Your September 2023 Angel Card Reading

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Having traversed significant transformations of 2023, September ushers in a period of reprieve, reflection, and rejuvenation. This month signifies an essential milestone, prompting us to recharge our energy and attune to our inner world in preparation for what lies ahead.

At the beginning of the month, Venus concludes its retrograde, and Jupiter begins its retrograde in Taurus. Mercury’s retrograde also ends mid-month. Virgo into Libra season highlights the concept of balance as we approach the fall equinox in the northern hemisphere.

Our angelic allies guide us through September, acting as luminous beacons of compassion and support. Their presence illuminates and supports our path, offering profound assistance as we advance and consciously mold a more promising future. These angelic guides provide unwavering support on our journey. They offer clarity during times of confusion, strength when we feel overwhelmed, and inspiration to ignite our aspirations. Their guidance helps us navigate challenges and seize opportunities. They are empowering us to move forward by shaping our path with intention and purpose.

Angelic assistance reminds us that we’re never alone on this journey, and we’re encouraged to align our actions with our highest aspirations.

So, let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through September’s astrological transits.


Mumiah #72

In September, Aries, a refreshing wave of change sweeps into your work life, providing a much-needed reset. This period heralds a remarkable new beginning, opening doors to unexplored opportunities and fresh prospects. Acting as your guiding light throughout this transformative phase is the angel Mumiah.

Mumiah will stand by your side, offering valuable assistance as you navigate this rebirth. Their celestial presence will empower you to plant new seeds of growth and revitalization—it is time to bid farewell to the old and embrace the dawn of innovation and progress. As you journey through September, Mumiah’s influence will steer you toward achieving concrete results. With their guidance, your actions will take on a purposeful direction, leading to tangible accomplishments in your endeavors.

In addition, Mumiah will assist you with the following this month:

  • Enhances your ability to express yourself clearly and assertively
  • Offers soothing energy to nurture your physical and emotional well-being
  • Inspiring you to prioritize self-care routines and make healthier lifestyle choices
  • Encourages you to break free from old habits and patterns that no longer serve your growth
  • Provides insights and inspiration for embracing change and stepping into your true potential
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy sacral chakra


Aniel #37

The month of September unfolds as a perfect opportunity to recalibrate your aspirations and goals, all the while nurturing your home life. As the transition from Leo to Virgo season occurs, the spotlight shifts toward your emotional realm and self-expression. During this transformative phase, the angel Aniel steps forward as your guiding companion, leading you through the intricacies of September.

Aniel’s presence will aid you in comprehending and navigating the current cycles that shape your journey. Their guidance will empower you to shed old patterns that no longer serve your growth. Focus on unraveling karma and gaining a deeper understanding of how past actions influence your present path. Aniel’s energy will inspire a mindset shift, opening the doors to attract novel ideas and perspectives. Helping liberate you from harmful forces and emotions that may have hindered your progress.

In addition, Aniel will assist you in the following areas:

  • Guides you towards discovering your unique spiritual path and beliefs
  • Provides tools to respond thoughtfully rather than react impulsively
  • Inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace change
  • Nudging you to seek continuous growth and self-improvement
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy heart and throat chakra
  • Physical power day is September 28th
  • Regency hour is noon to 12:19 PM


Hahasiah #51

September’s planetary movements influence your interactions and communication. At the start of the month, Venus concludes its retrograde, gradually easing the influx of unexpected messages and calls from exes or long-lost friends. While this period of unpredictability ends, Mercury continues its retrograde journey, inviting you to carefully assess situations and uncover the truth beneath the surface.

To navigate the nuances of September, the angel Hahasiah steps in as your guiding presence. Hahasiah’s assistance encompasses several facets, including fostering greater confidence and openness within you. Their energy catalyzes your inclination to nurture your inner world, tending to your emotional and spiritual well-being. Additionally, Hahasiah’s influence extends to your friendships, enhancing the support and harmony within your social circles.

