Beneficial Thought: How to Enhance Psychic Gifts with Reiki Healing

Have you been working on developing your psychic gifts? A lot of people give up because they don’t start seeing results right away. Sound familiar? Some of us have an easier time of accessing them, and others just need to practice. But there is one path that can be very effective for many in trying to reach that psychic Self. And that is the path of Reiki healing.

Reiki healing is a manipulation of energy that you already have in your own body and around you. With this healing, you clear chakras and remove blockages that are keeping you from growing and maturing spiritually. Reiki healing is a powerful technique that can heal many areas of your life. It is also an ancient technique begun by the Japanese centuries ago for healing of all kinds.

Using your psychic senses is not any different than using your others. You are going to experience chocolate differently than someone else is. Your psychic sense is the same. And what works for you in accessing that, may not work for someone else, and vice versa. But that doesn′t mean you should give up. It just means you need to keep looking for the method that works best for you. Let’s talk today about how you can start using your inner superpowers with Reiki healing.

What is Reiki healing?

The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese words “Rei” which means wisdom from your Higher Power, and “Ki” which means, life force energy. So what Reiki healing literally does then is take wisdom from Source or Higher Power or, Universe or Heaven, or whatever you wish to call it, and use that in conjunction with life force energy for healing.

So you can see then how Reiki healing and psychic work go hand in hand. Psychic work is your connection to the Divine for information, and Reiki healing is simply one of many portals for you to access this information. So let′s talk about how exactly this works, and how you can start using Reiki healing to access your own intuitive Self.

1. Believe in your own superpowers.

Being able to tune into your intuitive Self requires being open. That means so many different things, but most importantly you need to be open to your own higher Self. Believe that you have superpowers! Because you do! Reiki healing is about manipulating the energy fields that are in you and around you that you can not see. Don’t just “think” you have the psychic strength. Know it.

When you perform Reiki healing these superpowers are awakened and spring to life going to work for you. This is true whether you believe in your own superpowers or not. But believing in them makes it that much easier for you to use them to create success and abundance in your life. So believe in the power of your super Self, and then engage Reiki healing to help you activate those spidey senses and bring them to life. When you do this and use divination tools at the same time, miracles happen.

2. Take down the wall.

This is a very similar step to believing in your own superpowers but takes that belief to the next level with action. In this step, you remove the emotional barriers that you have put up to ward off the pain and chaos of the world. Don′t say you don′t have them, we all do. Believing in your superpowers is great. But if you have walls up around you, Reiki healing will just bounce those vibes right back to you, instead of sending those vibes out into the world where they can be used for good. So you really do need to take down those walls.

That looks like forgiveness, either with yourself or someone else, or simply letting go of your fears. Talking more to people that you love about what you love about them is also a symptom of taking down walls. Spidey senses don′t work in a fear based environment. And although the walls of fear and loss that you have built are very effective, they are preventing you from living the most abundant life possible. Reiki healing is a very powerful tool to help you break down those walls. Think of your intuition as your best friend in the world, the one you can always trust implicitly no matter what. When you get those messages, those are the real deal baby! Trust it. But you do have to take down that wall first

3. Clear your third eye chakra to see the future.

If you are interested in developing your psychic gifts, one very powerful tool you have at your disposal is your third eye chakra. Your third eye chakra is an energy system in itself and responds very well to energy healing methods such as Reiki healing. Your third eye chakra is an invisible spinning wheel of energy located between your two eyes in your forehead.

This energy system rules your foresight, and your ability to see the future. People with clear and active third eye chakras are able to receive visions of the future and have a very powerful intuition on what will happen in the future.

Reiki healing can manipulate the energy fields around your third eye chakra to help keep it clear and in good working order. Reiki healing is also probably the fastest method of healing to perform on your third eye chakra if you want to tweak it or clear it so that you can work with your own psychic gifts.

In fact, Reiki healing is so effective at clearing your third eye chakra, that if that′s the only step you take to use Reiki to connect with your psychic gifts, it will be a very powerful and effective step indeed. We still want you to believe in your own superpowers and break down those walls to live an abundant and fulfilled a life as possible. But this step alone is like hitting the fast-forward button in that process.

4. Align your crown chakra to help you connect with the Divine.

Your crown chakra is another one of those invisible spinning wheels of energy you have in your body that assists you in your path of enlightenment. You have 7 chakras or chakra centers, and your third eye and crown chakras are the last two. These are the only two chakras that are your immediate connection to your psychic superpowers.

As I said, your third eye chakra helps you tap into the psychic part of you that can see your future. Your crown chakra on the other hand functions as your direct connection to the Divine. There are many different names for this Divine source. God, Allah, Angels, Heaven, Source, Higher Power, you get the drill.

I use the word Divine because it′s most readily accepted, and that′s what it feels like to me. Divine! And who doesn′t want to feel divine once in a while! We are all worthy of feeling that way, yes every single one of us. That′s what enlightenment is! It′s not a single destination. It is a state of being. And you can have that too anytime you want by having a clear and open crown chakra.

Many people think of this chakra as a beam of light coming from your crown reaching up to infinity. You know, kind of like a halo. Actually, exactly like a halo. That′s what it is! You just can′t see it. But this is why angels are depicted as having them. Because they are so in tune with the Divine that they literally glow with this light, all the time. What this light does for you is connect you above and beyond the average psychic gift of seeing the future, and connects you with a Higher information source that really and truly has all of the answers, for all of the big pictures in the history of ever.

So you can see how beneficial Reiki healing can be in tapping you into this source. Like the third eye chakra, if you only ever work with one chakra in this lifetime, this one is really the be all and end all. Literally. Reiki healing helps you to break down the walls and the energy blockages that are keeping you from feeling this glorious light. And when you use Reiki healing to align your crown chakra into this light, then the belief in your own superpowers comes naturally because you can literally feel the peace and infinite joy of enlightenment in your soul.

Concluding thoughts…

The greatest gift of Reiki healing is that it accelerates your path to enlightenment, and helps to keep you there. Remember, enlightenment is not a one-stop destination. It is a continuous journey between your soul and the Universe. In addition to your Daily Horoscopes and readings, Reiki healing can help to keep you literally glowing in the journey, the whole time you are on it. So why wouldn′t you want to include that on your path of enlightenment? Of course you would. When you use Reiki healing to keep you in tune with your own psychic gifts, the journey is so much more enjoyable as well!

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