New Moon, New Chance for Romance

The new Moon is always a time for new beginnings. It’s the start of a new cycle and the start of a new lunar month. New Moons are best used for pausing between what’s come to an end and what you are waiting to start. Your social life may be a bit quiet, but that’s okay, too.

This is a fairly quiet time, but one that’s necessary so that you’re ready to start anew. Think of it as the deep breath before you cannonball into the swimming pool.

This new Moon is in Libra, and that helps to take the edge off the reserve that is customary when the Moon is new. It’s a good time for partnerships, for amiability, and for romance. You might be more indecisive than usual, though, and this will be heightened by the lunar phase.

Focus on the background of your partnerships and on sowing the seeds you hope to harvest later on in the month.


Even though this is a new Moon, it’s a pretty high energy time for you. It’s a great reason to do something physical, like start a new sport, or even some bedroom gymnastics! You won’t like to be too reserved or idle, but with the new Moon in Libra, you may have to learn to be patient in order to get what you truly want out of your romantic potential.

Be aware that you may be accident prone, too—and I mean that in every sense of the word.


Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, so this is a fantastic time for love to come and find you. If you’re with someone, expect your relationship to improve. If you’re looking for someone, you might feel inclined to take the first steps, to initiate some flirting and other contact that could lead somewhere very positive indeed.

Get creative with this, and don’t be frightened to splurge a little. Venus loves opulence and sensuousness, in every sense of the word!


This is a fantastic time for you to start to contemplate new ideas and new philosophies. Start a new book, look at enrolling in a class, just do something to feed your intellect. Smart really is the new sexy, and mentally you’re very sharp and focused. Look into things, but don’t make any decisions.

Even though you know what you want, you may dither about how to get there! This could make you argumentative, and create some animosity where there should be amour!


Your ruling planet is the Moon, so you always feel the lunar phases more than any other sign. This is the perfect time for you to evaluate where your life is out of balance, and to see what you need to do about that in order to bring yourself back in harmony. You’re not going to find the love you seek if you’re struggling to find it within yourself!

This new Moon is a perfect time for you to get things off your chest and clear the air, so the romance you hope to find has a clear path toward you.


You’re ruled by the Sun, and the Moon’s phases are caused by how much or how little the Sun’s light reflects off the lunar surface, so you’re hopelessly entangled with the Moon, whether you like it or not! Your creativity will be heightened during this phase, and that goes for creating romance, too.

Your natural luck and general optimism will go a long way to creating a wow factor, even if it is just a fling or flirtation.


You’re too close for comfort in some situations, and that might prompt you to be overly critical or maybe too reserved. While this is a fantastic time for a meeting of the minds, you are likely to over think things. If your nerves get the better of you you may say something you regret later on.

While this is generally harmonious for you, you’ll have to do some research and pay attention. Fortunately you are detail oriented, and you can turn that to your advantage to bring love to your door!


The new Moon in your Sun sign is an excellent opportunity for you to draw positive attention to yourself. Treat yourself to that new outfit, those new shoes, or that new hairstyle, and watch the sparks fly. You’re more alluring now than usual, but don’t expect immediate results. You’re sowing the seeds but you’ll have to be patient while this grows.

Take the time to cultivate it, but watch your over-indulgence. You’ll never have to buy affection, so make sure people aren’t taking advantage of you.


Hello, intensity! This Moon touches you right where you feel things, accentuating your emotions and making them even more acute. You’re more focused towards reaching your goals, and finding harmony when it comes to romance and relationships. Be careful that this doesn’t spill over into trying to control others, though.

This is a very transformational aspect, and one which has the potential to bring you a lot of positive love energy, given half a chance!


You’re usually pretty high octane fuel, but the new Moon in Libra can knock the wind right out of your sails. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. You don’t have to go at everything 90 miles an hour, and in fact, you probably shouldn’t. This is a perfect time for you to chill out, be a bit lazy, and take stock of what you want from romance.

A fling, someone new and different, a new opportunity to try something amazing—they’re all waiting for you. You may be a bit more carefree than usual, too. If that’s the case, at least be careful!


There’s some pent up emotion around you with this Moon, and you may find that your loved ones impose even more responsibilities on you. Don’t get resentful. These are labors of love, and if you play your cards right, you could open the door for some physical appreciation, if you know what I mean, particularly if this involves someone older than yourself.

It’s okay to let down your hair and act a bit childlike from time to time. You never know, you may well enjoy it!


Anything goes with this new Moon! It’s pulling on you to try something different and to explore the unusual or the unexpected. You might find that romance just lands in your lap, but try to resist the urge to run away with it. Test the waters, and make sure it’s what you want.

You won’t want anything to threaten your independence, so you might want to settle for a fling, or perhaps just apply that innovative energy into a current relationship. After all, if it ain’t broke, why try to fix it?


Pay attention to your dreams and your daydreams, because some of them may be so intense they’re a portent of what’s yet to come. You’re way more intuitive and sensitive to your surroundings, and that means you can pick up on the subtle vibes of people who are interested in you.

You can read feelings like a book, and this Moon makes you even more aware of what people are thinking. Surf those thoughts, and jump on the ones that will bring romance into your life, either with someone new, or strengthening what you’ve already got going for you.

Make It Happen!

To draw love into your life, or to strengthen a current relationship, harness the power of this new Moon and get it working in your favor. It’s so simple! All you need are two rocks. If you want to use rose quartz that’s great, but even two pebbles you found lying in the street will work just fine.

On the night of the new Moon, put the two rocks on a windowsill, one where they won’t be disturbed, and one that catches the Moon’s light when it’s full. The rock on the left is you, the rock on the right is the love you want to see in your life. Every time you pass this window, move the rocks just that little bit closer to each other,

By the night of the full Moon, the rocks should be touching. Remove them from the windowsill and either bury them in your yard, or put them tucked away in a drawer where they won’t be disturbed. The important thing is to know this is working, and the romance you wish to see in your life is on its way. The more you worry about this, the longer you delay it. Mindset is everything!

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