The Most Empathic Signs And How They Can Clear Their Energy Fields

What zodiac signs are empaths? While other signs can be psychic or read thoughts, there are certain signs that are specifically empathic in their abilities. Everyone can develop intuition but these signs come by it so naturally it can be a hindrance more than a help when they aren’t taking care of themselves as an empath.

The water signs are the most empathic because they feel everything. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio signs will know how someone is feeling without them saying anything because they actually feel the other person’s symptoms in their own body. Imagine picking up everyone’s headaches wherever you go and wondering why you have a headache!

It’s very important that empaths know they are empaths so they don’t become hypochondriacs and how to protect their energy field without being drained all the time. Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn are the second most empathic signs and empathic sensitivities often depend on how many water signs are in someone’s birth chart, as well as where the placement of those signs are.

Don’t be fooled into thinking someone whose sun sign is not a water sign won’t be empathic. They may have a lot of water in other places in their chart and be overwhelmed with their empathic abilities.

What Are The Traits Of An Empath

Before empaths come to understand that they feel things way more intensely than others, they often turn to substances to handle the pressure they are under without relief. They may feel the pain or physical symptoms of people they love very much who are not even near them. They will often call you and say they had a feeling you weren’t okay or they had a dream about you.

They will often ask people what’s wrong even if the person hasn’t mentioned anything, because they can sense when someone’s emotions are off. Empaths have trouble being around large groups of people because they are feeling everyone’s energy. They also have trouble being around negative people or stressful environments because it taxes their nervous system so much.

Crowds, stressed out people and places where people are sick will drain them almost right away. They often deal with autoimmune disorders, hormone disorders and stomach problems because of the stress their bodies go through being empathic. They will have people tell them not to be so sensitive and emotional.

They will often feel the planetary movements and large scale energy of an entire area when they visit. They will know the general feeling of an area and even want to avoid places because of the vibes they get there. They aren’t likely to want to visit a beautiful luxurious building if the people there are addicts or extremely unhappy.

Alternatively, they’ll love a simple home or even a park if the people there are relaxed and happy.

What Is The Difference Between Empathic, Intuitive and Psychic?

Psychic often refers to knowing the future while empathic means knowing how someone feels in the present. Psychic abilities are common among air signs and fire signs. The air signs can often read thoughts because their energy is so mental and they live in the mind space more than other signs.

Fire signs like to live in the future because they have to channel their energy so much and they can often predict what’s coming because of that. Empaths are good at knowing the present state someone is in and can develop their clairvoyance and clairaudience if they work on it. Air signs may be more clairaudient because they are word people.

Earth signs sense things intuitively and can also often know the future or get a read on people. Intuition is about vibes and often comes from being tuned into your surroundings. Intuition can come from body language, voice tone or through the thoughts if someone has an active pineal gland.

The chakra system interacts with the energy field and downloads information constantly from other people and the environment, but each sign has a distinct way of processing that information. It’s what they do with the information that sets them apart.

A water sign will often try to help someone. A fire sign will use it to direct the future. An earth sign will use it to make practical decisions and an air sign will curiously debate or inquire about things as they are information seeking.

How To Protect Yourself If You’re An Empath

An empath can wear protective crystals such as onyx, black tourmaline or black obsidian. Empaths need to take this seriously in order to not fall into depression or psychosomatic illnesses. For work and at home you need a loving environment where feelings are honored. This is absolutely essential for your well being.

You should also avoid narcissists who will be drawn to you. Those who love are obsessed with themselves will be draining and manipulative to an empath.

You need to create healthy boundaries with people who share their problems with you. You also need to recuperate away from people with things like a salt bath, healing tonics and self love. You can use breath work, mantras and yoga to help clear your energy field too. The quickest way to clear your energy field is with a shower because of the moving water.

If you can’t do that, at least wash your hands and intentionally send the energy you’ve gathered down the drain. Affirmations and visualizations can also help you protect yourself. You can say, “only positive energy is allowed around me,” and, “I give back anything that is not mine in past, present and future with love.”

You can visualize a bubble of light around you and if that doesn’t feel strong enough, visualize something stronger like lead, bricks or steel. Before you go to bed for instance, you can visualize yourself surrounded by gold bricks. Don’t be around people who complain or don’t take care of themselves because you may have trouble separating from their problems.

Boundaries are very difficult for empaths because they have trouble determining what thoughts and feelings are theirs and which ones are someone else’s. This means they may be easily influenced by people and need to avoid places with heavy drugs and drinking.

When their guard is down because they are intoxicated or sleeping, spirits are also more prone to come to an empath because their energy field is clear, so don’t risk it. Sleep with mantras playing and crystals around your bed.

How To Use Your Gift As An Empath

If you’re an empath, it’s not at all a curse. It is a superpower that can be used to help people. You can develop these gifts into clairvoyance to help other people heal. You can help people avoid negative situations and break bad habits.

Check out our articles, How To Let Your Psychic Gift Work and How To Pay Attention To Psychic Messages and Intuition to learn more about using this gift. There are also great books that can help you understand how to use your spidey senses to do things such as solve crimes, be a medical intuitive or even connect to deceased loved ones.

There are even classes you can take to learn how to use your gifts to offer readings for people that can help them see where they are blocked in their psyche or what situations in their life are not serving them.


Imagine being able to help someone out of unhealthy relationships, break self sabotaging thoughts or to finally uncover their purpose and what’s stopping them from following their dreams! Empaths are gifted with a special ability to connect to people and help them, so do not be ashamed of it.

If you know someone who you think is an empath, this information could greatly help them so don’t be shy to share it with them. We live in a new era where most people now understand that intuition is real and can be developed. Even talk show hosts and public figures are open about their use of gifted healers in their own life or the existence of these healers in their own families.

If you’ve become reclusive, feel overwhelmed, have been accused of being emotional, deal with fatigue or strange pains and illnesses, there are real tools that can help you manage this gift so you don’t have to carry the burden of other people’s stuff unnecessarily.

Give yourself the opportunity to recover your energy and study how other empaths have been in your shoes and been able to find a more empowered way of living. I am an empath who struggled to understand why I was different and why I knew what people were thinking and feeling.

Once I started going to metaphysical centers, I felt like I had come home because I met people who finally understood me. I now continue to read books about it because it’s easy to slip into forgetfulness and suddenly wonder why you feel off.

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