You Need to Read Your March 2023 Angel Card Reading ASAP

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As the winter season slowly ends, we welcome the month of March with open arms, eagerly anticipating the new beginnings and opportunities that come with the arrival of spring. The month ahead brings significant cosmic shifts, creating meaningful change and ushering in hope and positivity with messages of encouragement and inspiration from the divine realm.

Any obstacles you face are opportunities for growth and learning, and by trusting in the divine plan, you can overcome any challenge.

When navigating astrological shifts and caring for our well-being, we often forget that we have spiritual assistance and support. One of the best ways to ensure you align with such spiritual help is by connecting with angel wisdom.

Angel wisdom provides a guiding light in the darkness, a gentle hand to hold when we stumble, and a voice of comfort when we feel lost. The whisper in our hearts reminds us of our innate goodness, the nudge that encourages us to take a leap of faith, and the loving embrace that lifts us when we fall. In addition, angels grant healing, protection, and guidance and offer great support and confirmation along your journey.

They remind us to let go of our fears and doubts and trust in love’s power to guide us toward our highest purpose. While often depicted in human form, you can envision them in the way that best resonates with you.

Whether you want to improve your finances, self-love, and relationships, discover your purpose, or release self-sabotaging patterns, you can call upon the angels for the support you need. Angels can help you attract more abundant opportunities into your life. You can ask for their guidance when making important decisions, and they can also help you release any negative beliefs or patterns that may be blocking your path toward abundance.

Angel guidance is a gift that you can tap into whenever you need it and will continue to shine brightly, lighting your way and filling your heart with grace and wonder.

Let’s explore this month’s angel guidance for each zodiac sign to uncover who guides you through March’s astrological transits.

Your Angel Card for March 2023


Vasariah #32

Happy birthday, Aries! As you welcome another year of life and light, you can expect a magnificent journey of self-discovery and freeing yourself from the weight of negative emotions. To help you manifest abundance and guide you through the remainder of your birthday season, the angel Vasarish assists you throughout March.

Vasariah’s presence can inspire you to seek out new knowledge, whether it be through education, meditation, or spiritual practices. Use this time to expand your mind and deepen your understanding of the world. In addition, you connect with your angel guide for the following support:

  • Aids in health
  • Development of intuition
  • Activates the sacral chakra
  • Freedom from past feelings of guilt
  • Allows for clear and effective communication
  • It helps one improve memory loss and inattention
  • Regency hour is 10:20 AM to 10:39 AM


Asaliah #47

March is a powerful month that ushers at the beginning of spring and a much-needed energetic shift that will put you on a new path of abundance and success. To help you unlock your full potential and tap into your natural gifts and talents, Asaliah guides you as you prepare for your Solar return in April.

If you’ve been struggling with trusting your intuition, Asaliah encourages discernment and connecting with your inner wisdom through meditation and self-care. You can also call on Asaliah for the following guidance and support this month:

  • Greater spiritual connection
  • Increased creativity and vitality
  • Encourages a well-balanced lifestyle and integrity
  • Cleanses and aligns the heart and solar plexus chakras
  • It helps one see beyond appearances and uncover the truth
  • It helps with tests and also aids in the fields of teaching or psychology
  • Regency hour is 3:20 PM to 3:39 PM


Lauviah #11

Gemini, welcome to a brand-new month of dynamic spiritual awakenings and personal growth. You may have felt lost or uncertain lately, but this month’s angel Lauviah will guide you toward clarity and purpose. In addition, Lauviah encourages you to explore creative pursuits, such as writing, music, or art.

Allow yourself to explore these passions and express your innermost thoughts and feelings through your chosen medium.

Lauviah will inspire you with confidence and courage to pursue your dreams and learn when to let go of what no longer serves you. You can also connect with Lauviah for the following support this month:

  • Provides inner strength
  • Revelations through dreams
  • It helps one overcome opposing forces.
  • Increased confidence, enthusiasm, and joy
  • Activates the sacral and third eye chakra
  • Regency hour 3:20 AM to 3:39 AM


Leuviah #17

Cancer, you can expect a surge of positive energy to guide you towards a path of abundance and fulfillment. To support you through a brand-new astrological season and major planetary shifts, Leuviah will help and inspire you to focus on your emotional well-being, urging you to release any negative feelings holding you back. As a result, you will find that your heart will feel lighter, and you will be more in tune with your inner self.

This angelic presence will also guide you toward nurturing your relationships, whether it be with family, friends, or romantic partners. You will find that your interactions with others will fill up with kindness, empathy, and understanding. Your compassionate nature will be greatly appreciated, bringing you closer to those around you.

In addition, you can connect with your angel guide for intuitive understanding and healing from sadness. Leuviah also provides the following support:

  • Controlling emotions
  • Activates third eye chakra
  • Ability to distance yourself from toxic people
  • Helps with issues related to intelligence and memory
  • Blesses, absolves, and brings grace into your life
  • It helps one become stronger and braver and overcome hardships
  • Regency hour 5:20 AM TO 5:39 AM


Anauel #63

March is an enlightening and transformative month for you, Leo. From Saturn’s shift into Pisces in your intimacy sector and Pluto’s shift into your relationships sector, March sets the stage for a significant life change. To help navigate said change, Anauel guides you toward happiness and fulfillment.

