How to Communicate This Holiday Season Based on Mercury Signs

Whether you are traveling (and I hope you’re staying safe) to see family and friends or staying home-based, this time of year tends to put a huge amount of pressure on everyone.

This pressure can build over the days and weeks and eventually lead to an outburst resulting in hurting loved ones, coworkers, or even your favorite barista with your words! It’s important to understand how you best communicate and what to do when things go array.

One way to learn more about your natural communication style is to observe Mercury in the birth chart.

Mercury rules communication and can help you navigate these types of situations. I’ll share how to figure out where Mercury is in your chart and how channeling the zodiac sign it’s stationed in can help you effectively communicate better not only now but also in the future!

First, however, let’s learn more about Mercury…

Mercury: Tiny But Mighty

I mentioned above that Mercury rules communication, but it’s so much more than that! Mercury also governs the media (like journalism, marketing, telephones, etc.), short distance travels (for example, subways, trains, weekend trips), education (specifically the primary years), how one learns information, and so much more.

All of this is important because it’s best not to limit Mercury to simply how we speak to one another.

If you are experiencing troubling or positive events with any or all of the above, consider spending a moment looking into what’s happening for Mercury. This can provide insights not only for yourself but also for those around you.

How to Find Mercury in Your Birth Chart

You will need your birth chart! If you don’t have yours, you can use our free birth chart generator before reading ahead.

Once you have your chart, locate Mercury. You can do this by locating the glyph, or symbol, of Mercury in the chart. From there, it’s as simple as seeing what zodiac sign it’s located in.

Use the interpretations below to help understand for yourself ways to have stronger communications. Remember, if something doesn’t resonate, then don’t spend time dwelling on it. If something does, I hope it’ll help you navigate your way through the end of 2020!

How You Communicate Based on Your Mercury Sign



Do you sometimes wish that you thought a bit more before you said something? Well, that is quintessential Mercury in Aries.

You might be, more often than not, trying to get your foot out of your mouth. I know it’s easier said than done but really, try to take a breath before you indulge in your sharing of your opinions or thoughts. It may feel great at the moment but not so awesome once you see the reaction on the other person’s face.


In your mind, there are two ways of doing something, the wrong way and your way. This can tend to be a bit troublesome when it comes to deciding plans with others.

While your way may make the most sense because Mercury in Taurus is very sensible, give a moment to consider and evaluate the other party’s idea. Assuredness is a value until it becomes stubbornness, and most of the time, being right is not worth the relationship.


You have a lot of thoughts, and as a result, you have a lot to share. Mercury actually rules Gemini, so the planet is very at home in this sign.

Communication comes naturally to you, but it also holds your interest on a personal level. It’s important for you to be in communication with those closest to you. Remember, however, that you cannot trust everyone, so before dishing out the latest gossip, take a beat to make certain you can trust the recipient.


Emotions are hard to communicate through words for everyone, dear Mercury in Cancer, but I know it’s tough for you. Often it’s easier to work through the feelings on your own.

You have every right to do that but don’t get too bogged down that you shut others out, or even worse, grow resentful of them. Unfortunately, no one is a mind reader, and not everyone is as emotionally aware as you, so before giving a snapback response, allow the emotions to settle.


My advice to you is to try to listen. I am not saying that listening is tough for you, but what I am saying is to really try extra hard to lean in and hear what the other person is saying.

We all express empathy by sharing about ourselves and our experiences, but sometimes what others need is someone they feel is truly hearing them. Sometimes it’s best not always to have an answer, especially one that involves you talking about yourself.


Mercury rules the sign of Virgo as well! Effectively communicating is a natural gift of yours. The trouble is that sometimes there are so many things that need to get communicated, you get distracted by the details.

Details are important, and that is why the world needs Mercury in Virgo people, but you don’t have to get stuck in it all. Most of the time, people only want the highlights, so sometimes it’s better to meet them where they are at.

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You have some solid relationships. It may be with family, friends, loved ones, or coworkers, but you are good at balancing both yourself and others’ needs, that is, if you’re being honest.

Small lies can be just as destructive as the big ones. It’s best to be honest in all areas of communication. Make sure there are no exaggerations and especially make certain you’re not just saying things you think someone wants to hear.


If your Mercury is in Scorpio, you know you are not fond of surface-level conversations. This depth can come off at times as pessimistic to those who do not know you as well.

Additionally, you can be a bit short when it comes to communications because you tend not to waste your time balancing others’ energies. My recommendation is to allow for a few conversations to be lighter. You may be surprised what you might discover on the surface this holiday season.


Philosophy. Ideas. Cultures. These are some of your favorite topics, and like Plato or Socrates, you love to divulge in dialogue with others on your thoughts. Just as amazing and insightful as your ideas may be, consider that the other person may feel the same way about their thoughts.

Instead of getting heated over the dogma of a matter and being right, rather embrace the wonder of the human capacity to dialogue in this way. That’s something to celebrate!


Don’t let your independence, responsibilities, and work ethic keep you from the socially-distanced or virtual party this year! When it comes to communication, you like to get down to business and skip the conversation about the weather.

Some may admire your ability to get to the point, but for some, it may rub them the wrong way. Perhaps you may be able to relax better if you didn’t always have an agenda.


Your idea of a meaningful holiday season is cutting out capitalism and traditions completely. But, before you find your next soapbox, remember that not everyone can get on board with change as quickly as you can.

In order to successfully share your ideas, you must try to give it in piecemeal instead of all at once. Change is difficult for many people, and while it may not be for you, try to lead with patience. You might be surprised because they may jump on board!


You are relaxed and laid-back in comparison to some people when it comes to communication. This is likely contributed to your ability to be able to see the bigger picture and not get so troubled by the details in the here and now.

While this may be true, if someone upsets you, you are often tempted to immediately write them off, but given the spirit of love and joy that can surround this time of year, try to forgive first.

Happy Holidays!

Being farther apart this year means having to embrace communication and connection even more.

Try using these insights about your Mercury sign to see how you can improve your conversations this year, and have some fun by asking your friends and family members for their Mercury signs as well.

When we understand each other just a little bit more, things come together in a beautiful way. Happy holidays!

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