Jupiter Trines Pluto: When Secrets, Karma and Destiny Come Out to Play

You know what we always say, everything is connected. One transit we have on the docket this month is a Jupiter and Pluto sextile that is chiming in on April 14, one day before a new moon in Aries, and one day before communicator Mercury retrograde changes directions.

Jupiter sextile Pluto on its own is often a significant transit, but when it occurs with two major transits like a new moon and a Mercury re-direction on its piggyback in the same 24-hour time frame, the energy is going to be significant in our lives.

All of these transits are connected, and all of the things that happen in your life while they happen are connected as well. Jupiter is the god of karma, Pluto is the god of secrets and change. When Jupiter sextiles Pluto, karma, secrets, and your higher destiny are coming out to play. Are you ready?

What is Jupiter sextile Pluto?

This month we have a lot going on, with a Mercury retrograde still in play and spring bursting to break through the frost in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere, the autumn equinox is bearing a powerful transformation as well. It’s time for a change.

When it comes to spiritual change, it’s always karma-inspired, so the energy of change is already here for all earthlings. Jupiter sextile Pluto is going to add rocket fuel to those changes, whether you are ready for them or not. Let’s break this down.

Jupiter is the god of gods, the biggest known planet in the Milky Way, and rules karma, optimism, luck, and the big picture. Being the biggest planet inspires Jupiter to go “big” on everything. “Go big or go home!” That’s Jupiter’s motto. Pluto rules the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius.

Your Sagittarius friend is probably the free-spirited one, always trying to maintain the philosophical approach on the big picture. This is the energy you are channeling now under this sextile. When you are feeling Jupiter energy, you feel on top of the world. It doesn’t get more optimistic than this!

Then we have Pluto. Pluto is the planet of death and transformation, which is why I always call Pluto the change-maker. Pluto tears things down so you can build anew. Pluto also rules information and the underworld, and there’s often a lot hidden when Pluto is working in your corner.

Pluto rules secrets as well. You know how secrets have the power to change everything? When a change is needed in our lives, Pluto says, “It’s time to bring those secrets from the underworld.”

It’s not always about secrets per se, as it is about powerful information. This is what Pluto rules.

Now a sextile is basically just the name of an angle. When two planets form an angle to each other, that angle is called something. Sometimes it’s a trine, a square, an opposition, or a quintile, and sometimes it’s called a sextile. Some angles are harsh and unfavorable.

Others, like a sextile, are warm, gentle, and loving. Sextiles occur when the planets form soft 60 degree angles to each other in the sky. These are gentle angles whereby the planets support, encourage, and inspire each other.

In this transit we have the god of gods supporting, encouraging, and inspiring the planet of change. This is the energy you are going to see in your life under this transit. It’s nothing to fear! Finally your karma and destiny are going to truly feel real if you are paying attention.

1. Clarify your vision. Can you see the forest through the trees?

Can you see the forest through the trees? If not, you need some clarity. These are some fairly serious planets and pretty powerful energies you can use all month long. Pluto isn′t going anywhere until you take care of business. Your first order of business then, is defining what your business is. Your karma can not reward you if you don′t know where you′re going.

Clarify your vision, be realistic and honest about how far you really want to drive on this particular journey. There′s no wrong answer, unless you aren′t being honest with yourself. One of the biggest secrets to succeeding is that you first have to decide what success looks like to you.

Clarify and seek clarity when you are stuck. The spring and fall colors are beautiful, but deceptive. These are the colors of transformation and death. Look through the leaves and beyond for clarity. What do you see?

2. It′s time to let go. Own it.

The powerful thing that happens when you seek clarity is that you get it. Pluto the change-maker is great at exposing this information, and helping you tear down the walls you need to use it effectively. When Pluto calls, it’s time to let go and rebuild. Own it.

Maybe someone disappointed you, led you on, deceived you, or manipulated you. Maybe you did that to someone else. Perhaps something just plain isn′t working, and you finally see the light on that. It′s time to let go, and own it. People feel bad when they have to cut something out, but the truth is, how does that serve anybody?

There is no place for guilt with truth. Ask for forgiveness in place of guilt, and let it go. Hanging onto that is like walking around strapped to an anchor. Again, Pluto is on call to help you let that go, whereas Jupiter gives you the optimism and confidence you need to see why you need to let that go. Jupiter shows you the bigger picture.

If something is not working in your life, and Jupiter and Pluto can show you what those are, then it′s time to cut those apron strings. It hurts, yes, but so does living a lie. With this Jupiter and Pluto sextile, the truth is coming to life. You are allowed to own it.

You don′t need to keep feeding a dead relationship, a dead job or a dead experience of any kind, just so you don′t hurt someone′s feelings, or disappoint someone. If there is no life to it, you must weed it and let it go. When you do, you will learn why it was so important to do that to begin with.

Pluto is one of the rulers of Scorpio, and we can take some hints from the scorpion here. When Scorpios say goodbye, they usually don′t flinch. Granted, it usually takes Scorpio a while to get there, but once they do, it′s dead to them, and they don′t look back. That′s because Pluto won′t let them.

That′s a good thing. If you need to do some weeding or raking, just do it. You won′t have any idea how beautiful your life can be if you are always staring at those dead leaves. Before you can rake them up however, you have to be honest that they are even there. Accept that. Rake ‘em up. Own it and move on.

3. Truth is power.

The truth is that money and fame do not rule the world. Information does. Honesty does. Truth does. Secrets are the most lucrative business on this planet. Political decisions are made based on who knows what secrets. Decisions in your family are made based on the same. When Jupiter and Pluto sync up, truth is power.

Pluto helps the fixed sign Scorpio reveal all that is false, and all that is the truth. When Scorpio finds this, they win, every time. That′s because truth is the most powerful thing on this planet, even more powerful than money or status, every time.

With Jupiter and Pluto energy this month, you have this power at your disposal more than you have all year long. This is truth no matter what zodiac sign you are. Become empowered by the truth Pluto shows you, and harness the confidence of Jupiter to use that power in your life. When you do, karmic miracles happen.

A total transformation is required. This only sounds painful. Remember that every time you tear something down, the universe opens another door. Are you ready?

Concluding thoughts…

Pluto and Jupiter will be revealing secrets and truths this month, whether you accept them or like them or not. Remember, this is a gentle and favorable transit so the truth will arrive with love. What truths have you accepted this month that you think can launch you to the next level of your life?

If you haven′t yet, it′s time to think about that. Because Pluto says if you do, you really will elevate your life to the next level. Jupiter is ready to dole out the karmic rewards if you do. This transit is like rocket fuel on your biggest life issues. Stay tuned to your Weekly Horoscopes to find out how. Karma is calling. How will you answer?

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