This benevolent angel is known for enhancing relationships and communication, so prepare to experience a surge of positivity in your social interactions. Your words will flow with greater ease and clarity, allowing you to connect more deeply with those around you. Whether with your significant other, family, or friends, Anauel will help you express yourself in a way that fosters understanding and mutual respect.

You can also call on Anauel for the following support:

  • Kindness
  • Emotional mastery
  • Assures financial security
  • Activates the solar plexus chakra
  • Good health and success in business
  • Success in human relationships
  • Regency hour is 8:40 PM to 8:59 PM


Iezalel #13

Transformation and healing relationships are essential themes for you this month, Virgo. To help you approach any challenges confidently and find peace and harmony in your relationships, Iezalel is your angel guide for March, granting you the ability to overcome difficult moments and find peace.

Under Iedzalel’s guidance, you will feel more balanced and centered in your relationships. If you have been experiencing conflicts or misunderstandings with loved ones, Iedzalel will help you find the right words to express your feelings and reconcile differences. You may also find that Iezalel’s presence brings a sense of order and clarity to your life. If you feel overwhelmed or disorganized, this angel will help you establish a sense of routine and structure that will allow you to tackle your responsibilities more efficiently.

You can also call on Iezalel for the following support this month:

  • Encourages honesty
  • Aids against negative karma
  • It brings a strong sense of organization
  • Activates the heart and third eye chakra
  • Maintaining peace in communication and relationships
  • Regancy hour 4:00 AM to 4:19 AM

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Cahetel #8

The month ahead significantly changes your daily routine, relationships, and romance sector. To help you keep your mindset open to new possibilities, Cahetel, your angel guide for March, enables you to release any negative energies holding you back, such as negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, or toxic relationships. Trust that you can remove these energies and create a more positive and uplifting environment.

Gratitude is also a key theme for Cahetel.

Take time each day to focus on the blessings in your life and express your gratitude for them. Expressing gratitude can be as easy as writing down three things you’re grateful for each morning or saying a quick thank you when something positive happens. Cahetel also provides the following support:

  • Purification and gratitude
  • Encourages an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Protects one from negative energies
  • Regency hour 2:20 AM to 2:39 AM
  • Activates the crown and sacral charka
  • Grants ease in pregnancy, maternity, and birth
  • It gifts positive energy and grants one the ability to succeed in life


Haziel #9

March boosts your energy and helps you shift your daily routine to help you better achieve your goals. You will be focused, disciplined, and ready to manifest any desired outcome. If you find yourself experiencing any conflicts or negativity, your angel guide Haziel will assist you in transforming negativity.

You may have felt stuck or weighed down by negative thoughts or emotions, but with Haziel’s guidance, you can break free from this pattern. You can change your beliefs and attitudes, and Haziel will help you harness this power to create a more positive and fulfilling life.

Haziel also promises new commitments and love for life. Whether single or in a relationship, this is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. You can also work with Haziel for the following guidance and support in manifesting this month:

  • Promotes peace
  • Activates the third eye chakra
  • Connects one to their inner child
  • It helps one understand their mistakes
  • The ability to stick to commitments
  • Grants forgiveness and unconditional love
  • Protection and the ability to transform negativity
  • Regency hour 2:40 AM to 2:59 AM


Nemamiah #57

March leads you on a journey of new beginnings, romance, and fun. To help you with the gift of discernment, your angel guide, Nemamiah, supports you in making wise decisions and seeing the world with clarity and understanding.

With Nemamiah by your side, you can expect to experience greater freedom and liberation in all aspects of your life. This angelic presence will help you break free from any limiting beliefs or habits holding you back, allowing you to step into your true power and potential. As you move into this new chapter, remember you are never alone.

For additional support, you can work with Nemamiah on the following:

  • To help reveal the cause and rectify problems
  • Cleanses and aligns the solar plexus and throat chakra
  • Hard work and receiving the recognition you deserve
  • To help fix communication issues during arguments
  • Strength in the face of challenges or difficulties
  • It helps one overcome fatigue
  • To aid in manifesting prosperity and success in all areas of life
  • Regency hour 6:40 PM to 6:59 PM


Mahasiah #5

The month of March brings exciting changes to your home and family life. With Spring in the air, you enter a season of new beginnings and transformation. Your monthly angel guide Mahasiah encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace new experiences. Maybe you are learning a new language, taking up a new hobby, or trying a new recipe; Mahasiah will help you find joy and fulfillment in new endeavors.

Through these changes, Mahasiah will help you improve your character and become the best version of yourself. You will find that you are more patient, compassionate, and understanding, and these qualities will bring you closer to those around you. As you navigate these changes, remember to trust Mahasiah’s guidance and embrace the opportunities that come your way.

