Planning a Road Trip? Discover the Perfect Destination, Based on Your Sign

So you’re thinking of taking a trip, but where should you go?

There’s nothing quite like the open road: your favorite tunes blasting on the stereo, wind in your hair and an assortment of not-so-healthy, convenient snack foods. A road trip is one rare form of travel wherein the journey can be just as fun as the destination; yet, the destination is still a sizable, important aspect of any good road trip.

For some folks, twelve hours in the car should result in a forested landscape where camping equipment and bonfires belong. For others, a trip to a bustling city with neon lights and plenty of jazz clubs is ideal.

Once again, the stars are here to guide us along our paths. Astrology has conspired in your honor to help you decide where the perfect road trip will take you. Let’s start our engines and explore the best road trip destinations based on your sign!


Aries’ energetic nature can cause some fidgety behavior in the car, as they’re not prone to sitting still for long periods of time. Feed your restless legs with plenty of activities upon arrival. Whether you choose a tourist location with plenty of shopping and walking involved, or a hike in gorgeous foothills, make sure to stretch your legs and shake out some dormant energy.


Your ideal scene is not likely the inside of a car on long stretches of road, so set up a bit of pampering once you’ve pulled into town. Your senses are refined and you quite enjoy lavish activities and lush cuisine. Be sure to choose a destination offering plenty of spa-like activities to give you the royal treatment, and call ahead for reservations for local fine dining.


Your intellectual, eccentric nature draws you toward the sights and scenes that aren’t well-known. You’re likely to stop at each giant rubber-band ball and ketchup bottle along the way. Look for kitschy towns offering unusual sights and activities you won’t see anywhere else. If you’re anywhere near the area, Gatlinburg, TN is the perfect place to enjoy all of life’s bizarre and charming oddities.

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You long to experience romantic sights with dramatic architecture and rich history. Explore the map surrounding you, looking for sunken gardens or castles offering tours. Check out the historic district of your state’s capitol or search for a Frank Lloyd Wright building in your area. Regardless of where you live, there are myriad unknown places to explore nearby.


You love adventure and crave it regularly. While a road trip may seem adventurous enough, I suggest your destination include a theme park of some kind. Locate and celebrate your inner child, scarfing down cotton candy and indulging in as many rides as you can handle. You’ll still have time to see other things, but the kid within will be thrilled.


You work hard, Virgo, and you deserve a vacation. It may be difficult for you to truly turn off and unwind, so I suggest you choose a destination offering many engaging activities such as zip-lining, skiing or hiking. You’ll be able to work out any negative energy and tire yourself our enough to be able to relax in the hotel room later.


Your love for beauty translates to your affinity for cultures different from your own; the art, the cuisine and the different customs nearly make your heart skip a beat. Look for a destination offering a wide array of activities involving learning about and celebrating new traditions and varied histories.

Many large cities have small neighborhoods devoted to a certain culture, such as the many Chinatowns found across America.


Your love of mysteries and what lies beyond the surface will be fully engaged in one of the many ghost towns that exist in the world. Think about all of the cities that used to thrive with business and culture, only to be abandoned some years later. Centralia, PA is one such abandoned city, inhabited by only seven residents as of 2013.


Sagittarians are adventure-seekers who go with the flow; you can find a good time just about anywhere with your positive attitude. You enjoy just about any random activity if it’s new, as you’re somewhat of an experience hoarder. You’d do just fine to close your eyes and point anywhere on a map, wherever you land you’re sure to find a modicum of entertainment value.


You might need the most educational value out of your trip than any other sign. You want to learn new things and enlighten yourself, you aren’t simply seeking a good time. Your best bet is a town well known for its museums and educational tours. Bring a notepad, a pen and your willingness to learn, because you’ll be in for a Capricorn-specific treat.


You want to see and do it all, and you’re well on your way. Aquarians are the wanderers of the zodiac, exploring nearly each corner of the world. You get along with pretty much everyone and you can have fun just about anywhere. Try exploring a new location you haven’t been to before, and keep track of your explorations.


You love to lounge near, in and around water. You are a water sign represented by the twin fish, so it’s only natural that you love to swim and play in your natural habitat. Try locating an area with beautiful beaches or natural lakes, pack a few suits and soak up the sun. Anywhere that allows you to relax and spend a little time in your daydreams will revive your energy.


In the end, it doesn’t matter where you go as long as you enjoy the journey. All you need are people you love and a positive outlook to have an incredible vacation. Tell us about your adventure on Facebook and compare stories with your fellow zodiac signs!

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