What Your Sign Says About the Way You Love

One of the greatest thrills in life is taking steps to discover who you truly are inside: astrology can tell us so much about ourselves that we wouldn’t otherwise recognize.

Not only can astrology open our eyes to personality traits found in our friends and family, but it can teach us more about who we are deep down.

And of course, some of the most interesting and compelling aspects of human nature are the different ways we love– whether it’s how we love, who we love, why we love them, where we feel it and when it occurs.

Of course, you are likely to recognize many of your habits and tendencies on your own, but it’s nice to have a method in which you can discover even more about yourself than you thought possible.

And how can astrology help? Let’s find out.

The Zodiac Signs & Love 101: The Basics

As most of us know, each sign falls under an elemental category.

Understanding the elemental nature of your sign is a good start to understanding more about yourself.

For the purposes of love, you may be inclined to check out your Sun sign, your Moon sign–which rules our emotional inner world–and Venus sign, the planet that rules over love in particular.

However, it’s always helpful to have your entire birth chart in mind when it comes to unpacking any astrological knowledge about yourself. In addition to your Sun sign, there are myriad aspects of your birth chart that affect your personality, including your Rising sign and the astrological houses they inhabit, for example.

Curious about your rising sign? Not sure where Venus is in your birth chart? Want to find out about your ruling houses? Try our free birth chart calculator!

What Your Sign Says About the Way You Love

Now that you’ve discovered the intricacies of your birth chart, let’s take a look at each zodiac sign and its unique disposition.


You are the leader of the astrological year, and your fiery spirit certainly showcases your natural leadership abilities.

You are feisty and impassioned, yet you can be tender as well. You’re typically upfront with your feelings towards others and honest about your crushes. When you develop feelings for someone, you certainly feel with intensity.

You’re not afraid to be alone, however, so it takes a pretty special personality to win you over. When your heart is broken, it is not easily or quickly mended. On the other hand, you are not easily discouraged, and when you do bounce back, you will always have developed a more acute and aware sense of self.


The sultry Taurus is a naturally sensual creature due to the earthy quality of its sign and already being ruled by beautiful, bountiful Venus.

Despite the abundant and sometimes extravagant quality of the bull, the Taurean nature can be timid at times. You’re a unique blend of a charming and demure personality, which can make you appear unattainable to others.

You may not feel comfortable making the first move, but you would do well to enhance your bravery and put yourself out there! You’re a natural romantic and enjoy indulging in the finer things in life with your romantic partner.

Once you’ve entered into a relationship with someone, you are known to be loyal and devoted.


The intelligent Gemini is quite a charmer in love and known for their lack of hasty decision making; because of the difficulty you sometimes have when it comes to choices, you do not make them lightly.

This tendency also affects your levels of commitment, as you are one of the signs that you are least likely to settle down quickly in life.

There is a sense of restlessness within you, a desire for freedom, and an incredibly fluid nature, thanks to your Mutable quality. However, your restless nature does not suggest a lack of sensitivity as you are thoughtful and caring. You are likely to fall for someone who is spontaneous, adventurous, and ever-changing in spirit.

When it comes to finding the right person for you, it’s best to seek out someone who is interested in learning about life just as much as you are.

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The watery Cancer possesses a well of deep sensitivities; you are naturally emotional, and your mood is very much affected by the moods of those around you.

You are sensitive, intuitive, mysterious, and likely creative. You’re not selfish with your thoughts and feelings and are typically happy to share yourself with your close inner circle.

Your sign might indicate a strong desire to be in a relationship; Cancers are typically all-too-thrilled to couple up with someone for whom they have feelings. You enjoy the attention and romantic gestures. However, you might give too much of yourself from time to time.

For this reason, you should be discerning when it comes to who you choose as a partner; be careful to avoid people who are likely to take advantage of your giving nature. (Once someone has hurt you, you are unlikely to allow them back into your heart).


Our spotlight-adoring Leo has natural star quality– few signs are as likely to command attention the way you do.

Your strong presence and fierce nature are likely to draw in a crowd. People have a hard time keeping their eyes off of you, and it’s not hard for you to find admirers. Your positivity and natural charm can help you achieve many of your life goals, but you can lose focus easily when it comes to romance if someone doesn’t truly capture your attention.

At the end of the day, you like to be in charge, but you are unapologetically genuine. With a Fixed modality, you will go to the ends of the earth for someone you actually care for.

You should seek a partner who will not only allow you to be yourself and encourage you to accomplish your goals but can be as equally creative and larger-than-life as you.

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The incredibly independent Virgo is the master of compartmentalizations; your mental space is probably as organized as your abode.

