Aries Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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Have you ever wondered: what is Aries’ compatibility with other zodiac signs?

Aries is energetic and feisty in life and love. This Cardinal Fire sign brings an effortless heat and playful energy to all of their relationships, which means if you fall in love with an Aries, you must prepare to deal with passionate nights and active days.

Aries are funny and driven, but being the youngest of the zodiac can lead them to be childish regarding commitment and outward affection. If you can enjoy their optimism and endure their speedy tendencies, your love with an Aries man or woman will be a love you will never forget.

Read below to learn about your love compatibility with Aries.

Aries Sign

Aries – Aries Compatibility

Sparks fly in an Aries and Aries match, both being strong, passionate lovers. Love and heightened desire enter the scene in this relationship quickly, but it can easily burn out just as fast as it started. Patience and forgiveness are needed for this fire to last!

Taurus Compatibility

Aries - Taurus Compatibility

Excitable Aries will be initially attracted to the devotion and quiet nature of the seemingly mysterious Taurus, but both signs will have to work to make this connection long-lasting. Similar in their stubborn yet secretly soft natures, these two can find common ground if they don’t accidentally create scorched earth.

Gemini Compatibility Sign

Aries - Gemini Compatibility

Any Aries will love the wild, Mutable nature of witty Gemini. This love match will enjoy fast-paced and interesting conversation, but both independent-minded signs will have to be willing to take turns when it comes to taking the lead.

Cancer Compatibility

Aries - Cancer Compatibility

Leadership-destined Aries will appreciate the fellow Cardinal nature of sensitive Cancer, who often respectively leads a happy home and close circle of loved ones. But even though this emotional duo often has mutual respect, they may have to work harder to agree on the big picture.

Leo Compatibility

Aries - Leo Compatibility

Even bold and brash Aries is sure to soften in the strong, passionate presence of fellow Fire elemental Leo. While there may be a conflict of egos in the heat of the flame, these two ultimately play off of each other’s larger-than-life personalities and share this mutual understanding.

Virgo Compatibility

Aries - Virgo Compatibility

There may be something confusingly appealing about grounded and detail-oriented Earth sign Virgo for wild and adventurous Aries. These two are just about sure not to see eye to eye on many things but will ultimately reap plenty of wisdom from their differing views if they’re willing to listen.

Libra Compatibility

Aries - Libra Compatibility

Thrill-seeking Aries is sure to find their opposite sign, Libra, very intriguing indeed. Even though wild child Aries may enjoy lighting fires just as much as mediator Libra enjoys putting them out, the chemistry between this pair is still impossible to miss — and hard to resist!

Scorpio Compatibility

Aries - Scorpio Compatibility

Both ruled by the planet of war, Mars, there is no question of whether or not Aries and Scorpio will find themselves attracted to each others’ passion and heat. However, independent Aries may be wary of Scorpio’s tendency to obsess and must learn to love their eternally loyal ways.

Sagittarius Compatibility

Aries - Sagittarius Compatibility

This freedom-loving Fire sign couple will surely understand each other on a core level of values and ways of seeing life. However, Aries will have to learn to temper their jealousy, as even this wildcard s does not match the amount of independence a Sagittarius often seeks.

Capricorn Compatibillity

Aries - Capricorn Compatibility

An Aries and Capricorn connection can easily be an “opposites attract” situation in many ways, but this curious pair may have more in common than initially meets the eye. If Aries can learn to meet Capricorn in the middle with practical matters, this Cardinal duo may just work.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aries - Aquarius Compatibility

Aries is sure to be attracted to Aquarius’ eccentric personality and original ideas and beliefs. Both visionaries and creatives, this combo of Fire and Air creates a unique spark that empowers each person to be their best and most authentic self.

Pisces Compatibility

Aries - Pisces Compatibility

As emotional free spirits, an Aries and Pisces match can offer quite an adventure for both signs, both thriving in their lighthearted natures and a love for playfulness. So long as Aries’ bold honesty and Fire don’t turn off sensitive Pisces, this love match can make for a fun-loving time.

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