In addition, Hahasiah’s guidance extends to the following areas:

  • Provides supportive energy for emotional and spiritual healing
  • Expands your awareness to embrace the interconnectedness of life
  • Encourages you to explore health and wellness practices for your betterment
  • Helping you discern between genuine connections and those seeking to deceive
  • Empowers you to set healthy boundaries and protect your energy from negative influences
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy solar plexus and throat chakra
  • Regency hour is 4:40 PM to 4:59 PM


Jabamiah #70

During September, Cancer, the energy urges you to venture along new pathways and take stock of your self-worth. Despite potential challenges you might have encountered during recent retrogrades, the guiding presence of the angel Jabamiah will be your companion throughout the month. Jabamiah’s assistance focuses on aiding you in the transformation of negativity into positivity, addressing and healing inner wounds and traumas, refining your instincts, and reinstating a sense of equilibrium.

Jabamiah’s influence will empower you to shift your perspective, turning challenging situations into opportunities for growth and advancement. This angelic guidance encourages you to see the silver linings and make the best of any circumstance, fostering a positive outlook.

In addition, Jabamiah’s guidance extends to the following areas:

  • Balance and tranquility
  • Creativity and sensitivity
  • Finding innovative ways to communicate your thoughts and emotions
  • Supports your ability to transmute challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Harnessing your inner alchemical power to transform the negative into the positive
  • Learning to trust your intuition will lead you toward the right path in different circumstances
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy sacral and solar plexus
  • Regency hour is 11:00 PM to 11:19 PM


Mitzrael #60

During September, Leo, a revitalizing shift occurs as Venus concludes its retrograde journey within your sign. Venus direct heralds a welcome gust of renewal. The recent Venus retrograde has elevated your authority and deepened your inclination towards obedience, ushering you into a fresh realm of growth.

Throughout this month, the guiding presence of angel Mitzrael empowers you across all dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Mitzrael’s assistance aids you in disengaging from the lessons absorbed, enabling you to stride forward with newfound wisdom. Embrace Mitzrael’s guidance as you navigate September, allowing your innate strength to radiate throughout your life.

Mitzrael’s assistance this month extends to the following areas:

  • Freedom and liberation
  • Awareness and intellectual work
  • Harmonization and simplicity
  • Physical and spiritual alignment
  • Comfort when confronting a problem
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy solar plexus and throat chakra
  • Regency hour 7:40 PM to 7:59 PM


Lauviah #11

September unfolds, Virgo, moving into the heart of your birthday season. This journey propels you toward triumph, success, and a growing sense of confidence. The month ahead promises to be a period of significant personal growth and accomplishments as the energies surrounding you align to support your endeavors.

To ensure you make the most of this transformative time, the angel Lauviah steps forth as your guiding presence. Throughout September, Lauviah’s gentle guidance helps you navigate obstacles and conquer stress that might arise. With Lauviah by your side, expect to discover newfound strength and resilience, empowering you to rise above challenges.

In addition, Lauviah’s guidance extends into the following areas:

  • Self-confidence
  • Increased interest in arts
  • Enthusiasm, joy, and cosmic organization
  • Protection against unkept promises
  • A greater intuitive understanding
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy sacral and third eye chakra
  • Regency hour is 3:20 AM to 3:39 AM


Seheiah #28

In September, Libra, Venus concludes its retrograde within your social sector, ushering in a revitalizing surge of new energy to your life. This marks the commencement of your birthday season and the beginning of another promising chapter filled with joy and achievement.

Throughout this month and into your birthday season, the angel Seheiah steps forward as your guiding presence. Seheiah offers you foresight, wisdom, and a serene demeanor to gracefully navigate any challenging moments that might arise. Seheiah’s guidance empowers you to anticipate events and make informed choices, ensuring you avoid situations that do not align with your well-being.