In addition, you can call on Mahasiah for the following advice:

  • Activates the crown and heart chakra
  • It grants serenity and greater moral strength
  • It helps one gain inspiration and inner peace
  • Enables one to succeed in learning and studies
  • It helps one rectify mistakes made in the past
  • Regency hour 1:20 AM to 1:39 AM


Nelkhael #21

Communication and managing negative emotions are essential themes for you this March. The Sun travels through Pisces at the beginning of the month, bringing your attention to finances and values, then moving into Aries, where assertive communication reigns strong. To help you triumph over negative emotions, Nelkhael is your angel guide, leading you toward a greater understanding of your purpose. This celestial being is here to offer divine support and help you tap into your innate spiritual gifts.

Nelkhael is also known for gifting good concentration, and you can expect to feel more focused and driven in your work and personal pursuits. This month is an excellent time to set new goals, make plans, and take steps toward manifesting your dreams. Trust in your abilities and know that the Universe is on your side.

You can also call on Nelkhael for the following support:

  • Increases intuition
  • It helps one maintain commitments and responsibilities
  • Increases one’s interest in esoteric knowledge
  • Protects against ignorance and bad attitudes
  • Activates the heart and third eye chakra
  • Regency hour 6:40 PM to 6:59 PM


Yeialel #58

Happy Birthday, Pisces! The Sun continues to dance through your sign at the beginning of the month, granting greater awareness and faith. The angel guiding you this month is Yeialel, and they bring a message of increased mental power, great logic, and the capacity to discipline your thoughts.

With Yeialel by your side, you can think more clearly and logically than ever. Your mind will be sharper and more focused, allowing you to tackle even the most complex problems easily. You will find that you are more in tune with your intuition and can see things more clearly than ever. Trust your instincts, as they will guide you on the right path.

Yeialel will also help you to master your passions and emotional impulses, which will help you to make better decisions in all areas of your life. In addition, you can call Yeialel for the following support:

  • Mental strength
  • Heals issues with anger or revenge
  • Reveals one who abuses power
  • It grants discipline and integrity
  • Provides patience to face difficulties
  • Activates the solar plexus and third eye chakra
  • Regency hour 7:00 PM to 7:19 PM

Tips for Connecting With Your Angel Guide

As you embark on your journey of self-discovery, angel guides are there to help you find your way. They offer guidance and wisdom, helping you navigate life’s twists and turns gracefully and effortlessly. Whether seeking answers to big questions or simply looking for a sense of peace and fulfillment, your angels are there to lend their support.

When we acknowledge the signs from the Universe through our guides, we open our energetic field to receive more abundance and prosperity, strengthening the lines of communication between the physical world and the divine.

Remember, you are never alone. Angel guides are always present, cheering you on and helping you to discover the best version of yourself. So trust in their guidance, and let their love light the way.

Here are some tips for connecting with angels as spiritual guides:

  1. Set Your Intention: Start by setting your intention to communicate with your angel for healing, protection, love, clarity, and support. This intention will help you to focus your energy and attention.
  2. Create a Sacred Space: Create a sacred space to connect with your angel. This space should be quiet, peaceful, and free from distractions. You can use crystals, candles, incense, and other spiritual tools to enhance the energy of your space.
  3. Use Visualization: Visualize your angels surrounding you with their loving and healing energy. For example, you can imagine a bright light or a protective shield around you as you connect with your angels. This visualization will help you to open up to their presence and guidance.
  4. Practice Meditation: Meditation is a powerful tool for connecting with your angels. It helps you to quiet your mind, open your heart, and connect with your inner guidance. You can use guided meditations or create your meditation practice to connect with your angels.
  5. Ask for Guidance: Ask your angels for guidance and support. You can ask for help with specific issues, such as healing from an illness, finding love, or gaining clarity on a decision. Be open to receiving their guidance and trust that they are always with you.
  6. Listen to Your Intuition: Your angel guides will communicate with you through intuition. So pay attention to your gut feelings, hunches, and inner nudges. These are often signs from your angels guiding you toward your highest good.
  7. Trust Your Angels: Trust that your angels are always with you, even if you can’t see or hear them. Trust that they guide you towards your highest good and that their love and support are always available.
  8. Express Gratitude: Express gratitude for the guidance and support you receive from your angels. Gratitude raises your vibration and helps you to attract more positivity and abundance into your life.

Embrace the Rest of March

As you come to the end of your March angel horoscope, you should feel grateful for the divine guidance received. The angels remind you to trust yourself and your abilities, stay true to your values, and always keep your hearts open to love and kindness. It’s been a wild ride, but we are soaring to new heights and conquered challenges we never thought possible.

Angels are spiritual, moving between the unseen and seen realms, assigned as your Soul evolution team to guide you through your life’s various cycles or seasons. They are a state of higher consciousness that represents divine qualities and virtues.

It’s important to know that depending on the contents of internal issues and unconscious memories, the angel either manifests purely or is a mirror for our distortions, showing faults and weaknesses. In addition, angels remind us of the qualities we are working with and help us learn how to rectify them consciously.

In conclusion, continue to focus on healing and transforming any distortions with the help and support of divine assistance. Connect with the energies of this month’s angel guide through mantras, incense, prayer, or meditation. Always open your sacred space by calling forth the powers of pure love and light and your soul evolution and healing team.

Happy March 2023!

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