You Pulled the World Card – Now What?

Who doesn’t like to pull the World Tarot card in a spread?

It is rare for the World to crop up and have a negative meaning attached. It’s one of those cards where, regardless of the subject matter, you think, “Yesssssss!”

The World is the last card of the Major Arcana, and it represents the end of the Fool‘s journey. It represents accomplishment, success, and a deep sense of fulfillment. No matter what area this card is applied to, it points towards a sense of feeling at one with the world and oneself.

So, yes, this is one card that everyone likes to get in a reading.

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What Does the World Card Mean?

As mentioned, the World is about fulfillment and success. It can have various meanings attached to it, but the main ones are:

  • Integration: experiencing a sense of wholeness with yourself and/or others
  • Success: accomplishing your goals
  • A gift or talent harnessed to its best ability: personal talents that we use to help others, ourselves, and the world at large
  • Deep fulfillment: finding contentment and counting your blessings

What Does the World Card Mean in Love & Relationships?

If you get the World in the position of feelings, it can mean several things – one is that someone might literally think the world of you! It can also mean that someone feels you are their other half, their soulmate who completes them.

The World is a strong card of fulfillment, and when it appears in a love reading, it often points towards a powerful feeling of synchronization where you have found “The One” or they feel you are “The One.”

This card can also indicate meeting a new lover while abroad on holiday.

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What Does the World Mean in a Career Reading?

The World in a career reading can mean you are on top of the world.

It often points to success and accomplishment in your chosen career. It can mean a promotion or a pay rise (especially if there are lots of pentacles around).

The World card can potentially mean finding a job abroad. In these modern times, that might mean success in an online position, such as a social media influencer where your influence is “world-reaching.” It can also mean that you may have a successful career that operates on the internet.

What About the World as an Obstacle?

As an obstacle card, the World can point towards a challenge that can seem too powerful to overcome.

In this instance, you are reminded to believe in yourself and remind yourself that you are capable of overcoming any hurdle that stands in your way.

This card can also point towards social challenges, which can be based on race, gender, the environment, or any other aspect of society that can be conflicting. It highlights a need to find resolutions while taking every side into perspective.

What About the World in Reverse?

The World in reverse usually points towards incompletion or unfulfillment. It often has the opposite meaning of the upright World.

When the World appears in reverse, it may mean that you have not let go of something emotionally or you are struggling to move forward. It can point to stagnation, especially if the Hanged Man also appears in the reading.

This card indicates that it is time to get moving on a project that may have been stagnant for some time.

How to Make the World Card Work for You

There are many ways you can make the World card work for you. It varies for each person, so be sure to try out different methods to find the one that works best for you.

1. Place the Card on Your Altar

This method involves placing the World Tarot card on your altar and meditating while looking at it.

What images spring to mind? What messages do you receive?

The World is actually a lot more complex than it looks and can provide many illuminating thoughts that spring into your mind.

2. Carry the Card Around With You

Actually, this is a great way to make the World Tarot card work for you. This card can be very positive and inspiring, and therefore, when you carry it around with you, you enable its energy and positive vibes to be with you throughout the day.

3. Use the Power of Affirmations

Affirmations are a wonderful way to harness the power of the World card.

Positive affirmations can include:

    • I am capable of achieving all that I dream of
    • The world is my oyster
    • I am successful and brilliant

    Really, there is so much positive association with this card that the affirmations you can come up with are endless!

    Use the Power of the World in 2021

    2021 is a year of building, structure, and realization. The chaos of 2020 settles into a year of analysis as we work through our lives, experiences, and society at large.

    It is a time when the world is shifting. Minds are changing, and the progress of civilization continues to be underway.

    More than ever, we need the power of the World to guide us– unity, acceptance, and empathy between all people.

    Let the World Tarot card be your guide as you navigate the waters of the world and beyond!

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