In addition, Seheiah’s guidance extends to the following areas:

  • Longevity, happiness, and good health
  • Protects the body from negative emotions
  • Provides the strength needed to carry out your projects and goals
  • Cleanses and supports the function of a healthy throat chakra
  • Regency hour 9:00 AM to 9:19 AM


Nelkhael #21

In September, Scorpio, the month commences with Venus finally moving direct into your career sector. The conclusion of Venus retrograde marks the end of an intense journey, heralding the dawn of a new chapter in your professional life. While Mercury remains retrograde, the angel Nelkhael steps in to guide you through this period.

Throughout the month, Nelkhael’s presence is by your side, assisting you in receiving the knowledge and answers you need to embrace fresh opportunities. Despite the ongoing retrograde influence of Mercury, Nelkhael’s guidance empowers you to navigate this phase with clarity and insight, enabling you to open up to new avenues.

In addition, Nelkhael lends its support in the following areas:

  • Expands intelligence and supports learning
  • An ability to foresee events
  • Protection against ignorance
  • Protection against arrogant attitudes
  • Understanding of mathematics, astrology, and astronomy
  • It helps you triumph over negative powers and self-sabotaging
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy heart chakra
  • Regency hour is 6:40 PM to 6:59 PM
  • Emotional power day is September 7th


Ariel #46

In September, Sagittarius, the retrograde movement of Mercury persists within your professional sector. This offers you a fresh perspective on how you can make a lasting impact on the world. Mercury continues its retrograde motion, prompting you to reevaluate your career path and consider innovative approaches to leaving your mark. In addition, Venus concludes its retrograde, leading to divine revelations and the unveiling of hidden talents. This transformative period invites you to discover aspects of yourself previously obscured. Venus shifts, blessing you with newfound insights that can shape your journey forward.

Guiding you through the planetary shifts of September is the angel Ariel. Ariel’s presence enhances your psychic abilities, allowing you to tap into intuitive insights and receive messages from within. With Ariel’s support, your mind becomes a wellspring of fresh ideas and inspiration, encouraging you to explore novel avenues. Furthermore, Ariel’s influence fills your cup with gratitude, nurturing a sense of appreciation for your journey and the opportunities that await.

Ariel also lends the following guidance and support this month:

  • Eases tension in stressful situations
  • Aids in giving speeches and communication
  • It helps one become more compassionate and respectful
  • Ensures the outcome of successful projects
  • It helps develop your intuition and insight so you can be more sensitive and responsive to opportunities
  • Heals and supports the function of a healthy heart and solar plexus chakra
  • Regency hour 3:00 PM to 3:19 PM


Sealiah #45

September revolves around being cautious in financial matters and embracing the belief in the improbable when confronted with challenges. This month is about balancing prudent decisions and the courage to imagine the extraordinary. Guiding you through the fluctuations and retrogrades is the angel Sealiah.

Sealiah’s presence gifts you with revitalized willpower, heightened concentration, sharpened focus, and a rekindled sense of hope. With Sealiah’s support, expect to navigate September with renewed determination and the ability to stay centered amidst shifting energies. Your angel guide empowers you to face financial decisions wisely while encouraging you to trust in the possibilities beyond obstacles.

In addition, Sealiah lends the following guidance and support:

  • Motivation and enthusiasm
  • Development of good self-esteem
  • Helps one better control anxiety and fears
  • Brings well-balance vital energy
  • Harmonizes the four elements
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy heart chakra
  • Regency hour 2:40 PM to 2:59 PM


Menadel #36

Aquarius, you’ve been embarking on a potent journey influenced by the retrogrades of Venus in your relationship sector and Mercury in your transformation sector. As the month unfolds, some of these retrogrades end, while the retrograde of Jupiter begins its course, introducing a new layer of energy.

