Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for September 11 – 17, 2023

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The New Moon in Virgo will take place on the 14th, assisting us with any new projects and ideas that we may need that productive, go-getter spirit in order to properly seize.

On the 15th, Mercury in Virgo will end its retrograde and go direct, additionally adding a communicative, strong, and confident touch to our thought processes and conversations.

In other words, this powerfully productive period of time is a great way to prepare for Virgo season itself. Lay out the plans that you want to take on for the next month, and use this week to connect more deeply with that Virgo spirit.

Let’s see what the Tarot has to say about those plans!

Your Weekly Tarotscope for September 11 – 17, 2023


Queen of Swords (Reversed)

Aries, is your mind running wild, or is it stuck in place?

With the Queen of Swords reversed, either could be true. But the central problem at hand, either way, will likely be a feeling of disconnect and estranged feeling from your own mind.

It may feel like you’re not in control over your own thoughts, and that’s no fun, of course.

However, this may also be your subconscious way of illuminating any chaos that needs to be straightened out before you pursue anything more seriously.


3 of Wands

Taurus is moving onward and outward to bigger and better things.

The 3 of Wands opens up your world to travel, new opportunities, and big adventures. Creative and entrepreneurial projects are also on the horizon if those already resonate with your journey.

Basically, a world of opportunities is finally opening up to you now. This week is the time to identify these and roll with the punches as they arise.


The Devil

Before you move on to something productive and right, Gemini, you first need to identify everything that’s wrong.

And certainly, The Devil is the best way to do that. Although this week may come with a lot of old baggage and burdens all at once, this energy can be productive to face head-on.

Remember: it’s better to face your demons than to have them creep up unexpectedly, especially if you want to initiate something new and move on with your life.


Judgement (Reversed)

Cancer wants to connect with their long-term vision but may be having a hard time.

With Judgement reversed you may feel cloudy and foggy in how you relate to the world around you. While you want to contribute something to the communities and people around you and leave a lasting, positive legacy, this week, you may struggle to understand the steps that are needed to get there.

Some Cancerians may feel doubtful of themselves, and others may doubt whether the world is ready to receive what they wish to give.

No matter how exactly this tricky energy manifests, you’ll need to be willing to work through these issues head-on to proceed.


Page of Wands (Reversed)

Leo, be careful of burning out too fast and too quickly.

The Page of Wands can be a fun, adventurous card with many new ideas. But when this card is reversed, the fuse may actually run quite short, and you may be prone to biting off more than you can chew.

It’s more likely that your energy will feel more sporadic and unpredictable this week, and it’s essential for you to check in with yourself frequently in order to gauge what’s actually in your tank… and not just what you hope is still left in there.


2 of Swords

Virgo — blink, and you just might miss it.

Your intuition is doing just fine, but you may feel less inclined to listen. After all, the 2 of Swords complicates your relationship with your own inner voice and self-awareness.

For some Virgos, now is a time of decision-making even though your mind and heart feel clouded. For others, it may feel like you’re supposed to make some sort of decision but aren’t even sure what.

The key is to remember that sometimes, there are no “right” answers. There are just answers and what we eventually choose to do with them when we actually can see them face-to-face after they’ve been chosen.


Knight of Swords (Reversed)

Libra, this won’t be the right week for any major decision-making.

Impulses run high with the Knight of Swords reversed, but not all those impulses will lead to good things.

You may feel more restless this week, more prone to actions for the sake of actions, speaking for the sake of speaking.

This energy is not bad on its own, but you need to be mindful of where you want to channel it rather than letting yourself move impulsively without thinking.


Temperance (Reversed)

Scorpio may feel disconnected from their sense of patience and inner balance.

Temperance reversed definitely can throw you off that balance. Remember that sometimes, not all solutions to problems like these need to be complex or sourced to specific issues happening in your life at this time.

A solid meditation session and a contemplative day with lots of downtime might just be the remedy you need.

This week, how will you allow yourself to find your zen again?


King of Cups (Reversed)

Emotionally, Sagittarius is a bit off balance.

The King of Cups reversed calls into question your relationship with your own heart. You may also feel like others around you are being overbearing with their expectations, or you’re letting others’ opinions get to your understanding of how you feel.

This uncomfortable experience can also be a learning lesson about how you want to proceed with your emotional boundaries, who you want in your life, and what information is worth internalizing (and what needs to be cleared out in the future).


Wheel of Fortune (Reversed)

Capricorn, it may feel like the whole Universe is conspiring against you (even when you haven’t done anything to deserve it).

The Wheel of Fortune reversed flips your world on its head. You want to believe in something bigger than you and move onward with your plans and ideas.

But lately, it may feel like everything that can go wrong… is going wrong. Roadblocks are in your way, and unexpected obstacles are tumbling into your path.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stop in your tracks. You may be challenged to find a different way of “trusting the process” here; for now, that is the new challenge you need to focus on.


2 of Wands (Reversed)

Unsure where your next steps should be, Aquarius?

The 2 of Wands indicates a desire to organize some plans of action and expand your horizons (whether it’s travel, an entrepreneurial pursuit, or something creative).

However, the reversal notes that something isn’t clicking quite into place. You may feel unmotivated despite that strong desire, burnt out before the journey even starts.

While it may feel weird to rest before the party even begins, sometimes that’s just what the doctor ordered.


The Magician

Pisces, it’s time to trust in your creative, vibrant spirit.

The Magician is a powerful omen for all creatively-minded folks, especially for imaginative Pisces (who tend to have a variety of ideas up their sleeve no matter what).

This week is a great one for jotting down your ideas, getting productive with already existing ideas, and maybe even starting something new entirely (whether it’s a project or even something like an important conversation).

Your Curated Resource List for This Week

Now that your Tarotscope has offered you the insights and heads-up that you need for the week, it’s time to tune back in with the stars and planets.

Of course, while we love checking in with the cards week-per-week to see what’s literally in the cards for us, we also need to “zoom out” from time to time to unveil what’s happening in the world around us at a larger level.

Here are our favorite resources that will help you do that for this week:

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