Leo Man: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Male Leo

Represented by the lion, a Leo man is confident and knows what he wants.

But like Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius, the Leo sign is a Fixed sign. That means he can come off as stubborn or resistant to change. The good thing is that his upbeat attitude is great in groups or one-on-one if you need a little pick-me-up.

Just make sure you don’t dump too much on your enthusiastic and positive Leo man – his tolerance for sadness is often short-lived, and too much negativity or self-pity can drive him to seek the company of others.

And seek the company of others he will. He’s a natural leader with high social intelligence and charisma—and he hates to be alone. Even if he’s working on a big project or studying for an exam, he loves being around people, and he’s always looking for an excuse to rope others into his work, as long as they don’t let the Leo man down.

That’s because, for all of his positivity, he can be an ardent critic, especially of his own work and the work of people he loves. So don’t go looking for Leo’s support if you’re unsure about your latest creation – he’ll give you the painful truth whether you’re ready for it or not.

Leo Personality – Male

The male Leo personality is one of extremes. Loving and charming one minute, spiraling into an egotistical and controlling fright the next. But as long as you show your Leo the positivity that he naturally exudes, you’ll keep him on the bright and right side of things.

And even if he does dip into those negative traits, it usually doesn’t take much to get him bouncing off the walls in excitement—just make sure you’ve got a lot of distractions handy so you can flip the script if his mood turns sour.

But don’t think that the Leo man in your life is some fragile being. He’s not. And his default mode of always up and on is what makes him a popular personality to be around. After all, who couldn’t use a few more moments of optimism and enthusiasm in their lives?

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Positive Leo Traits – Male

Warm, compassionate and generous, a Leo man can be a delight to be around, especially during a night out with friends or on a date. Most times, his enthusiasm and energy are infectious, and you’ll find yourself falling into his fun and rambunctious personality over and over.

Once you get to know a Leo man, his loyal and supportive tendencies won’t ever make you feel like you’re second-best. His sincerity and sensitivity is the icing on the cake, and he can be just as happy scrapbooking and reminiscing as he is hanging out with the guys.

A Leo man is also supportive and ambitious, so you won’t catch him lounging around when there’s work to be done. And once he’s achieved success, he’s quick to share the spoils with his loved ones, and it’s not unheard of for him to shower his significant other with objects of his affection.

Negative Leo Characteristics – Male

However, it’s not always bright and sunny with a Leo man. In his worst moments, he can be controlling, domineering and demanding, particularly when things aren’t going his way. He also tends to be lazy, but only when he sees his work as beneath him or if he isn’t fully invested in a project.

If he feels marginalized or slighted, a Leo man may find himself butting heads with others, especially leaders, because he hates to take direction if he feels the project is headed in the wrong direction. And if he doesn’t feel supported in his opinions, emotions or actions, forget it. He can hightail it out of there so fast you’ll wonder why he cared so much about it all in the first place.

But the biggest issue with a Leo man is that he must always be moving forward. If he feels his career or relationship sagging, he’s quick to point fingers and move on, especially if he feels underappreciated. And once he decides his energy is better spent elsewhere, it’s hard to change Leo’s stubborn mind.

Leo Men in a Relationship

Because a Leo man is strong and confident, they’re easily won over by bold women with a dab of moxie. He’ll be intrigued by your strength, and he’ll put his best foot forward as he attempts to win your affections. Give him a little bit and you’ll keep his attention. But give him too much or not enough and he’ll quickly grow bored and move on to another. You can know exactly how much by reading the Leo love horoscope.

That’s because a Leo man doesn’t live for love. He’ll shower you with it if you manage to pierce his guarded exterior, but he’s also content with family and friends and temporary flames. He isn’t one to dwell for long over a relationship gone bad.

But if you make him feel wanted and capture his attention with your self-assuredness, he’ll seek out your company and influence as an equal, not as someone to dominate and toss aside.

Understanding a Leo Man

Unlike the lion in The Wizard of Oz, a real-life Leo man doesn’t lack courage or conviction. Instead of being cowardly or unsure, he’s charismatic, charming and has an excellent sense of humor and high social intelligence. He’s also supportive, compassionate, warm, and generous, and if you have a Leo man in your life, you know how sweet he can be.

But if you cross or bore him, lookout. He may not exact revenge, but he’ll move on with an indifference that can really hurt, especially if you’ve shared a lot of quality time together. However, as long as you’re supportive and as competitive as he is, you’ll enjoy many positive moments with this bundle of fun – and he might even surprise you when you least expect it.

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