8 Movies About Being a Badass Communicator – Inspired by Mercury in Aries

Mercury, the messenger god is associated with learning, communication and adaptability, among other traits. Mercury had to be fast to deliver all that information to the rest of the crew, so you know when it’s in one of the signs, it means we’ll be more quick-witted and keen to make a fast decision.

In the sign of Aries, already impulsive and raring to go, Mercury swoops in and increases our ability to get our full message across, to motivate and inspire those around us and to get people on board with what we’re trying to accomplish.

If you’ve been having trouble getting people to understand your meaning, or to get pumped about one of your big ideas, now is the time to make it all happen, announce your intention and get ready for everyone to put their hands up to help you get there.

This is Mercury in Aries – being direct, impulsive and straightforward, able to motivate others to jump on our bandwagon simply because we have courage in our conviction.

Mercury in Aries is about being a badass communicator – so we thought we’d take a look at 8 movies with either that theme or a character within who rules at motivating, inspiring and cleverly talking their way into – or out of – whatever they set their sights on, just like you’ll be able to!

1. Remember the Titans, 2000

Set in the early 70s in Virgina, Denzel Washington plays Coach Herman Boone, who takes over the head coach position of a high school football team, amid much racial tension within the team and the community.

He’s faced with an almost insurmountable task of bringing together both black and white players to trust each other, staying one step ahead of a school board who wants to see him fail and an assistant coach whose spot he’s taken.

He uses his indomitable will, leadership skills and motivational approach to bring home a championship, a winning season and a group of young men who see past race to make life long friends.

2. Hunger Games trilogy, 2012-2015

This might not seem obvious at first glance, as you could argue that main character, Katniss Everdeen is anything but a good communicator, however, she manages to become the face of a revolution simply by being passionate in her own beliefs and making others believe in themselves and sticking to their own ideals.

Sure, she’s dressed up and given speeches to memorize, but she just can’t stay on script. Her fury, her sense of morality and justice, these cannot be tied down and her messages to the people she cares for as well as the public and the powerful ring true, loud and clear.

3. Contact, 1997

Jodie Foster plays Dr. Ellie Arroway, a SETI scientist who contacts creatures from another solar system! Communication doesn’t get more advanced than that. Dr. Arroway spends her entire life dedicated to the idea that extraterrestrial life does exist, she just needs to be able to send and receive the right message.

When that connection finally comes through, she’s thrown into having to explain and prove her findings, which are unintelligible to those asking for it, and even finds herself defending science with someone who is himself a powerful leader in the religious community.

Even when she feels no one actually believes her, she sticks to her guns and ends up traveling though space and time to meet an alien who kind of explains the whole thing. Dr. Arroway teaches us that using our own voice and staying the course we think is true can help us win in the end.

4. Dangerous Minds, 1995

Aries has an insane ability to be a cheerleader for those around them. Ever positive, they see something and want to make it happen, and if you aren’t on board, they can get you there through sheer force of will.

This throwback from 1995 is all about motivation – and learning how to communicate with people who come from a different place than you. Michelle Pfeiffer plays an ex-Marine who takes a job as high school teacher. She is faced with underprivileged students, some of whom are involved in gangs and drugs, who make fun of her and refuse to engage in her classes.

She has to learn to get through to them before she can inspire them. Communication is only as good as you make it, and if you can’t be nimble of mind and apply these skills to different personalities, it’s not going to work as you will it to.

5. Gandhi, 1982

This epic film tells the tale of one of the most inspiring, quietly powerful and peaceful leaders of our time. Perhaps more than any other public figure, Gandhi managed to motivate entire nations to affect political and social change through his practice of non-violence.

An educated lawyer, Mohandas Gandhi unknowingly started something of a revolution when he was thrown off a South African train in 1893, as only whites were allowed to do so at the time. His protest against this bias lead to the South African government starting to make some changes, setting off a chain of events of the same ilk in India.

As powerful as his influence became, at the heart of everything, Gandhi was a peaceful and caring man who saw unfairness in the world, and had the ability and will to stand up and do something about it.

His words alone still touch many who find his life inspiring, and he shows that we don’t always need fists to fight for what’s right. Passionately communicating in a way that translates across race, language and religion has its place in the world as well.

6. The Italian Job, 2003

While there are many skilled communicators in this fast-paced film, as the leader of the pack and the brains of the whole operation, Charlie Croker stands out as the most skilled. Bringing together a team of heist experts, Charlie always has a plan, and he’ll effectively express exactly what role everyone should play, down to the minute.

From bringing his team down from apparent defeat and frustration, to encouraging them after the murder of their beloved mentor, Charlie is in the driver’s seat, and steers the team in the right direction, despite speed bumps, dissension and the distraction of Charlize Theron’s enticing character, who is hellbent on revenge.

7. The Wizard of Oz, 1939

Dorothy Gale was a farm girl with a simple, if not dull life in Kansas, until she was literally thrown into an entirely new realm. Adapting quickly, it was only through confidence, her refusal to take crap from anyone (One should display manners at all times, even a rude, scary witch!) and her ability to get her pals on board with her quest that she succeeded.

Through Dorothy’s courage of conviction and no-nonsense communication, she brought out the best in the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion, offering the security of friendship and the chance to prove to themselves they were always what they wanted to be, they just couldn’t see it until they were given a chance to demonstrate brains, a caring heart and bravery.

8. American Hustle, 2013

This whole movie is about being great at getting your message across – and how going too far with that power can have you suffering a myriad of consequences.

Everyone from Carmine Polito, a local politician rallying an entire community to work hard and believe in their own value, to Rosalyn, a frustrated housewife trying to hold onto her family and exert her control, to Sydney/Lady Edith, who uses her significant powers of persuasion to create new lives, to Irving, who can sell ice cream to Alaskans, is skilled at communication.

Whether using their words to manipulate, lie or inspire, everyone uses their adaptability and communication to get what they want, which weaves a delightful tapestry of political intrigue, double lives and a really crazy ending.


Some of us may feel like we aren’t the best of communicators, or that we don’t have the power and vivacity to convince others to join us in what we seek to accomplish.

As glimpsed by these 8 movies, perhaps if we just have courage in our convictions, stand up for those who can’t speak up for themselves and realize that with passion, integrity and the power of positivity, most people would be driven to hear what we have to say, and from there, it’s a hop, skip and a jump to getting them on board.

Whether at work, on a sports team or even rallying the troops to volunteer and make a difference, you can apply this to anything. Mercury in Aries definitely increases our ability to powerfully express ourselves, but just like the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion – you probably had it in you all along!

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