Aries & Cancer Compatibility

With an Aries and Cancer match, we have a Cardinal Fire sign, Aries, with a Cardinal Water sign, Cancer. There is a saying in the zodiac about how Water tends to squash out Fire, which could pose a problem for this match. Another popular expression is that when Fire and Water collide, a lot of steam is generated. So this match has all of the signs of a steamy and passionate one, as long as both parties can put their egos aside, at least sometimes. Both signs are incredibly emotional, but Aries is fiery and passionate, whereas Cancer wants to overanalyze every feeling that comes their way. If they can find a way to work together on their emotional turbulence, this promises to be a steamy and stimulating match.

The Pros

Aries loves just how sensitive Cancer is, and with Aries being the sign of self and Cancer being the sign of home, this pair will go to the end of the world to protect each other. Cancer has the tough shell of the crab to protect, and Aries will be Cancer's ultimate knight in shining armor. Cancer wants just what Aries wants: a happy home life. Aries will never complain about the home center that Cancer putters to every day. The instinct of the watery Cancer will also help Aries get as far as they want and wherever they want in life, which of course, Aries really loves.

The Cons

When this match fights, it will get ugly, and there will be a lot of hurt feelings. Cancer is among the zodiac's most sensitive signs and tends to take everything personally. They are also known for being stubborn and often attack with their own pinches, so when Aries points something out they don't like, they had better put their armor on because it will sting them too. No matter what. Aries will be the first to bail on this union as a result. So Cancer needs to be careful in how they manage their feelings in conflict. Cancer is not nearly as independent as Aries, which could wear Aries down a bit. If Cancer doesn't get the cherished feelings they want in love, Cancer could be "out" as well.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The makeup sex will be as steamy as this pair wants if they both survive the battle that precedes it! Both of these signs are also Cardinal signs and also born leaders and initiators. Aries will never worry about who makes the first move because Cancer is always right on that. In this pair, Cancer will be in charge of the emotional bliss of this union, and Aries will be in the lead when it comes to fighting off intruders and enemies. As both Cardinal signs, though, they will need to take turns being the boss, and if both are willing to make this compromise, a long and happy life together is the likely outcome.

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