Your Numerology Relationship Compatibility Based on Your Life Path Number

Sometimes relationships hit a bump. Usually, these challenges sort themselves out with time, but while you’re in the thick of things you could well wonder if it’s all worth it. You might question if you’re actually compatible with your partner at all!

You may have even contemplated having an astrology relationship synastry report done, to see how well you get along, but maybe you’re unsure of your time of birth, or your partner’s, which limits how in-depth the synastry could be. If this sounds familiar, then read on!

A numerology reading is a wonderful tool for determining how compatible you are, and unlike astrology, it doesn’t depend on your time or place of birth. Numerology works solely with your date of birth and your full name when you were born.

Your life path number is calculated using only your birthday, and it’s one of the core numbers in a numerology reading. If your life path number is harmonious with that of your partner, then you’ve got a good chance of being compatible.

Life Path Number 1

  • Positive Traits: Hardworking, independent, headstrong, adventurous
  • Negative Traits: Intolerant, demanding, self-centered, easily bored
  • Best Match: LPN 2 or LPN 6
  • Challenging Match: LPN 8

When it comes to compatibility, you need a patient partner if you’re an LPN 1! You’re sensuous and adventurous when it comes to passion and you won’t have any trouble finding lovers and suitors. All you need to do is use your charisma and pursue who you want. Your charming personality is contagious and people are genuinely interested in you.

You do lose interest quickly, though, and that might create relationship problems. You need someone who will keep things interesting, someone who will adore you and give you the attention that you need. As warm-hearted as you are, once you’re done, you’re done and can be quite cold when a connection is ending.

The best matches for you are those with an LPN 2, or LPN 6. They’ll have the patience with you that perhaps others won’t. Someone with a strong 1, 7, or 9 isn’t a bad connection, although it will take work from both of you to make this union successful. 4 and 9 might be fairly challenging, and you should probably try to avoid someone with an LPN of 8.

Life Path Number 2

  • Positive Traits: Charming, witty, cooperative, thoughtful
  • Negative Traits: Gullible, anxious, indecisive, oversensitive
  • Best Match: LPN 2 or LPN 6
  • Challenging match: LPN 5

You’re pretty easy-going most of the time as long as your partner doesn’t seem to go out of their way to want to control you, and as long as you get the attention that you feel you need. You’re not usually too demanding, but you won’t be taken for granted either. You’re very sensitive to the needs of others.

You have to watch that sensitivity, though, because it can make you uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations, and cause you to be reserved or shy. At the same time, you want to be included and appreciated, but if you don’t contribute, you might be overlooked. If you’re going to have the harmonious relationship that you need, you’re going to have to come out of your shell a bit.

You’ll probably have great success with another LPN 2, because you’re empathetic to each others needs. A 4 or an 8 would look after you. A match with an LPN has the potential to be wonderful or terrible, depending on other factors in the numerology reading. 5 and 9 are possibly the worst partners for you, because they’re aloof, and too superficial for your kind-heartedness.

Life Path Number 3

  • Positive Traits: Creative, expressive, friendly, optimistic
  • Negative Traits: Superficial, irresponsible, moody, unreliable
  • Best Match: LPN 1 or LPN 5
  • Challenging Match: LPN 7

As an LPN 3, you’re very social, and you’ll need a partner who can keep up with you! You like to be with groups of people and enjoy being the center of attention. You’ll entertain others for hours with your anecdotes and stories—whether they happen to be completely true or not!

Your charm draws people to you, but you are not one to express your deepest feelings. When relationships get challenging or even just a bit routine, you get restless and start looking for something more interesting. It will take a very understanding partner who’s willing to share you with the rest of your life to be truly happy when it comes to romance.

Those with an LPN 1 or LPN 5 will keep up with you, and have a good chance of holding your interest. LPN 2s and LPN 6s will go out of their way to try to keep you happy. Another LPN 3 will make things interesting, for sure!

LPN 4 and LPN 8 will bring you the stability that you need, even though at times you might seem to resent this structure. Try and avoid a LPN 7; they won’t keep you entertained for long, and the break up could get very controlling and messy.

