Spring Cleaning Your Chakras With Health Astrology When Sun Enters Taurus

Have you ever wondered about chakras? Have you heard of these energy wheels in your body and thought it sounded a little funny? Did you know that chakra healing is accepted by millions of people all over the world, even scientists?

Chakras are not visible to the naked eye, so whether it′s your crown chakra, your third eye chakra or any other that needs a tweak, you can use science to engage chakra healing. The spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere is the best time to start.

When the sun enters Taurus, sense, sensibility and all of your six senses are activated in a way that will be unparalleled the remainder of the year. Since the chakras and the senses are connected, aligning those chakras is a great way to jump start your spring, and a brand new seasonal calendar.

Here are some scientific facts about chakras and chakra healing so you can start activating and aligning your own today!

What is Chakra Healing Science?

The science of chakras was first discovered and used by the Hindus several thousands of years ago. Since then, the field of Buddhism and many New Age outlets have continued to use them for healing and spiritual purposes. Scientists have too!

The true definition of a chakra is that it is a center of energy in our body, often described as a “wheel” of energy that spins in the body centers to activate healing and peace. Each human soul has seven of these spinning wheels of energy in their body, and each spinning wheel of energy, has its own purpose and function to create chakra healing.

In science, energy is taken very seriously. The field of science depends on what energy is doing, what is happening to it, and what effects it has in and on our bodies and on the world. Sometimes energy can be shown in tiny ways, like the energy it takes to lift our coffee mug and have a sip.

Some mornings that takes more energy than others! Other times energy manifests in huge and significant ways, like when an army travels overseas to invade the enemy. That is collective energy that is used to engage force of a different nature.

Health Astrology When Sun Enters Taurus

If you’ve been following our weekly Health Horoscopes, you already have a sense of how important these energy fields in nature are to our daily and weekly life affairs and forecasts. When something is off in our energy fields, our health suffers. Wounded healer Chiron is the body in the solar system that helps to rule our health, as is the sixth astrological house.

Chakra healing focuses on our senses and the invisible energy wheels turning within our internal systems. Fixed earth sign Taurus is ruled by lover Venus, and also rules the second house of senses, sensuality, gifts, money and talents.

Think of that one grounded, down-to-earth and oh so real person you know. They’re probably very sensual, crafty, artistic and creative, with a home decorated in neutral tones. When Taurus has all of their “wheel houses” spinning, beautiful, earthy and sensual things happen.

Taurus shines from the inside out thanks to lover Venus ruling this sensual earth sign, but they can only do that when their internal, invisible energy wheels are humming. That’s one way health astrology and chakra healing are connected when the sun enters Taurus this spring.

Energy is a field of science on its own because it literally rules everything in that happens in the world. Known as quantum physics, this field has been in existence for centuries. Experiments have been conducted in quantum physics and biology to discover the many powerful effects of the seven chakras, and how they can be used for healing at the individual soul level.

This science of chakra healing and energy manipulation is directly linked to health astrology. Here′s the science of the seven chakras and how you can start getting those wheels humming while the sun is in Taurus.

Root Chakra – Chakra Healing for Survival

The root chakra is the first wheel house, found at the base of the spinal column, which is connected to the brain. Clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School Dr. John Ratey, author of Spark: The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain links the root chakra to healing in all parts of the body by meeting the needs of our basic survival needs.

The brain stem is connected to the spinal cord, and root chakra healing thus sends messages up that spinal cord to the brain stem that controls and regulates involuntary human responses. That′s a fancy way of saying the root chakra helps with key survival mechanisms, like breathing, sleeping, and other bodily functions we have no control over.

Root chakra healing occurs when our basic needs are met, but even the slightest problem could knock it out of whack. Not sleeping well? Your root chakra will be cranky, and this means all other areas of your life will be as well. Dr. Ratey says exercise and a good night′s sleep will help you find alignment.

Sacral Chakra – Chakra Healing for Personal Power

The sacral chakra is located in the pelvis, ruling the sex organs and fertility matters. As the second chakra, it is directly connected to Taurus, the second house, and Venus. This is why the sacral chakra is considered the center for personal power.

If your sex life is out of whack, or you are having fertility problems, or you just don′t feel as powerful as you like these days, your sacral chakra may be out of alignment. That would mean you need some sacral chakra healing! It′s also why we might tell a cranky person, “Maybe you just need to get ****!”

Our brain has a number of lobes that keep it running. Below one of those lobes is a little part of the brain we call the cerebellum, responsible for ruling our personal power in life. Even though the sacral chakra is located in the reproductive organs, when it is not aligned, our cerebellum suffers.

If you want to do some real spring cleaning with your healing, the sacral chakra is a great and super fun, place to start! Get your saucy on!

Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra Healing for Courage

Let′s revisit the many lobes of the brain. We have four. The temporal lobe on one side, the occipital lobe in the back of our head, the parietal lobe on the other side, and the frontal lobe right behind our forehead. The temporal lobe rules our emotional life and is directly connected to the solar plexus chakra, where healing for courage takes place.

