Everything You Need to Know About the Number 1 in Numerology

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Numerology is the study of numbers.

Every number from 1-9 and the Master numbers 11 and 22 have certain qualities that make them unique. In order to better understand numerology, you really need to get to know the energy, personality, and vibe of each individual number before they can be applied in a numerology reading to give you insight into your life path.

What better place to start than with the number 1?

What Does 1 Represent?

In numerology and most other areas of life, 1 indicates a beginning.

We talk about first steps, a starting point. The number 1 indicates the infinite possibilities of “day 1.” It carries assertion and drive. It takes the potential that the placeholder 0 brings and gives it form. It takes the abstract and makes it tangible, turning ideas into a plan with purpose and strength.

The number 1 also takes pride in what it achieves.

Think of it as an arrow. It has goals and the momentum to reach them. When obstacles get in the way, it pierces them and continues.

Characteristics of a 1 in the World

A 1 at Work

You are brave, courageous, loyal, dependable, and dedicated. You are determined to try new things, and you’re not afraid of taking risks to get what you want. You’re assertive, demanding attention and respect. Leadership seeps from your pores.

You do well in careers where you are given a lot of responsibility for a leadership role. You also love being around people and excel at working in professions that require interpersonal skills. You may do well, or already be successful, in one of these jobs:

  • Entrepreneur or business owner
  • Middle or high-level management positions
  • Military
  • Politician
  • Architect or engineer

A 1 in Relationships

You don’t shy away from being your own person. Others may have tried to change your nature, but they likely learned the lesson that you won’t be coerced or manipulated the hard way! You are generally fair and balanced in your thinking and don’t let things get overcomplicated.

You tend to see things as right or wrong, positive or negative. You’re not interested in fluff. You want facts. You abhor unfairness and prejudice of any sort.

You don’t suffer fools, and you won’t be persuaded or pushed into anything that isn’t already on your agenda. You are strong enough to believe in your choices and trust your own judgment. When you’re motivated by your convictions and opinions, you’re not afraid of a confrontation or being unpopular if it means being right.

If someone disagrees with you, they’ll probably lose the argument, but you’ll develop a level of respect for them because they had the courage to stand up to you.

You’re headstrong; determination and independence are your keywords. You’re original and creative, but you’re also impatient, which can be your downfall.

Try to remember there are other people in your life, and you must compromise and accommodate their needs too. You may have to learn how to be more sensitive to the feelings of others, and if you can, you’ll find you’ve got natural leadership skills. People will naturally warm to you and allow you to take charge.

At some point in one of your past lives, your soul lacked the nourishment and sustenance it needed. You did so much for others, but you didn’t look after yourself. You lost your drive and your sense of purpose, and you started to say “yes” and do things to keep the peace.

Every time you did this, a bit of you withered. You’re here in this lifetime to redress the balance. You’ll find your sense of self-worth, and you’ll learn how to be more independent of others and their opinions.

A heart’s desire of the number 1 signifies you have a lot of independence and willingness. You live by your own rules, and you take no prisoners along the way. No one is going to tell you what to do or how to do it – and woe betide them if they try!

You’re competitive and want to be the leader of the pack. You are suited to this role, too. Your sense of adventure and natural curiosity will take you places if you let it. You will need to find a way to channel a cooperative spirit along with your assertiveness.

You are open, friendly, and extroverted, and people easily take to your naturally warm temperament. You may have to work at keeping their affection because you can be blunt and strong-willed.

You want to say what you think when you think it, and some folks aren’t prepared for that level of candor. Even when you’ve cultivated a bit of self-discipline, many people will find you headstrong – but you’re unlikely to let that bother you.

Your talents and passions probably won’t stay hidden for long! You are a natural leader, and you aren’t hesitant about coming forward. You’re competitive; you want to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.

You enjoy being the center of attention. You’re usually honest and sincere, but when you realize how captivating others find you, it could be tempting to influence them into doing what you want to reach your own goals.

This is a year of new beginnings. You should continue to simplify your life and sort out our high-quality people and opportunities to make room for exciting possibilities. How do you want to see your life unfold over the next few years? You’ve got control, and you can steer yourself towards achieving your goals.

Although you are the driver of your own choices, you may have had decisions thrust upon you. Discernment is essential if you’re going to use this year as the foundation for your long-term success.

Challenges for a 1

Your energy can be particularly obstinate, and you can be hard to get along with at times. You’re also incredibly demanding. Your positive qualities push and lead those around you to think outside of the box, improve, and become their best self. That’s why – despite being occasionally infuriating – people view their relationship with you as worth the effort. They will generally put up with your frustrating qualities. They can’t help but love and appreciate your energy.

You can also have a tendency to come off as arrogant.

People who respect a more subtle approach to leadership may find you bossy and bull-headed. It might serve you well to include other people in decisions and ensure their voices are heard before you go full steam ahead with plans.

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