giant statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota to Shark Girl in Albany, New York, there are hundreds of quirky spots to visit, snap some selfies and enjoy some lunch in one the charming establishments they’re sure to have close by.

Check out this great website full of ideas for your next wacky dating experience! Bonus points for finding a great Spotify playlist to sing along to on the way there.

Triple Threat

Analytical air sign Aquarius is a creature dedicated to learning and solving problems – they are constantly asking questions and seeking to figure out the people in their lives. They get a bad rap for being emotionally detached, but really, they just express their interests in different ways, and the way to their heart is via their brains.

The Triple Threat is something a good friend of mine made up (As far as I know.) for when you just start dating someone and want to get to know them on a deeper level without creepily poking through their drawers and shelves to see what they like. The premise is simple: you both choose one favorite book, album and movie. Trade, review and meet up to discuss.

Variations could include more details, depending on where you’re at in your relationship, but largely, these three areas can reveal much about someone’s inner workings, as well as what touches or inspires them. Themes could be, “What moved you the most,” “What inspired you,” “What changed your life,” and “What would you bring to a deserted island?”


Innovative Aquarius loves to learn and is on the lookout for amazement and inspiration. They’re the cool nerds we all want to be friends with – they have the best ideas and aren’t afraid to get psyched about weird stuff. With this in mind, consider a convention for your next date. Heading to a convention can surprise, inspire, and tickle your funny bone all at the same time!

Conventions, or “Cons,” are a gathering place for people who love a particular genre or theme, which often has a subculture formed around it. From Star Trek to My Little Pony, from ComicCon to Anime to Sci-Fi, there is a Con for everyone. A great date at any relationship stage, there’s a lot to see and do – even if you’re just people watching, it’s like traveling to another planet!

Massive amounts of super fans flock to these, so the energy will be through the roof – you might just find yourselves caught up in the excitement and sheer nerdiness of the whole thing. Cons are also a great place for groups to launch their latest products, ads or announcements because their fan base is already present, so you might get a heads up on something really cool.


No matter what you decide to do with your date nights, being able to balance between your tried and true, favorite places with new, adventurous, and unknown experiences is a great way to stay engaged in your love life.

Continuing to challenge each other is a sure-fire way to get to know each other better, and will keep you in excited anticipation to figure out what you can do next as a couple. Have fun and tell us how your dates went!

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