Find Your Muse, Astrologically!

When you’re trying to get your creative juices flowing or you’ve got a deadline and a bad case of creative block, we often find ourselves asking, “Where’s my muse?”

If you’re artistic in any capacity whatsoever, chances are you’ve had a Muse before, a glowing energy that flows through you and allows words to fill the page or paint to decorate a canvas. Sometimes, the Muse seems to come from and other times it’s a flesh and blood person sitting before you, maybe a lover or a friend. Maybe even a cat.

In Ancient Greece, the Muse was thought to be a small, genie-like creature who lived in the walls of people’s homes and periodically crawled through the cracks of the plaster to sprinkle idea-dust all over someone’s work desk.

You might think of the Muse simply as a refreshing, inspirational energy that flows through you from the stars above.

Whatever the Muse may be to you, let’s take a look at each sign and discover how to draw that Muse out of its hidey-hole and into the light.


Your Muse would likely come out if you’d only slow down and give it a chance! You’re sometimes so determined to get things done that you forget to look for your passion in the moment. Take some relaxing time for yourself and invite your Muse out to play. When you open your energy up to inspiration, you replace your desperation to get to the finish line.


Try looking for your Muse in the art that you most enjoy. Search the lyrics of songs and the brushes of paint strokes for the doorway out of which your Muse can emerge. It isn’t about recycling anyone else’s art, but using it as inspiration to find your own voice from within. When you discover that voice, it will begin to come to life and guide you through your creativity.


Your airy nature displays intellect that never seems to end, but you can also get stuck with your head in the clouds. A Muse needs focus and internal quiet to feel comfortable emerging. Meditate on your creativity and the message you want to send, visualizing your Muse as energy, an aura, or even a person. It doesn’t matter how you see your Muse, just that you set a focused intention to find it.


You are a sensitive, intuitive, and creative being whose emotions are a beautiful and integral part of their art form, whatever it may be. You expect a lot from yourself and can be your own biggest critic— let your Muse know that you won’t treat their ideas the same as you do some of your own, and learn to honor and respect the work you do. When you accept yourself and your talent, your Muse will feel safe to make suggestions.


Your personality is so engaging that you sometimes can’t seem to turn it off. You have to learn to take time for yourself, regardless of your urge to please those around you. You don’t have to be “on” all the time. Take some time to wind down and let down your guard, inviting your Muse into the cozy and comfortable space of a place without expectation of approval or appreciation. Be your own best audience.


You’re so hard at work, your Muse can barely catch a breath! Even if your career is creative in nature, you can forget sometimes to connect with that work on a soulful level when you don’t stop to admire it. Give your Muse a chance to see what you’ve done and inspire new modalities and techniques. When you stop and rest for just a moment, your spirit will gather the energy for fresh, exciting ideas.


You’re all about balance and beauty, and I sense you might expect too much from your Muse sometimes. Of course, your balanced nature helps bring you back to your center, but you really have to learn to appreciate what the Muse sends your way and revel in your collaborations. Don’t expect more from yourself and your art than what it is, which is perfect in its form.


Your Muse might be locked away, tight, with the innumerable mysteries that reside within you. This can be your greatest asset in your creativity, simply allowing that Muse to take what it’s seen and shimmy on up to the surface. Put your pain and darkness into your work, even if it’s in an abstract way. Vulnerability is an essential ingredient in any artistic endeavor. Whatever your medium, let your true self shine through.


If your Muse is as scattered as you are, I’m sure it’s hard to get you two in the same room at the same time. When you take on too many projects, it’s hard to sit down with your inner inspiration and really let it out. Take on one small, reasonable project at a time and send an invitation for your Muse to do the same. If you can focus on the task at hand, your inner beauty and philosophical nature will naturally emerge.


You may seem traditional, but your Muse might be more eccentric than you’d think. Take David Bowie for example, who was a brilliant artist; a reserved Capricorn at home and a wild man on the stage. Your art is where you really get to express yourself, so let your Muse go a little wild from time to time and urge you to step out of your comfort zone. You might discover an altar ego who’s been waiting to emerge.


You’re a social butterfly with a flair for innovation, and you love to get involved in helping others with projects that interest you. But take some time for your Muse and yourself to come together for a project that you can call your own. Don’t be afraid to step out on your own and create your own empire, or craft your own brand of art. You certainly have the chops to back it up.


Don’t let your Muse get too cozy in the puffy, pink clouds that float amidst the backdrop of daydreams. Your imagination can run wild with fantasies, sometimes preventing you from moving to action. Pour yourself and your Muse a cup of green tea and get to work creating something that brings your fantasies to life.

Sometimes it’s hard to see that a Muse has been there all along, waiting for our eyes to adjust so that we can see them. If you just focus your vision and open your heart, they’ll appear as beacons of inspiration to bring your inner beauty and creativity into the world.

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Rhiannon Liselle is a nomadic Sagittarius with a passion for writing and trying to help others grow. She’s studied astrology for about 10 years, and has been writing about metaphysical, spiritual, and esoteric subjects for 3 years. Rhiannon lives in the mountains of Colorado, and loves drinking coffee and spending time with her coloring books.
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