Lucid Dreaming: Can You Control Your Own Story?

Today we’d like to introduce you to the concept of lucid dreaming. Let’s look at what this phenomenon is, how to experience a lucid dream, and most importantly, how lucid dreaming can help you.

If you’re unfamiliar, lucid dreaming is a state in which you are aware that you’re dreaming, and thus become able to direct what happens (to a certain extent) in your dream.

We spend so much of our life asleep and mostly just think of it as a necessary (in)activity meant to restore our energy. But what if it was much, much more than that? What if the secret to your success, the answers to your deepest problems, and the freedom from negative emotions could all be found within your dreams? Dream interpreters and clairvoyants say this is actually the case.

So, how do we get from not remembering our dreams to being able to control them? Then, how do we further understand how to use our dreams to control the story of our waking life as well? It may seem far-fetched, but with some practice, lucid dreaming is actually quite easy. First, you work on remembering those dreams with tested dream recall techniques. Then you study how to interpret your dreams, and finally, you use lucid dreaming to explore your subconscious, other realms, and meet with your spirit guides.

Piece of cake, right? Let’s get dreaming!

How To Have Lucid Dreams

Improving Your Dream Recall

There are some simple ways you can enhance your dream recall which will lead to more lucid dreaming. Even if you haven’t remembered your dreams before or rarely do, try these tips out and you will start to remember more details if you are consistent. One thing people swear by and which is probably the most helpful step in getting you to be able to lucid dream is to start keeping a dream journal. It’s pretty simple.

You just keep an empty notebook by your bed and write down what you remember right when you wake up in the morning and if you wake up in the middle of the night. A small notebook can fit in your purse or pocket and that can allow you to jot down more things you remember throughout the day.

Activating Your Subconscious

Next, look to the infamous Mugwort herb which induces more lucid dreaming. Make it as a tea and have some before bed. It will help you remember your dreams and make them more vivid. It’s available on Amazon and many online stores. It has been used traditionally by Chumash Native Americans for dreaming and is popular in the modern dream interpretation community (yes, there is one!). After drinking the tea, set your intention before falling asleep that you will remember your dreams upon waking up. This is another tip that actually does seem to make a big difference.

Take an inventory of the toxins in your diet whether it’s excessive sugar, processed foods, marijuana, or alcohol. All of these inhibit dream recall and if you can clean it up, your dreams will also become more clear. The more you detox, the closer you get to the ability to control your dreams. But now you’re probably interested in knowing why you’d want to be able to control your dreams and go through all this work.

The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

One of the most helpful reasons to work on lucid dreaming is that with this skill your intuition will also be enhanced. Intuition can help you make the best decisions for yourself in your waking life because you will sense if something is good for you before making a big change. You can read people’s intentions easier and have an upper edge on navigating this thing called life.

You can get precognitive dreams that help you or someone else when you are able to lucid dream. You may see something and just know that it is important or vividly remember it upon waking. While this is rare, it can also be very inspiring for your spiritual development to see something before it happens.

Have you ever seen a movie where the therapist is speaking to their patient and says, “let’s explore that deeper?” Well, lucid dreaming essentially allows you to be like your own therapist without the hefty fees. While it can still be helpful to seek the advice of a professional, doing your own work within your subconscious can help you unravel your deepest fears that are keeping you from manifesting success and happiness in your life.

You can also recognize your deepest desires and use the tools of dream interpretation to understand what you so vividly see in your lucid dream state. You can understand why you wanted to do something in your dream and why someone showed up. Lucid dreaming not only feels like freedom, but it also offers you freedom from the chains of the mind that can stop you from living more fully and powerfully as an adult.

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(Lucid) Dream On!

Once you begin remembering your dreams, you’ll want to start to look up your dream meanings. You’ll be able to overcome your fears when you’re able to interpret your dreams. For this, you can use our free dream dictionary. Developing the ability to do your own dream interpretation is something that clairvoyants rely on to keep their vibration high. It’s also an important way to clear negative energy that may be attracting negative experiences. If you’re someone that likes to use the law of attraction to manifest, getting to the point where you can easily lucid dream will also help you keep your vibes high to attract good things.

Lucid dreaming can help you activate your own creativity so that you can start to create more in your life and have the energy to do things you’ve always dreamed of because you can envision them clearly. Lucid dreaming means your Third-Eye is wide open and that also means you can catch ideas that will inspire you and give you great motivation. We invite you to dive deeper to explore your own inner energetic world to free yourself and learn to fly.

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About The Author

Shannon Yrizarry

Shannon Yrizarry has taught metaphysical subjects since 2013 including the deeply esoteric lineage of kundalini yoga. She has worked as a healer, clairvoyant and card reader and been featured as a dream interpreter on Viceland’s Nuts + Bolts show as well as for Mercedes Benz and Refinery29. She has read Tarot for The Zoe Report, done readings for stars and aims to bring the empowering wisdom of astrology mainstream.With a bold voice, she wants to uplift consciousness to help us evolve to a healthier more spiritual society. Her classes can be found online at www.HOI.TV/authors/shannon and you can follow her daily inspirations on Instagram @shannonyrizarry. She also teaches kundalini yoga in Portland, Oregon. What gets her out of bed is helping people align with their soul purpose.Shannon is the author of two books published by Llewellyn Worldwide, Psychic Yoga and Modern Guide to Meditation Beads.
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