Summer Lovin’ and the Number 7

We are officially in the seventh month of the year, and although it is already winding to a close, it offers us some exciting energy and potential that we can capitalize on. Today we are going to look at how you can combine the energies of both astrology and numerology in a way that will positively impact your relationships. And what better time of the year to do it than Summer! It’s Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this energy to create some sparks in your own love life, in the seventh month of the year. So let’s have a look at how to use the number 7 from numerology in relationships, in the seventh month of the year, and how all of that can be connected to the seventh house of partnerships in astrology.

Numerology and the Number 7

In numerology, 7 is the truth-seeking number. People with life path number 7 are highly reclusive and spiritual people, often loners. So you may be asking, how does this relate to relationships? Wait for it….

Life path 7 and numerology principles that relate to the number 7 bring energy into an experience that is authentic and a seeker of truth. You might see life path 7’s for example go into detective work or insurance underwriting. You may also see them become priests or priestesses, or work in the fields of astrology or psychic work, as they seek to find the truth for others. This life path also has a close relationship with nature, and they love being outside, near an ocean, or just enjoying flowers on a pretty day.

But 7’s are also very quiet and sometimes mysterious. They don’t always want you to know what they are thinking, or what they are even about. Picture the FBI agent interrogating someone but not really saying a whole lot, and just sitting back and letting the target speak freely. A life path 7 knows that they learn more from listening rather than from speaking. When you think about it, this is a very important quality to have in relationships.

Life path 7’s are also very comfortable with who they are as people. That’s why they don’t need to “over share” with others. They are very bright, analytical, and are generally predisposed to have an interest in spiritual things, or at the very least, the Big Picture in life. They know more than anyone, that what you see, isn’t always what you get. They know that the details in front of you today, are just the tip of the iceberg on the Big Picture.

And that is the real ticket to understanding life path 7’s, and how to bring the energy of 7 into your life, in the seventh month of the year. It’s all about the Big Picture. If you are only looking at the details in life, you’re not going to succeed in anything! Relationships will fail, work will be slow and halted, and you won’t be able to progress to the next level in anything. So you can see how using the energy of 7 from numerology can be very helpful in love, and for some summer lovin’! That the house of partnerships in astrology is the seventh house is no accident.

The Seventh House and Relationships

The seventh zodiac sign in astrology zodiac is Libra, who is the Cardinal Air Sign and known to be the relationship zodiac sign. Libra is all about balance, what is fair and harmonious and beautiful. And Libra, unlike life path 7, doesn’t like to do anything alone. But sometimes Libra does need to just retreat and look at the Big Picture, and they have their days of solitude and rest too. The sign of Libra has the energy and themes that you see in the seventh house of relationships.

Libra doesn’t love for the short-term. If you have won over a Libra, count yourself very lucky. They will spoil you and love you to their dying day. There is no casual fling for relationships. And many of us looking to improve our summer lovin’ are looking for just that. Some zodiac signs, like Sagittarius or Pisces for example, like to keep things mysterious and brief. There’s nothing wrong with that if you are being honest about that with all parties. But the seventh sign Libra does not. And the seventh house of love is the most committed love of all. So if you are reading your Daily Horoscopes here and notice you have some seventh house days in your forecast, then you know you are in for a couple of days of some solid energy the Universe wants you to use to improve your love life.

In every other house in astrology, the energies and themes are “me” centered. When it comes to the seventh house, the energy is all about the “we.” It’s not just about who you are attracted to. Although in the seventh month of the year, you are going to see those attractions kick up a notch. That’s why summer love is so popular. Everyone is feeling footloose and fancy-free right now, and attraction is everywhere. But the one that makes you think of all of the Big Picture things that a life path 7 is thinking about, is the one that you will see in your life beyond the May to December romance.

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The Number 7, The Seventh House, And Relationships

While the seventh house is a “we” centered energy, what happens when seventh house energy is present in your life or your natal chart is very self-centered. Not selfish. But very YOU centered. You will be presented with things and experiences that will show you what you need to do to improve your love life, your relationships, and bring more of that peace and harmony into your life that Libra loves so much.

So for example, in July, the seventh month, you may be presented with a temptation of summer love. Maybe you are already attached, or maybe you are not and given a wide variety of options to choose from over the summer months. A life path 7 weighs them all and figures out what the truth is and what is best for their Big Picture. Someone that wants to engage seventh house energy will do the same. That’s why the number 7 is so important right now. You could be presented with an option that looks pretty and shiny and irresistible but doesn’t fit in your big picture. Your job is to figure out what does.

Concluding thoughts…

Most of us looking for summer love want something that lasts beyond the summer months. We want someone we can bring home to Thanksgiving this year, and Easter Dinner next year. If that’s what you want, then use your truth seeking energy from the number 7, to be honest with you and all of those in your sphere. When you do, you will know what choice to make. And if it’s not what you want, then you need to speak your truth on that too. What are your summer loving wishes and how will you use the seventh house energy to make those come true?

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