Your Must Have Spring Home Accessory, Based on Your Sign

Spring is in full swing and with this season of growth and renewal, we turn our thoughts to improvement in our health, our connection to nature and especially in our homes. It’s not called spring cleaning for nothing! With our desire to clear out the old and make room for the new, we can look to some fabulous home decor accessories to reignite our love of home.

When we talk about home decor, we don’t need to spend a lot of money to make a real impact. Accessories are a great way to show off your style and to refresh a space you have grown less appreciative of over time. The smaller they are, the easier they are to move around, consistently helping you update and reengage in the place you spend the most time.

Today we are going to look at some intriguing and trendy home accessories, based on the unique qualities of each of the zodiac signs.


You bulls just love to get cozy. On the couch, in your bed, on the floor – Taureans have an innate need to feel secure, and taking a lazy nap after ample time in the garden is the best way to feel taken care of. Patterned throw pillows are perfect for you comfort loving creatures and there are as many styles as you have favorite restaurants!

Birds, geometric shapes and mustard yellow with charcoal grey are all on trend right now, as are florals and even faux fur, which should appeal to your love of textures and luxury. A fun option would be to find one with a quote that inspires you, or appeals to your practical side – typography is hot right now as well, so the choices are pretty limitless!


For techie Gemini, the Google Home or Apple HomePod is right up your alley. Using voice prompting, it can be used as an invisible home assistant, helping you track calendar dates, change songs as you clean and even look up recipes, teach you a different language and play trivia games! It even connects with your smart home devices, so it can control your lighting and thermostat.

You don’t have to recycle your audio system, your recipe books and that dog shaming 365 day tear off calendar, but you could if you wanted to streamline! Either of these two systems can perform multiple functions from a small device and make your life move even faster than it already is! With many sleek, colorful options, you can sync up your devices and your style.


Cancers have a dedication to family that is unmatched within the zodiac. Your nurturing qualities and ability to make anyone feel at home in your company and your house makes you one of the most sought out friends there are. Capturing and keeping memories alive is probably quite important to you, which is why we’ve chosen a bit of a memento accessory.

An antique brass drinks cart would fit in perfectly in your home, providing some entertainment value and a story or two about where you got it, who it belonged to and why it called out to you. A rolling bar, this is a popular item in the design world, and there are many options to choose from. Enhance your next dinner party and create more memories!


Lighting! Most Leos love looking in the mirror and being the center of attention, so we suggest investing in some decent lighting to ensure you see your best self at all times. There are some fabulous lamps, fixtures and chandeliers out there right now and we all know Leos are fabulous enough to warrant having some bling in any room they choose.

Chandeliers in the bathroom, especially over a giant bathtub, are glamorous and trendy right now, so go for it and apologize to no one for your love of the spotlight.


Virgos are associated with the sixth house of health, and tend to be invested in eating right and taking care of themselves. This season, bring more plants into your home, specifically by tending to a trendy indoor herb garden. Being around green plants aids in a healthy mental state as well, so you’re beautifying your home, staying on trend and improving your health.

Your responsible and practical sides will be satisfied by the fact that you are growing your own food and saving money (Herbs can be expensive for the amount you get.) and you’ll be in line with a health-conscious approach by producing more oxygen in your home and even purifying the air (Look for Peace Lilies and Dracaena).


Anything in emerald green. Green and turquoise are lucky colors for you Libra, and this is a very hot hue right now. From palm tree and cactus patterns to velvet accent armchairs, the color is a rich, jewel toned green and you can absolutely rock it in your home!

Green is a color associated with the harmony you so clearly seek to find in life, and decorating with it can make you and your home feel more in balance. Emerald green in the bathroom can instantly raise the bar in elegance and in the kitchen, paired with copper accents, you can create a truly luxurious space worthy of your ruling planet of beauty, Venus.


Coral is a color often associated with the complex Scorpio, and is a lucky shade for you. Look to add this pink-orange hue to your home in the form of a reading chair, a fabulously patterned throw rug or a pair of side lamps with a simple shade to balance. The very bold might paint an entire accent wall, or you can add vibrancy to your bathroom with some coral towels.

Scorpio’s intensity is unparalleled in the zodiac, and this bold color is perfectly matched to the passion that always flows just beneath your carefully controlled surface. Your tumultuous emotions may even be soothed or get a much needed pick me up when you get home after a hard day and are greeted by this cheerful color!


You are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth, optimism and good luck. You are often described as perpetually positive, able to see the world through rose-colored glasses. To add some more luck to your nickel jar, we look to some home accessories thought to bring even more fortune your way.

Bamboo is considered to be good luck, as are elephants, who serve double duty as representatives of the wisdom you are constantly seeking. Adding an elephant statue to the front entrance of your home or maybe a feature wall of elegant bamboo wallpaper could be a quirky way to represent your interests and keep you inspired to learn and grow.


Concrete is a hot material right now and it’s as practical, hard-working and durable as you are, Capricorn! From vases to bowls, counter tops to fireplaces and floors, you can add it to your home in a multitude of ways. It can also be good for the environment, as many enterprising folks are finding innovative ways to reuse this hardy material.

As an added bonus, one trend right now is to dip concrete in paint for a fabulous finish. You can find decorative planters and flower pots in this style, and there are many metallic options as well, which is right on trend.


Green design is not only stylish right now, it’s making a dent in the way we think about what we’re putting in our homes and what they’re made of. Humanitarian Aquarius cares deeply about the world and its many causes, and it’s this trait that can drive you to make conscious decisions about what you do with your time and even what you bring into your home!

Bringing recycled or reused materials into your home in an innovative way will appeal to your love of invention, as well as your drive to make difference. Look to something totally out of the box like the Algae Lamp, made of live microalgae, or recycled glass lamps or creatively shaped vases for some guaranteed conversation starters.


For you fishes out there, look into a pet food station with added storage. Pisces, you usually have a soft spot for the animals in your lives, and will likely be tempted to add to your fur, fish or scale family every time you meet a new one. Save some space on storing their food, treats and accoutrements by investing in one of these trendy food stations.

With dishes and bowls on top and drawers built in the bottom, you can tuck everything away for your next walk or brushing, and your beloved creature can have off-the-floor access to their favorite food and beverage. Use your creativity to take a DIY approach and reuse an old dresser, table or chest to make it your own.


Fiery copper is a hot commodity in the design world, and you can see it making its mark in lighting, drawer pulls, kitchen and bathroom sinks and even in unique applications such as back splashes. Copper has been used throughout the ages to strengthen other materials, such as silver, which is fittingly matched to Aries’ resilience and drive.

This material is sure to inspire the bold personality of any Aries, and should serve to spark a fire under you, fanning your desire to achieve, to push yourself and to take on new challenges. Copper’s natural antimicrobial properties will ensure there are less germs spread in the area it exists in, keeping you healthier and ready for your next endeavor!


Whatever your style, there’s an accessory out there that will serve to inspire you and bring you joy. Remember, keeping decor changes small can save your budget, but also make your choices more adaptable as your style and interests change.

The best homes have a combination of styles, as you find more delightful pieces to add to your castle. If someone can walk into your home and feel like they know you better once they leave just by having seen the way you’ve decorated, you know you’ve hit a personal style home run!

What are your favorite pieces you’ve brought into your home this season?

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