Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for September 25 – October 1, 2023

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We always like to think that we’re prepared for Full Moon energy. We’ve seen plenty before, right?

But the reality is that every Full Moon is unique… including the Full Moon in Aries on the 29th. Welcome to this week’s madness, as this Moon event taking center stage will definitely be the main course that you won’t want to miss.

As we’re still moving through Libra season and allowing its diplomatic, peace-keeping energy to develop, a Full Moon in brave and bold Aries can bring out more of the passion, impulse, and go-getter mentality that we need in order to actually say what we need to say — with a tactful flair, of course.

This week, this powerful energy can be put to very productive use if you’re open to it. But let’s see what the Tarot has to say before you construct any exact game plans.

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for September 25 – October 1, 2023


Wheel of Fortune

Aries, it’s finally time to feel in tune with the flow of the Universe.

You’re known for your desire to charge after what you want with your own strong will, but there’s something to be said for the power of trust and surrender.

The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of that powerful truth. It’s time for you to loosen the reigns on your projects, ideas, and plans and allow fate to step in wherever you feel uncertain and doubtful.

You’re on a good path. It’s time to believe that that’s true.


The Sun

Taurus is embracing their bright, authentic self this week.

You’re radiant in the light of The Sun, a card that comes through to illuminate the most raw and genuine parts of yourself, inviting you to step even further into authenticity.

This week has the potential to be powerful and productive, but only if you’re willing to step up and really be yourself, embracing all of who you are, even your flaws and weaknesses.

What’s one way you will commit to showing off your real heart this week?


The Lovers

This week, Gemini has its own corresponding card on the table.

That’s right — The Lovers, which is the card assigned to none other than you, Gemini, is here to offer its vibrant, exciting, opportunity-filled light.

This is a great week for making connections in typical Gemini flair (witty, conversational, and bright) and also going with your heart and gut instincts with any decision-making.

Say what’s on your mind, call a few important shots, and most importantly, have fun!


The Devil

Cancer, last week you were aiming for a fresh start. This week, you’re facing the music of what that really entails.

The Devil sheds light on any shadows. It asks you to look at your own baggage and past issues, anything that may still be lingering from before.

Before you move on to new things, you essentially need to let any unconscious doubts, difficulties, and burdens come to the surface. And you need to meet them with an open heart and see what really needs to be done in order to let that all go.

Take a few deep breaths. It’s not as hard as it seems — it’ll feel infinitely worth it on the other side of it all.


The Magician

Leo has a powerful, innovative, and creative energy up their sleeve.

The Magician is a wonderful omen for artistically-minded Leos and (even just aspiring) entrepreneurs. You may have many ideas and creative bursts of energy coming through for you this week.

With great power, of course, comes great responsibility. Remember that this energy is only as useful as… well, as it’s used. You need to seize this card actively in order for its potential to be worth anything.

Our advice? Maintain a go-getter, optimistic vibe, and you’ll be right on track for success.


The Star

Virgo had their fair share of difficulties with the Queen of Swords reversed last week.

But now, The Star invites in healing, rejuvenation, and an invitation to view your situation from a spiritual lens.

You may benefit from more meditation and creative, artistic pursuits (and just for the sake of them, rather than with a specific objective in mind). Focus on the part of you that seeks inner healing, compassion, and acting intuitively.

This beautiful energy may initially feel like an uncomfortable change of pace, but it will definitely help you push forward past where you were before.


The World

Libra, expand your worldview… and expand your life in the process.

With The World on the table, it’s time to think big. This is a solid week for attaining that feeling of completion and fulfillment, as it’s a positive omen for your goals and dreams.

However, you reap what you sow. If you don’t have anything in the works, this card is your signal to think ahead about what you’d like to manifest next.

And remember — don’t limit yourself to only what you feel is “realistic.”


6 of Swords

Scorpio, it’s time to move on, even if it’s cold and uncomfortable.

You are indeed known for your tendency to stew on the past. But the 6 of Swords asks you to take a brave step forward in letting go of lingering memories, habits that you know are holding you back, and possibly even people and relationships.

Intuitively, you know when something is no longer meant for you. Of course, that doesn’t make the leap any less difficult.

It’s okay to have uncomfortable feelings about change. However, this week, there is no other option other than to move on into the future… or be left behind in the past.


10 of Wands

Sagittarius, you may have bitten off way more than you can chew.

Although Sagittarians are indeed capable of carrying a lot and adapting to new challenges more easily than others, the 10 of Wands is a big, red stop sign.

Sometimes, you need to know when to let go of what you’re holding onto. Not all projects need to be finished. Not all finish lines must be crossed. And sometimes “giving up” is the brave thing to do.

It’s not always as dramatic as it seems. Sometimes, you can be stubborn in ways that you don’t even realize, so it’s time to reflect honestly to see where that may be.


9 of Wands

Capricorn is waiting before making their next big move.

The 9 of Wands indicates that you’re holding off before taking any large steps, using this week to observe your surroundings and gather your energy.

This card is a tricky balance, however. Sometimes, pulling back and observing takes more energy in itself than we actually realize (especially for Capricorn, who can tend to be very thorough about everything you do).

This card can either be beneficial or draining, depending on how you use it. Consider this your heads up to utilize it carefully (and not overdo anything).


The Chariot (Reversed)

You want to move forward, but it’s not always easy, Aquarius.

With The Chariot reversed, your plans are… to rip the bandaid off, not on the right track. Mistakes, silly errors, and unexpected setbacks are all more likely to be on your horizon this week.

This isn’t always because of something you did. The key with this reversal is not to take it personally and remember that sometimes, stuff just happens. You can’t control everything.

Don’t internalize your failures as all on you. Pick yourself up after falling, learn from your experiences, and work toward a better tomorrow.



Pisces, a razor-sharp, intuitively-conscious focus awaits you.

Judgement always offers us insight when we most seem to need it. Sometimes, it may feel like the Universe offering you a message at the exact right time.

For this week, it’s more likely to feel like you are the one who understands everything just a bit more clearly. Messages and signs click into place with more clarity than usual.

Take advantage of this powerful, clear lens of yours, and see what truths you can uncover in the process.

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