Say Goodbye to Winter & Hello to Spring With this Equinox Tarot Spread

While the Gregorian calendar begins in January, the astrological calendar starts in March with Aries season and the vernal equinox. This can feel like a fresh start, a very specific kind of beginning, as here in the northern hemisphere, the days are beginning to lengthen, and we are starting to feel winter slipping away.

Tied to Ostara and the joy of new growth, the vernal equinox is an opportunity for considering what we want to establish and begin, for being thoughtful about what we are setting in motion.

This is the perfect time to consider: What new cycles are you ready to jump into? What are you hoping to develop, create, build, and explore?

Why is the Spring Equinox/Ostara Significant?

Ostara marks the coming of another season, but spring is particularly special as it marks the beginning of a new yearly cycle of growth. A time for planning and planting, for considering our future, this is also an opportunity to reflect on our last cycle.

What have we been devoting ourselves to, and is that work finished? Are we moving in a new direction, or will we continue building on what we have already started?

This can be an opportunity for something different, but it’s up to us to determine what we want to pour our resources into.

What are we ready to invest in? Which long-term goals can we start defining?

Whether you faithfully celebrate all eight holidays in the Wheel of the Year or not, this is a powerful time for reflection, organization, and awareness. By using this larger and more substantial Tarot spread, you can devote some time to considering the brightening of the world, the lengthening of days, and the opportunities for new life to begin.

The spring equinox arrives on March 19th, 2024.

Try This Tarot Spread to Welcome Spring

When pulling cards for this spread, think about:

  • How do you find an internal balance between joy and fear, passion and uncertainty, hunger and satisfaction?
  • What new version of yourself are you ready to embrace?
  • How have you grown over the past twelve months since the 2023 spring equinox, and what might the next year bring for you in terms of legacy, security, creativity, connection, and wonder?

In addition to the spread layout I’ve provided, I’m also sharing a short sample reading so that you can understand how to use this spread for your own personal rituals.

These cards were not drawn with any particular people or cycles in mind, but if something in this example resonates, it may be worth exploring in your own reading.

Card One: An Inner Light


An archetype of power, patience, and persistence, Strength has much to teach us about playing the long game, thinking through what matters to us, and acting with intention rather than impulse.

In this position of inner light, Strength serves as a reminder that we are in control of our own glow and that we alone can decide what to share with the world and what to hold back for ourselves.


  • How does your inner light manifest in the world?
  • When do you let others see it?
  • What are you illuminating?
  • What makes you shine?

Card Two: An Inner Shadow

2 of Cups

Associated with choice, attraction, and a new connection, the 2 of Cups is usually tied to romance but can also speak of deepening friendships or powerful partnerships. Regardless of the type of relationship we are forming and exploring, this card reminds us that we can choose to be vulnerable and that no matter how great something feels, it’s important to not be afraid of depth.

Even the best people and opportunities can have hidden shadows, and in thinking through our future, the 2 of Cups wants us to be attentive to what lies under the surface and the ways that we open our hearts to others.

Where are we hesitating? What do we learn about ourselves through relationships that challenge us?

Card Three: A Way to Balance Light & Dark

Queen of Wands

A figure of courage, passion, and creativity, Queens always encourages us to be true to ourselves, to set boundaries of protection and purpose, and to stay engaged with community.

In this position of balance, the Queen of Wands speaks of authenticity, urging us to make space for all of the things that matter to us and to consider how hard we’re willing to fight for what we believe in.

She asks us to consider:

  • What do you know you’re good at, know you crave, know you long to pursue more deeply?
  • How can you make space for your own inner strength as well as your doubts about connections?
  • Where are you ready to be brave?

Card Four: A Rebirth to Be Aware Of

Queen of Swords

Our second Queen of this reading, the Queen of Swords is more precise, more intentional, and more cautious than the Queen of Wands. But each of these rulers is master of their element and understands how to wield their power with conviction and devotion.

The Queen of Swords asks us to be intentional about what we are pursuing and to not be afraid to be rational (or ruthless) with ourselves when we interrogate our own perceptions and desires.

She also asks us to consider:

  • How does truth inform our choices?
  • What are we learning about ourselves, and how does this information shape our ambitions and desires?
  • In embracing a new cycle, how can we allow our perceptions to shape our future?

Card Five: An Old Pattern to Release

Knight of Pentacles

The third and final court card in our example, Knights, always asks us to pay attention to how we are utilizing an element and whether we have too much or too little of a particular energy.

Dedicated, loyal, focused, and persistent, the Knight of Pentacles is excellent at pursuing goals, keeping their eyes on the prize and their feet always moving forward. But Pentacles can be stubborn; too fixated on their end goal to notice changes in their path or shifting obstacles along the way.

This is a pattern that’s easy to fall into and one that the cards want us to address:

  • How often do you flex and shift on the road to your big ambitions?
  • Where might adaptability help you find greater success?
  • When has stubbornness held you back in the past?

Card Six: A New Seed to Celebrate

2 of Swords

Traditionally associated with difficult choices, blockages, or obstacles, the 2 of Swords speaks of a moment when we need to decide how to proceed and may be potentially grappling with a difficult truth that makes this choice more complicated. Yet in this position of new celebrations and possibility, the 2 of Swords urges us to move forward with confidence and pride, to make a decision, and to keep moving towards our objective instead of stalling.

This card urges us to consider:

  • How can we practice what we preach and use the skills in our possession to feel certain about where we’re going?
  • What pragmatic or rational goal may end up bringing unexpected pleasure?

Find Balance This Spring

With three court cards, two 2s, and one Major Arcana archetype, this reading offers so much wisdom in progressing toward goals. All four elements are represented, indicating that balance is the name of the game.

In moving forward into a new cycle, this spread encourages us to move with purpose and dedication, to be true to ourselves, and to not be afraid to name what we really want.

We may have identified our big dreams, but how do our daily choices reflect those desires? Where are we called to be patient, and where do we need to put energy, passion, and inspiration?

Wishing you a beautiful, motivating, and exciting spring equinox!

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Meg Jones Wall (she/her) is a queer photographer, writer, and tarot reader based in NYC. She is a columnist and contributor at Autostraddle, shares daily card studies and original tarot spreads as 3am.tarot on Instagram and recently launched a tarot newsletter, devils & fools. She is currently working on her first book and is available for personal readings and writing opportunities through her website.
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