Amidst these shifts, the guiding presence of the angel Mendael emerges to assist you in navigating this dynamic period. Mendael extends its helping hand across essential facets of your life: In the realm of career and vocation, Mendael’s guidance enhances your professional path, aligning you with opportunities that resonate deeply with your ambitions. Your journey also involves inner work, and Mendael supports your exploration of self. With Mendael’s healing influence, September provides a chance for emotional restoration.

Mendael also lends guidance and support in the following areas this month:

  • Overcoming difficulty to change
  • Motivation to excel professionally
  • Helps one find their calling and fulfill their potential
  • Helps with exhaustion or taking on too many tasks
  • Overcoming lack of goals or scarcity of ideas
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy throat chakra
  • Regency hour 11:40 AM to 11:59 AM
  • Physical power days are September 18th to September 23rd
  • Emotional power day is September 30th


Nith-Haiah #25

As September unfolds, Pisces, the lingering influence of the Super Full Moon in your sign from the end of August continues to resonate strongly. This potent energy remains with you throughout this month, enhancing your connection to spiritual realms and bringing newfound insight into mastering spiritual energy.

The impact of that Full Moon also introduces the guiding presence of the angel Nith-haih, which will accompany you throughout September. Nith-haih’s support aids you in further exploring and understanding your psychic and spiritual abilities. With Nith-haih by your side, expect to feel more attuned to your spiritual path and more capable of integrating these energies into your daily life.

In addition, Nith-haiah lends the following guidance and support this month:

  • Generosity and wisdom
  • Tranquility and peace
  • Inspires interest in metaphysics
  • Discovery of hidden mysteries and understanding of creation
  • It encourages one to find a peaceful space to meditate
  • Activates and supports the function of a healthy third eye chakra
  • Emotional power day is September 11th
  • Regency hour 8:00 AM to 8:19 AM

Tips For Connecting With Your Angel Guide

Your angel guide is here to support you throughout September. Here are seven essential tips to remember when connecting with your guide:

  1. Set Clear Intentions: Begin by setting clear intentions for your connection. State your intentions and be open to inviting your angel’s presence with sincerity.
  2. Create a Sacred Space: Designate a quiet, peaceful space where you can connect without distractions. This space becomes a haven for angelic communication.
  3. Meditate and Visualize: Practice meditation and visualization to quiet your mind. Envision a gentle, welcoming light surrounding you, inviting your angel guide to join you.
  4. Regency Hour of the Angel: Discover the regency hour associated with your angel guide. During this specific hour of the day, their energy is considered particularly potent, enhancing your connection.
  5. Understand the Meaning: Learn about your angel guide’s qualities and purpose. Understanding their significance deepens your connection and helps you interpret their messages.
  6. Emotional and Physical Power Days: Be aware of emotional and physical power days. These are times when your emotional and physical energies align harmoniously, fostering optimal conditions for angelic communication.
  7. Keep a Connection Journal: Maintain a dedicated journal to document your interactions with your angel guide. Jot down experiences, thoughts, and any messages received during meditation. This journal becomes a valuable tool for reflection and growth.

Following these tips can strengthen your connection with your angel guide, fostering a more meaningful and enriching spiritual experience throughout September.

Embrace the Rest of September

Angelic presence extends beyond the veil, serving as an ethereal bridge between the limitless spiritual realms and our tangible world. They play a pivotal role in the symphony of your soul’s evolution, expertly guiding you through diverse cycles and seasons. These celestial beings embody sacred virtues, shining as radiant beacons of higher consciousness. Their presence, whether in pure form or reflecting our imperfections, gently reveals our weaknesses, guiding us towards self-improvement and healing. The angels, your steadfast spiritual guides, emphasize the importance of unwavering self-trust and belief in your innate abilities. They remind you to remain steadfast in your commitment to your core values and to approach life with a heart wide open.

Stay centered, merging your intentions with their divine guidance, and allow their essence to uplift and motivate you throughout September. Embrace the connection that links the spiritual and physical realms, and have gratitude for the month ahead.

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