You are more selective when it comes to your romantic partners because of your independent personality; you are content to hold out for your idea of the “perfect match.” On the other hand, an unhealthy Virgo placement may seek out partners that they believe they can “fix,” being a sign of service.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, plants within you a strong intellectual quality. Try to overcome your anxious nature, perfectionist tendencies, or the feeling of having to constantly assist others in order to allow yourself to open up and fall in love.

You’ll find that sometimes imperfect and even messy situations or people can show you who you truly are and what you really want.


This Air sign is ruled by Venus and can be found in beautiful, aesthetically pleasing surroundings– you love beauty, and you’re not ashamed to show it. You’re one of the most affectionate signs, being so in love with love itself.

You like to be surrounded by elegant art and mesmerizing decor, exciting banter, and charismatic conversation. You are the social butterfly of the zodiac, and you have an easy time falling in love.

This can cause some problems throughout your dating life, as you are the sign most likely to find yourself in love with more than one person at a time.

The key here is to be open and honest with your partners, but also, of course, with yourself.


The watery Scorpio is concerned with deep, meaningful topics of contemplation more than one-on-one banter; you are not necessarily light-hearted and chipper most of the time, and it’s easy for you to keep others at an emotional arm’s length.

That said, your internal depth knows no bounds, and as such, you seek out purposeful kismet relationships! When you commit, you truly commit, being a Fixed sign that tends not to forget those who touch their heart.

For that reason, you aren’t the sign most likely to enter into light-hearted and casual partnerships either.

Keep in mind that not everyone experiences life or love with such intensity, and that opening up can actually sometimes be the meaningful experience you’re looking for.


While the fiery Sagittarius is bubbly and optimistic, you can be shy in love and commitment; you might seem uber confident on the outside, but inside, it can be hard to muster up the courage to settle down.

However, you typically prefer someone who proves to be a bit of a challenge because of your far-reaching, goal-oriented nature. And like the freedom-seeking Gemini and the fiercely independent Virgo, you can be hard to “pin down,” so to speak.

You need plenty of space to be yourself, and you’d be most compatible with someone who allows you to roam free, encouraging your newest crazy idea.

One of your strongest qualities is your knack for complete honesty, so it’s best that your partner can handle a sharp tongue (or perhaps they carry one themselves too).


The last Earth sign of the zodiac calendar, Capricorn, is a grounded, responsible and sometimes passive individual. You aren’t likely to be found shouting your love from the rooftops in a grand display. Your dating style is much more reserved than many of the other astrological signs.

And like your earth-associated cousin, Virgo, you have a tendency to be a perfectionist, and as such, you don’t typically respond well to people telling you what to do. You prefer a partner who will accept you for who you are and will encourage you to be yourself.

While you are hard-working and serious by nature, you do have a sillier, more spontaneous side that emerges after you’re comfortable in your surroundings. Your relationships are likely to begin and build slowly and steadily.

You don’t typically rush into romantic situations, but you are loyal and quite the romantic once you are in a couple. The romantic displays of the Capricorn actually can be the most exciting due to their mysterious nature.


As the friendly humanitarian of the zodiac, you may come off as flirtatious even when you don’t intend to.

You’re more openly affectionate than other more reserved signs, and you’re honest and direct with your feelings about others. At the same time, your sign is another one that’s very concerned with personal freedom; you need space to be your enigmatic and energetic self.

You’re one of the more unique and eccentric signs of the zodiac, and unapologetically so. You don’t follow the pack — you make your own. So you’re not interested in conventional relationships, or people, for that matter.

You want to be with someone as unique and interesting as you are, and with your sparkling personality, this should not be a hard goal to accomplish should you set your mind (and heart) to the task!


As a Pisces, you are deeply emotional, intuitive, and creative.

You crave deep and meaningful connections and are happy to enter into a relationship with someone you care about. You are generous and quick to accommodate, and like your Cancer cousin, you must be careful to avoid those who will take advantage of your giving nature.

You typically follow your heart when it comes to decision-making. You are very aware of and perceptive of your emotions, and you know how to use them to your advantage. As a result, you seek partners who will inspire you and shower you with love.

Try to build relationships wherein you feel comfortable sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings, as you have a strong desire to be not only understood but accepted.

Your loving nature endears you to those around you, and you are adored in your earnestness.

Listen to Your Inner Venus

As you can see, every sign is a little different when it comes to love– all partly to do with Venus and her influence.

Whether you openly display your affections or find yourself a little more reserved, there are many ways to embrace your nature and tap into your inner love language. At the end of the day, each sign comes with its own unique challenges and blessings in love, and there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to share what’s in the heart.

But knowing the different parts of your astrological map can help validate or further explain what that looks like and why you love the way you love. Taking this information to heart can be your next step to self-awareness and exploration.

Next up: Get your Free Daily Love Horoscope for your individual zodiac sign!

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