Chakra Healing: Your One Stop No-Nonsense Reiki Stones Guide And Checklist

Are you feeling the buzz and stress of the Spring season? Who isn’t. We adore this time of year. But it also comes with a bit of a frenetic undertone too, doesn’t it? So much fun ahead, and so much planning to do and work to be done before you can enjoy it. So just stop. And say the word “Chakra” with me. It’s pronounced “Shaw”-“Krah.” Chakra. Just saying it is calming, am I right? Keep saying it. 

Today we are going to look at another took for your toolbox, Reiki Stones, that can help you align your chakras. Saying it is calming. Aligning them is enlightenment. It’s easy. We will walk you through this no nonsense Reiki stones guide and checklist to help. Anybody can do it!

What is Reiki? What is Chakra? What are you talking about?

We talk about chakras here a lot. Simply put they are little invisible wheels of energy and flow happening in your body right now, all the time. There are 7 of them, and each has a different purpose to help you align you on your soul’s path and journeys. Each one has a function, and a corresponding color. More on that in a minute

Reiki is an energetic form of healing that works with these chakra centers, as well as a spiritual practice that was developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui. It is administered by laying on hands and is based on the idea that we are alive due to the unseen life force of energy that flows through and around us. This energy is known in Chinese culture as Chi.

The energy that flows through our chakras is Chi, and the chakra centers is where the work with the energy happens. Reiki helps you to make sure the energies get to where they need to go, so you can feel whole and enlightened.

Okay so let’s walk through this guide on Reiki stones and how to use them for chakra healing and divination.

1. What are Reiki stones?

Reiki stones are one of the many methods of divination, and they are stones that are generally highly polished, adorned stones that bear the key symbols that are used to access specific energies. Carved or hand painted on to the stones are key symbols – or Reiki symbols – which are intended to connect the user in a simple and beautiful way to the universal life force. Each stone bears a symbol that represents a different level of vibrations aligned with our chakras.

Reiki stones are smooth to the touch and are often so lovely in their appearance that the tranquil beauty of the stones themselves has a calming effect on the psyche even before they are used in the practice. Visually, these polished stones complete the physical aesthetic of Reiki and the use of them as healing tools can be seen as an energy-infused extension of the hands. While they are traditionally created from black jasper stone and gold leaf, Reiki stones can be made out of any number of stones known for their vibrational properties, such as calcite, quartz, lepidolite, pink manganocalcite and rose quartz.

2. How are they used?

Reiki stones must cleared and programmed for the purpose of healing. Clearing is needed before using any stone for healing. The clearer the energy of a healing tool – such as a stone – the more powerful it is. Reiki stones need to be cleared before and after every healing. A cleared, ready stone feels positive and cool to the touch. A stone that needs clearing may give off the feeling of being heavy, or drained of good energy.

To clear a stone, one might use dried leaves of sage a planet called Salvia Alpiana, or incense – you may pass each stone through the smoke while asking your deities to assist in cleansing the stone of any negativity. To program a stone is basically a way of dedicating it to your purpose. Once a stone is programmed with your intent, it will hold the essence of it until you or someone else reprograms it.

3. What do the symbols represent?

There are seven stones, each represented by a color – much like the colors associated with chakra healing and ancient kundalini yoga. The spectrum of colored stones are specific and work in accordance with the body, the mood, the mind and the awareness of the energy stored within us.

Red – Root Chakra: Designed to relieve pain or discomfort. Place on the area that needs physical healing.

Orange – Sacral Chakra: Provides and restores balance and sends energy to physical systems. Helps with addictions, can be carried in your pocket through the day, or used on your stomach to align the sacral chakra.

Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra: Using this stone helps you restore the confidence that your solar plexus chakra works with every day. When you want to feel “puffed out” like you just had a big win, a healing session with your Yellow Reiki Stone can help. This reduces stress immediately.

Green – Heart Chakra: A great stone to use for love, in matters of the heart or otherwise. It heals heartbreak as well. Every time you lie down put your green Reiki Stone on your heart and just breathe for a few minutes to clear negative energy and open up the door for fresh new room for love.

Blue – Throat Chakra: This stone will help you to communicate on a higher plane, with the Divine, and also communicate to others with the highest and purest intent. Holding it in your hand can immediately help you to channel this energy.

Pink – Third Eye Chakra: The third eye chakra is typically indigo, but the pink reiki stone is the one that will help you to enhance your intuition and your connection to a plane where visualizing the great beyond is possible. I often tell people I surround them in pink light when they are hurting or sick. It takes them to a place of healing, and a place where you can see this present pain is only temporary. This is a very powerful stone that allows you to achieve this instantly.

Purple – Crown Chakra: This is considered the most powerful Reiki stone. Like the crown chakra it connects you instantly to the Divine. It also opens up your psychic portal, and seasoned Reiki practitioners can feel it actually vibrate once they tap into this energy. You can too with practice! Even if you don’t feel the vibrations right away, the power is working.

4. Why would I use Reiki stones?

We use Reiki stones for the purpose of concentration and grounding energy. A Reiki practitioner is someone who transfers Universal energy (Reiki) through the palms of their hands – the stones act as extensions of this energy.

You use Reiki stones if you wish to become a dedicated, compassionate healer who is committed to the principals of Reiki. You use them to open the channels and expanded awareness and healing. They are also helpful when healing animals, children, the elderly or the disabled.

You don’t need to use them for others either though. If you have pain in your life and are seeking comfort, Reiki stones can be a wonderful tool to help you work through it and put it behind you. You don’t need to be certified. Literally anybody can use them, and start harnessing this power today.

5. How often do I use Reiki stones?

Reiki stones can be used any and every time one employs the use of Reiki. Remember always to give gratitude afterwards to the deities and devas that you have invoked to assist you in your healing. After each session, give thanks to the Universal energy that heals and delivers peace and to the stone itself. You can lay the stones down on your own body for relaxation every day.

Quickly cleanse them with incense or sage, and when you are finished, say a prayer, and place them in a clean safe place for the next usage.

Concluding thoughts…

Do you feel uplifted and empowered? You should. If not, let us know and we’ll walk you through it. Reiki stones are a good tool to have in conjunction with your Daily Horoscopes. If you see a storm coming, calm down in an instant with Reiki healing. You can do it yourself today!

The world of Reiki healing is one of great reverence for the energies of the Universe, and all rituals are geared towards the betterment of all things, in respect and love for nature. Have you ever used Reiki stones? What are your experiences with chakra healing, and what is your favorite kind?

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