Aries & Libra Compatibility

When we match the Cardinal Fire sign of Aries with the Cardinal Air sign of Libra, we have wind-moving fire, and the sparks are abundant. This is a very passionate affair, as these two signs are polar opposites in the zodiac and thus very skilled at creating balance in this union. This pair will learn well from each other, even if there are some hard moments along the way. Aries loves Libra's need for harmony and balance, while Libra appreciates the energy Aries brings to the table. Aries will be able to learn from a Libra mate that their way isn't always the best way, and Libra will learn how to be a little more spontaneous on occasion. If they can appreciate rather than criticize these differences, the wind and fire combination here will be one that will last.

The Pros

Being polar opposite signs of the zodiac, the sexual chemistry with this wind and fire combination is challenging to reproduce with any other match. This match is a very well-balanced one. On the one hand, we have Venus-ruled Libra exuding charm and culture when they face the world with their Aries. And Libra will love Aries' ability to provide all of the luxuries they like. Libra is always balancing the pros and cons, and thus a difficult decision maker. Aries will either bring this out in them or become skilled as the decision-maker in the pair. This could even provide relief for the overwhelmed Libra. Harmony and partnership are favored and ruled by Libra, so if Aries is looking for someone for the long haul, a Libra match is one of the best.

The Cons

One of the great things about Cardinal signs is that they are great initiators. But while starting things is their forte, finishing them, not so much. So both of these signs will find themselves very frustrated with their partner over the same thing they are guilty of. Libra will also become frustrated with Aries' reckless and impulsive nature, as Libra likes to weigh everything at all times. Aries then will feel encumbered and weighed down by Libra's need to pause every five minutes to think about something. Libra's pause can sometimes lead to manipulation on their part, which Aries will get pretty riled up over. It's important for both mates in this union to remember that compromise will be critical to the health of this match.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Although there are a few opportunities for sparks to fly, and not in the best way with this pair, they are both very skilled at compromise. As the Fire sign, Aries will be the true leader in this relationship. At least, it will seem that way from an energy perspective. When Aries truly appreciates the intellectual component that Libra brings to the table, both partners in this match will find a very harmonious balance. With time and a little effort, it will not take much for this couple to realize that the other person balances out precisely what they need in life and fills in the blanks of their sense of self by serving as their polar opposite. It is one of those matches where both partners will fall in love with the things that irritate each other down the road, but commitment will be the quality that keeps this union together.

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