Your Leo Season Money & Wealth Forecast

If you’ve been waiting for the energy and courage you need to take the next steps towards making your dreams come true, then it’s time to sit back and soak up the sunshine because Leo season is just around the corner – waiting to help you tackle the world and bring abundance into your life.

The Sun enters the sign of Leo on July 22nd this year, and because the Sun rules this sign, it’s especially cozy in this position. Think fire, think sunshine, think energy, think warmth: That’s what Leo season has in store for us this time around, and that warm and friendly energy may be just what you need to follow your dreams with passion and determination.

Whereas Cancer season told us to “Go with the flow,” Leo season says, “Create your own flow and make things happen.”

We’ll also experience a New Moon in Leo on August 8th, priming the energy of the Universe and making it the perfect time for manifestation. A New Moon is always a great time to work on attracting the things you want in life, and when that lunar phase occurs in the sign of Leo, your own energy is bolder and more courageous than ever.

Finally, Venus, the planet of money and finances, moves into Libra on August 16th. Venus rules over balanced Libra and is therefore very cozy in this planetary position and more likely to bring abundance into your life than in any other position.

Libra is all about balance, meaning that when your own energy is balanced, it will become much easier to align yourself with the frequencies of abundance and good fortune.

If you want to follow your money and wealth energy throughout the year, make sure to read your money horoscope.

What Does All This Mean for Money & Wealth?

While your own financial future is more aligned with your personal, unique birth chart, there are myriad opportunities for abundance this Leo season, especially if you harness your energy and learn to align your own vibrations with those of the ever-abundant Universe.

Leo is a Fire sign, full of passion, creativity, and vigor.

This means that channeling your creativity is your best bet this season, as following your heart and listening to that instinctive voice within will help you identify and follow the best path towards financial freedom.

Have you been ignoring your creative, instinctual center? Isn’t it time to incorporate that creative spirit of yours into the work that you do?

Your Money/Wealth Forecast for the 2021 Leo Season

Money/Wealth Forecast for Aries

You feel perfectly at home during Leo season, especially as this fiery energy perfectly matches your own, Aries. While Cancer season may have felt like a bit of a wet blanket laying right on top of your feisty spirit, Leo season brings your creativity to life and helps you feel more connected to your intuition than ever.

Your personal success is deeply related to your willingness to follow your passions.

So, what makes you tick?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Taurus

This Leo season is all about being true to yourself and letting your inner child express itself, Taurus. When that little person inside feels happy and fulfilled, you have all the energy you need to go after your dreams and make them come true for yourself.

On the other hand, if you try to stifle your inner child, you may actually be stifling your ability to attract what you desire.

When’s the last time you let that inner child come out and play?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Gemini

Air and Fire feed off each other, which is great for you, Gemini. All this sunny energy lifts your mood and helps you focus on your deepest desires – and that focus that effort to set your intentions is all you really need to start manifesting the future and the abundance you seek.

Focus is crucial right now, so make sure to clear your mind through meditation and crystal healing to promote that concentration.

Let negativity and distractions wash away so you can focus on what you want right now.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Cancer

Leo season ramps up your confidence, Cancer, which is just what you need right now to go after what you want. You can be pretty hard on yourself, but this is the time to lift yourself up and foster a deep belief in your abilities. After all, you can do anything you put your mind to.

Incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine to ensure your energy is at its brightest right now.

Let your aura shine and your confidence blossom for the most abundance and opportunity possible.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Leo

It’s your time to shine, Leo, and shine, you will! Your confidence is at an all-time high, and your challenge is to utilize that confidence for your own gain. It’s time to put yourself out there, to let your personality shimmer with all its fiery, golden energy.

You love the spotlight, and right now, it’s shining right down on you.

What do you want to do most with all this sparkling energy?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Virgo

While Leo season may cheer most people up, you might find yourself feeling introspective this month, Virgo. This is an excellent time to connect with your innermost self and try to find out what it is you truly want. Some time spent reflecting may be exactly what you need most right now.

Remember, rest and relaxation aren’t optional. They’re necessary.

Isn’t it time for you to unwind and get back to center?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Libra

As your ruling planet, Venus is moving into your sign, and you can expect an extra boost of financial abundance and new opportunities – especially if you put that charming personality to use, Libra. It’s time to put yourself out there and ask for what you want.

Lay on that charisma, and don’t be afraid to speak up!

What have you been dying to ask for out of life?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Scorpio

While you might not always feel like letting that sultry personality shine, you’re sharing the spotlight this season, Scorpio – and that magnetism is just what you need to attract your deepest desires right now. It’s time to unleash that energy and let it flow outward towards the life you most want.

Your energy acts as a magnet right now, so put that energy to use.

Have you been hiding your personality from the world?

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Money/Wealth Forecast for Sagittarius

As a fellow Fire sign, this season brings plenty of momentum and passion, Sagittarius. All you have to do is decide which goal to aim your arrow at – and pull. If you can maintain focus on what you want right now, it will be that much easier to make it happen.

That fire within burns bright right now – unleash it.

Stoke the fires of your passion to bring the most abundance this season.

Money/Wealth Forecast for Capricorn

Yours is one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac, Capricorn, so focusing on finances is nothing new for you. But it’s time to infuse a bit of fun into your hard work, as Leo season encourages you to finally let that inner child come out and play.

Remember that joy is a key ingredient to success.

What brings you the most joy, Capricorn?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Aquarius

Leo’s energy is loud and proud, and your sign is all about being true to yourself, Aquarius. That concept is as crucial as ever right now because following your own bliss and trusting in yourself is the best way for you to attract the abundance and opportunities you want.

In other words, trying to “fit in” is not in the cards right now. Be your unique self to bring in abundant energy.

How can you now allow your inner being to speak up and express itself?

Money/Wealth Forecast for Pisces

While you typically prefer going with the flow, this astrological season brings some serious motivation your way, Pisces. You’re naturally focused on your responsibilities right now, which means you can accomplish many great achievements if you set your intentions and take advantage of this energy.

Don’t shy away from that to-do list right now; tackle the creative projects that make you feel most passionate right now.

Imagine what you can accomplish if you put your mind to it now!

Let the Sun Shine Through You With Fiery Leo Energy

As a Fire sign, Leo ushers in passion, creativity, and momentum in spades. This is the time to settle into the spirit and let that sunny energy guide you towards everything you wish to manifest. Let that Leo positivity shine through everything you do right now to act as a magnet for your deepest desires.

How will you use this motivating energy to achieve your dreams?

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