You Pulled King of Swords – Now What?

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The final card of the Swords suit is the King of Swords.

Kings represent the mastery of their element. This is the young Page who has matured and learned through experience and challenge how to wield his gifts to their best ability. It is the Knight whose impulsion and inexperience have developed into maturity and wisdom.

The King of Swords is one of the most powerful cards among the Swords suits as it shows us how Swords energy is harnessed in a controlled, understanding, and diligent manner.

All court cards can represent a person or a situation where the qualities of the card become prominent.

What Does the King of Swords Mean?

The King of Swords can mean any one of the following:

  • Grasps information quickly
  • Inspires with ideas
  • Communicates clearly through written and verbal form
  • Logical and clear-headed
  • Cuts through the confusion
  • Good researcher
  • Knowledgeable
  • Excellent at argument and debate
  • Composed during conversations and exchanges
  • Speaks with authority and conviction
  • Confident in communication
  • Has the power to influence with words
  • Provides honest and insightful judgments
  • Is concerned with fairness
  • Believes the truth to be essential
  • Is objective and impartial
  • Has morals and values
  • Believes strongly in ethics
  • Uses abilities to work against dishonesty and corruption
  • Lives by high principles

What Does the King of Swords Mean in a Love & Relationship reading?

In a love and relationship reading, the King of Swords indicates careful planning, assessment, head over heart, and sometimes cold feelings.

In the position of feelings, the King of Swords does not indicate great passion, but that does not mean the individual is not feeling passionate or in love. It means that they are really thinking about this relationship and considering ways to move forward.

Because this is a King, the individual is confident about what they want and confident about the situation, but they know that they have to be strategic in their feelings and how they progress.

The King of Swords can also mean someone’s feelings are dispassionate and their head is ruling their heart.

For how someone sees you, the King of Swords indicates they see you as someone in control of their environment. They also admire the way you can communicate and convey your thoughts. They may be a little intimidated by your intellectual ability.

For what someone wants to happen between you, they want clear, honest communication, and you both to be open with each other. There is a need to do the right thing and to be fair to one another.

What Does the King of Swords Mean in a Career Reading?

In a career reading, the King of Swords indicates entering a career where your written and verbal skills will be given the chance to improve and where you can harness them to the best of your ability. It can include journalism, public speaking, public relations, customer service, or anything that involves communication.

It can also indicate a man or woman with King of Swords qualities. Someone clear, organized, and ultimately has a leadership position.

It could also indicate yourself and highlight how these qualities will be required of you in your career role.

The King of Swords in a career reading can mean that you have the potential to take on a “King of Swords” role, which will bring you much satisfaction in your chosen area.

What About the King of Swords as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle, the King of Swords can indicate a person with the qualities of this card who is presenting a challenge to you in some way.

Someone could be intimidating you with how they communicate, but the intimidation could be all in your mind. The King of Swords can indicate someone is paying too much attention to their head and not enough attention to their heart.

As an obstacle card, this can also mean that you are being a King of Swords and prioritizing intellect over your feelings. It can also mean the opposite: you need more King of Swords energy in your life. It could mean you are being indecisive and lack confidence in your communication and decisions.

What About the King of Swords in Reverse?

Reversed, the King of Swords energy turns on its head. The King becomes insecure, lacking confidence, and unable to express himself clearly. He may be too rigid in his mind that he lacks empathy. He may be cruel with his words or in his demeanor, disregarding other peoples’ feelings.

The reversed King of Swords indicates that there may be trouble expressing thoughts or emotions. They may be too focused on the logical side of things and not on the feelings side.

A reversed King of Swords shows an imbalance between head and heart, which must be addressed.

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How to Make the King of Swords Work for You

To make the King of Swords work for you, try positive affirmations that resonate with this King’s energy:

  • I will communicate clearly and confidently
  • I have strong ethics
  • My morals are everything to me
  • I care about justice and equality
  • I can express myself with reason
  • I will not allow my emotions to overpower me

Harness the Power of the King of Swords

The King of Swords has great skill in the area of communication and is also a champion of justice, ethics, and morality. A King of Swords is confident in their own moral compass and knows the difference between right and wrong.

These standards one holds for oneself are admirable. Here, we can learn a lot from King of Swords energy. The confidence he exudes must first come from within. Let the King of Swords energy guide you.

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