Life Path Number 4

  • Positive Traits: Dependable, organized, credible, determined
  • Negative Traits: Obstinate, mistrusting, tactless, judgmental
  • Best Match: LPN 2 or LPN 8
  • Challenging Match: LPN 5

You’re honest and sincere and your partner can depend on you. There’s very little here that’s frivolous or deceitful. You’re reliable, you know what you want, and you’re prepared to work hard to get it. You’re dedicated and sincere and known for your loyalty.

You bring dependability and security to a relationship, but at what cost? You’re so serious at times that you may well exasperate your partner! It’s one thing being efficient and hardworking, but quite another when you’re so drawn into your work that you’ve forgotten to have fun. If you want to be lucky in love you’ll have to lighten up!

Your best matches when it comes to life path numbers are LPN 2 or LPN 8. A 2 will work behind the scenes for you, ensuring that you’ve always got your creature comforts around you, and a sympathetic ear when you need to vent.

An LPN 8 will work hard with you, although they may try to steal your thunder a bit when it comes to recognition and accolade. You can probably make it work with most of the other numbers, although avoid 5 and 9. 9 is too impersonal, and you’ll find 5 too frivolous and unreliable.

Life Path Number 5

  • Positive Traits: Fun-loving, flexible, creative, gregarious
  • Negative Traits: Temperamental, restless, dramatic, flighty
  • Best Match: LPN 1 or LPN 7
  • Challenging Match: LPN 8

You’re the life and soul of the party, never taking things too seriously, and never sticking around long enough to get bored. You’re incredibly social and creative, and you need a partner who can keep up with you! You’ll not be happy unless you are with someone who will support your lifestyle and understand your moods.

You’re very moody at times, and when life gets uninteresting you start to turn things into a drama, just to give you a focal point. You embrace change and abhor routine, and it is harder for you than some other LPNs to find someone with whom to settle down. Your partner needs to have a free spirit, like you, but also understand that sometimes your needs may have to come first.

Someone with an LPN 1 has the drive and determination to take your creativity and ingenuity and make it a reality. A 7 will ride your flights of fancy with you. A 3 or another 5 is an okay match, provided that you are both mature enough to look after the other person.

A 6 will try to understand and support you, and is very good at providing comfort and nurturing. It’s pretty bad news for any other numbers, though; there’s too much of a personality clash with 9, 4, and 8 are too controlling, and 2 will always have hurt feelings.

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Life Path Number 6

  • Positive Traits: Nurturing, Caring, Compassionate, Homebody
  • Negative Traits: Fussy, people-pleasing, self-righteous, meddlesome
  • Best Match: LPN 6 or LPN 2
  • Challenging Match: LPN 7

You give of yourself so freely! Everyone loves you when you’re on a roll, because you’re so nice and nurturing. You automatically draw people toward you. You’d make an excellent caregiver, parent, or childminder. Others gravitate toward your warmth and understanding. You’re able to get along with nearly anyone!

In relationships, particularly close ones, you’ll have to guard against putting people on pedestals. They make such a mess when they come crashing down! You also mustn’t keep putting everyone else’s needs in front of your own. You have to look after yourself before you look after others—and there’s a fine line between looking after someone, and being a busybody.

Because of your easygoing nature, you’ve got options when it comes to choosing a partner. Your most compatible numbers are LPN 6 and LPN 2, because there’s mutual respect and care between you.

The only numbers you really need to try to avoid are 5 and 7, and out of the two, 5 is the better option. 7s are often aloof, needing their own space, and that isn’t going to mesh with your need to dote on someone.

Life Path Number 7

  • Positive Traits: Creative, intelligent, unconventional, cerebral
  • Negative Traits: Impatient, detached, indifferent, tactless
  • Best Match: LPN 5 or LPN 7
  • Challenging Match: LPN 8

You value your independence and you need a partner who respects that and is willing to let you have it. All relationships seem to be challenging for you, because you’re an individual at heart, and need your freedom and your space. You’ve got a detached air about you that makes it hard for others to really get to know you.