When you are feeling emotionally confident and ready to take on any friend or foe, the solar plexus chakra is in great shape. When you aren′t, your solar plexus needs some chakra healing and love.

Former New York Times science author Sandra Blakeslee discusses this in her book The Body Has a Mind of Its Own. Here they discuss the function of the temporal lobe, and its critical importance in terms of your own personal identity. When solar plexus chakra healing takes place, you feel almost as good as you do after a great night with your lover.

On top of the world, brave, confident – the temporal lobe is secreting all kinds of warm and fuzzy neurotransmitters in your blood that make you feel this way. Want to feel brave again? Activate solar plexus chakra healing and watch it happen!

Heart Chakra – Chakra Healing for Love

Love really is what makes the world go around, and when you don′t have enough in your life, guess what happens? Everything seems to suck, doesn′t it? The heart chakra is located exactly where it sounds, in your heart, but the energy wheel that spins there also has connections to the hypothalamus portion of your brain.

This part of your brain is considered the “conductor” of all other moving parts in your brain. Your hypothalamus waves its wand to orchestrate all of the other brain parts to get them to sing in concert.

When your heart chakra is not aligned, this part of your brain will suffer. When the hypothalamus is weakened, we feel out of sorts and there′s nothing in this world that can change that. Nothing but love, that is. All you need, really, is a little love, and you can attract more of that into your life through heart chakra healing.

There are days, we all have them, when loving more just feels like too much. That′s a weakened heart chakra. We all have the capacity to love. To activate that center, we just need some heart chakra healing that will send a nice little boost to the hypothalamus to orchestrate everything else in our brain.

Throat Chakra – Chakra Healing for Communication

The throat chakra is connected to the section of the brain called “Broca′s Area”. This section of the brain is named after the scientist and French doctor Pierre Broca, who identified this part of the brain as the language center. It produces our verbal discussions, and everything we communicate.

When our throat chakra needs healing, Broca′s Area will be a little slow moving as well. Thus, if you ever have a big speech, a writing project, or just want to make a bold move with someone that requires a big conversation, engage in some throat chakra healing and your messages and communication will come out exactly the way that you want.

Third Eye Chakra – Chakra Healing for Planning

The third eye chakra is known as one of the psychic chakras, and healing with this energy center will produce epic results. The third eye chakra is located right between your eyes, behind your forehead, which is the location of the frontal lobe of the brain. This is the brain center responsible for planning, scheduling, and organizing.

It′s considered our “Executive Center,” because it plans, organizes, and then orders the rest of our body around to accomplish those tasks. Getting that cup of coffee in the morning is first decided by your frontal lobe! If you’re always forgetting things, or have problems keeping a schedule, it′s a good possibility your third eye chakra is out of whack.

Having a psychic gift is useful to all of us because it allows us to see what is ahead. Seeing what is ahead is what allows us to plan and organize our lives effectively. When the third eye chakra is aligned, we have the ability to see a little more clearly than normally.

Because this chakra is connected to our frontal lobe, this means our brain will plan more effectively for us when we are feeling more psychically tuned-in. If you are having eyesight problems, third eye chakra healing will also help with that, and to perceive the world in an honest and authentic way.

For planning and predicting your own personal future, third eye chakra healing will heal frontal lobe dysfunction and is a key way to feel productive, and informed about life at hand.

Crown Chakra – Chakra Healing for Divine Connections

Although we know the third eye chakra is a psychic one that gives you actual information you can use, when healed correctly, the crown chakra takes that up a notch and puts you right in touch with the Divine. The crown chakra is located at the top of our heads. In pictures and images you see it “lit up” almost like a halo.

That′s because that’s basically what it is! We each have our own little halo of love we can tap into whenever we want to connect to the Divine Source.

This particular chakra is located in what we call the pre-frontal cortex, the location of our brain that creates unconditional love, servitude to the world, our capacity of free will, and also our feelings of openness to the big picture at large. When you engage in crown chakra healing, you activate all of these feelings and qualities in your life.

In conjunction with the third eye chakra healing then, crown chakra healing aligns your brain to truly be connected to the Divine for psychic purposes.

People who have healthy crown chakras are often very psychic because they speak with God, their Higher Power, or their angels every day, even if they don’t know it! Sometimes they aren′t psychic, that′s not the true function of the crown chakra. The true function is to align you with the higher source, the Divine, so that you can live a life of unconditional love.

It is that unconditional love that reaps rewards, and when you engage crown chakra healing, your pre-fontal cortex is all the more engaged to help you do just that.

Concluding thoughts…

That′s it folks, the secrets of the science of chakra healing! Do you need a life boost heading into the spring and when the sun enters Taurus? Do your chakra centers need a little spring cleaning? Chakra center alignment is very easy when you have tools like a chakra pendulum and meditation at hand.

When you do, then all of your chakra centers are engaged with chakra healing, and you actually have fewer health problems! Remember that chakra work is about healing your whole self. It is just one tool. For all serious medical conditions, you do need to still keep seeing your doctor.

In between visits, activate your chakra healing by engaging in rituals as a part of your every day. Don’t forget to bookmark your Health Horoscopes to get tips on how to keep those invisible wheels spinning right all day, every day.

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