New Year’s Resolutions That Work

When New Year’s resolutions are made without being in sync with your soul’s divine plan, they’re not likely to work. It’s why people have turned to astrology for thousands of years – to gain some insight and get in sync with the cosmos – and it’s energy and plan for you.

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Don’t Let The Cosmic Shift Throw You Off

If you haven’t already realized it, we really are undergoing a cosmic shift. Until the cosmos settle down, you should expect the unexpected. Astrology is tricky like that – it can help you find your place in life – but when you don’t pay attention you can compromise your future.

Trying to make resolutions when you’re out of sync is risky. Your subconscious will undermine you. You might make the wrong choice about your career, relationships, or even your health!

We live in a world surrounded by lost people making wrong decisions, but you don’t have to be one of them. If everyone knew that a simple astrological forecast could give them the answers they need, the world would be running a lot more smoothly.

Reunite With Your Soul’s Divine Plan

From the moment you were born the stars reflected a plan for you – your soul’s divine plan. It’s what we refer to when we speak of ‘your true astral Nature.’ It doesn’t mean that you have a specific fate that you can’t change. It actually means that there is a way for you to live the life you’ve always dreamed.

People who live in sync with their soul’s divine plan are in happy relationships, in good health, and enjoy successful careers that they love. They’re the people we feel jealousy towards when we are out of sync. Of course, no one’s life is perfect, but there are those folks who seem to sail through life and make it work.

If you can take this New Years to reunite with your soul’s divine plan, connect with it, and make a promise to yourself that goes deeper than ‘losing ten pounds’ you can connect with what will actually make your resolutions stick, and make you happier in the long run.

What’s The Secret?

Do you really want to know what will make you happy and fulfilled in the new year? It’s not a secret! You can connect with your soul’s divine purpose by reflecting and focusing on:

Connecting With Other People: You need a stable support system of people in your life. You must have a human connection and these people have to be compatible with you and understand your needs and meet them.

Are your relationships going well? Do they lack compatibility? How can you get more in sync with people?

Finding a Higher Purpose: You need to fill your days with work and leisure activities that connect you to a higher purpose. You must contribute to the world in some way and give back to others. Share your unique self with the people around you.

Do you feel a lack of purpose? How can you share your gifts each day?

Learning and Growing: People are unhappy when they feel their life is stagnant. Take opportunities to grow and reach outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Constantly improve your mind and body, read more books, try new hobbies, exercise regularly.

What can you do for yourself to help you learn more and grow as a person?

Positivity and Gratitude: Wake up every day and carry a sense of gratitude. Most people if they were asked to trade their problems with someone else, would keep their own! Reflect on the positive aspects of your life.

Is something really bothering you? Can you focus on the actions you’re taking to correct it?

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We all wish New Year’s resolutions were simple. One thing’s for sure, it isn’t luck. It’s not even self-discipline or will power. The answer really is mirrored in the stars. To discover and live your soul’s divine plan you need to dig deeper. You should get your birth chart created to gain more knowledge.

You’ll need to look closely at more than your zodiac sign. Your moon sign and your rising sign are equally important to finding insights about your life situation. Also, let’s not forget all the planets in our solar system.

Their placement at the moment of your birth (by house and sign) and their relationships to each other (by aspect) plays a role in reflecting your soul’s divine plan. That’s right, when you were born there was a lot going on up there in the heavens. It all means something important.

When you work with the wisdom of astrology, you can discover how to live your life to the fullest for many years to come.

Happy New Year!

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Theresa Greene

I am a mother, grandmother, and lover of all-things related to astrology and the metaphysical world. I first discovered my love for astrology while camping with my father — who seemed to know all of the constellations by name. I just knew that those same stars held the answers to my biggest questions in life. I love sharing my passions, and I hope my writing helps you on your journey. Namaste.
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