You also have very high standards. While this is great, it might also make finding a life partner difficult. You’re wise, studious, and so serious at times. There are few who will meet your expectations, and even fewer who will complement who you are, so you can continue your voyage of self-discovery and spiritual pursuit.

Another LPN 7 will understand those needs, as will a LPN 5. You’ll have to watch that you don’t get too critical of each other though, because you’re both known for your nonchalance and bluntness. You’ll do okay with a 4 because they’ll understand your need to be devoted to your studies.

1, 2, and 9 will depend on other areas of the numerology to see which way it’s going to go. An 8 will be far too controlling, and you won’t put up with that for long.

Life Path Number 8

  • Positive Traits: Dedicated, hardworking, professional, visionary
  • Negative Traits: Selfish, single-minded, stubborn, workaholic
  • Best Match: LPN 2 or LPN 4
  • Challenging Match: LPN 1

Of all the LPNs, you’re probably the most hardworking. You take dedication to the max, and you’ll need a partner who’s understanding about your devotion to your career. You need your creature comforts and your material gain in order to feel that your life is unfolding successfully. Of course, this devotion to your calling is going to influence your relationship with your partner.

Your approach isn’t always appreciated by others because you don’t dress it up. You blurt out what you’re thinking and feeling without taking the emotional responses of others into account. You need to get ahead at all costs, and that sometimes means you neglect your responsibility to your loved ones, forgetting to take their wishes into account. At times you’re downright unscrupulous.

You have to have a partner who will support your enthusiasm for your work. An LPN 4 will work right alongside you, and a 2 will make sure that your needs are met.

6 will also look after you, but they might get a bit stifling. A 3 will support you, too, provided they don’t get bored. 1, 5, 7, and 9 will lose patience with you and you with them. You’re most likely to butt heads with a 1, because neither of you are particularly tolerant of the other person’s opinions.

Life Path Number 9

  • Positive Traits: Elegant, idealistic, humanitarian, generous
  • Negative Traits: Demanding, opinionated, self-centered, difficult
  • Best Match: LPN 6 or LPN 9
  • Challenging Match: LPN 5

You’ve got such an idealistic approach to life that it’s easy for you to fall for the wrong person. You seek out the best in everyone, and when you don’t find it, become difficult and hard to please. You know what you want, and how to pursue it, and you don’t like people trying to change your mind. You may have had difficult relationships in the past, and find it hard to let go of that baggage.

You’re so generous with everything you are and everything you have that it’s easy for you to attract lovers and people who want to spend time with you. You mustn’t be too demanding of them, though, or they’ll start to find you a turn-off. Your stylishness and individuality is what captivates them in the first place. Don’t taint that by becoming too inflexible or opinionated.

You’ll probably get along famously with another LPN 9, because they’ll instinctively understand you and where you’re coming from. 6 is a good choice too, because a LPN 6 will nurture you and pander to your every whim, and you like that!

1 and 7 intrigue you, but there may not be enough common ground for something to last. Avoid 2, 4, 5, and 8. 2 needs more than you can give, 4 and 8 are too wrapped up in their own pursuits, and 5’s apparent irresponsibility will drive you nuts.

Master Numbers

If your LPN is one of the master numbers (11, 22, 33), then add the digits together and read them as a single number. The master numbers are complicated and contain very complex energies. If you’re an 11, then you embody the energies of both 1 and 2.

If you’re a 22, then you mirror both the energy of a 2 and 4. If you’re a rare 33, then you incorporate the energies of 3 and 6, and there may even be a hint of a 2’s vibration in there as well. As you can see this can be very tricky even for an experienced numerologist.

There are many other parts to your numerology reading, not just your LPN, and it takes a blending of all aspects of who you are and who your partner is to make a relationship work. By analyzing your numbers, you really get to know the hidden side of your personality as well as how other people might perceive you.


When yo research your own numerology and your partner’s, you can better understand yourself, and that understanding will lead you to ways you can improve your relationship. You will get remarkable insights into their personality and their behavior.

The key is how you use this energy. You can spend your marriage trying to change each other and arguing. You can also decide that you can mitigate the challenges that are revealed in both of your numerology readings for a more balanced and joyous relationship.

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