These Crystals Will Save You During Cold and Flu Season

Flu season is upon us, and it’s time to protect yourself. Some people simply can’t afford the flu shot, and for those who can, it is not a guarantee that you won’t contract the virus. Influenza can cause stomach cramps, headaches, sinus infections and more ailments than anyone should have to suffer through.

If you’ve found yourself under the influence of influenza, you’re likely feeling desperate for relief right now. Yes, there are some medicines that can help relieve your symptoms, but they don’t get to the internal energy your body. While it may seem unlikely, crystals can actually work with your energy to fight the virus from the inside.

You can infuse your drinking water with crystals, place them in a warm bath with you, sleep near them or just keep them in your left pocket to soak up their glorious, healing power. A crystal-infused cup of warm tea and honey will soothe your ailments and warm your bones.

Stick around and I’ll show you the crystals that might save you this flu season.


For those vitamins you are taking, carnelian is beneficial in helping your body to absorb and properly disperse them. This amazing stone can assist in getting your juices flowing, as it improves circulation. It also helps rid your lungs and sinuses of that nasty congestion.


Flourite is an extremely beneficial crystal for health and well being. You’ll feel the awesome energy of this crystal almost immediately. It has a cleansing, purifying aura that will remove toxins as well as the negativity that arises from feeling sick. In this way, it helps align your energy and get you back on track to health.


This crystal will energize any homeopathic treatments you take, so if you’re treating your flu with natural remedies, this stone is for you. A great stone for circulation, aventurine’s energy is swift and purposeful. It works as an anti-inflammatory, which will relax tired muscles and take away those aches and pains that accompany the flu.


Known as “the dolphin stone,” Larimar is a soothing, peaceful stone whose energy is relaxing and loving. It is associated with the throat chakra, and is particularly useful if you find yourself dealing with a sore throat amidst the influenza-filled fever. Larimar is a nurturing stone, and urges you to take care of and tend to yourself.


Amber is a natural antibiotic, and while the flu stems from the influenza virus as opposed to bacteria, it is a wonderful tonic for illness. It can stave off the sinus infections that are often the result of a bad bug. It works to amplify your immune system, giving your body the energy it needs to heal.

Because amber is resin that has been petrified, it has an ancient, respectable power that will resonate with you and connect you to your roots.


Citrine is a bright, energizing crystal that has magnetic properties of positivity; it literally draws the light to you. To supercharge your citrine, allow it to rest outside in the sunlight, for an hour or two. It will draw the energy from the sun into itself and, in turn, seep that energy into your pores.


A natural detoxifier, bloodstone is a must-have for ailments. As its name suggests, bloodstone assists in balancing and cleansing the bloodstream, which is the highway for those helpful little white blood cells that fight infection. Like carnelian, bloodstone helps your body soak in nutrients from vitamins and minerals, whether taken alone or derived from fruits and vegetables.


Discovered in 2013, azumar is a lesser-known crystal that connects with the throat chakra. It also aligns and cleanses the heart and third eye chakras, and helps you release any negative emotions that do not serve your well-being. This stone relaxes your muscles and helps you align yourself with your highest vibrations.


Make sure you get as much rest as your body needs to heal; don’t try to push yourself during this stressful time. This is a time to take care of your needs, whatever they may be. Once you’re no longer contagious, you might even want to treat yourself to a pedicure or a spa day.

Right now is the perfect time to treat yourself, to remind yourself this won’t last forever and you deserve to feel good. Pour rose petals into your crystal-infused, warm bath and let the soothing aroma and romantic nostalgia of rose buds flow over you.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Your body needs plenty of liquid to keep its strength and help the healing energies flow through your body. This is an excellent time for broth-based soups and tons of water. Soup is perfect for those days when it feels hard to keep solid food down, and provides extra hydration.

This is also a great time to reacquaint yourself with the planet. Try connecting yourself to the earth around you, grounding yourself in Mother Nature’s embrace. If you’re up for it, yoga can help shift your energy into a positive place while relaxing your tired muscles and helping you focus on healing.

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