Aries & Aquarius Compatibility

An Aries and Aquarius match is always an exciting one. The Fixed Air with Aquarius is the wind beneath the Cardinal Fire sign Aries wings. This relationship is always going places and is high in energy, passion, vision, and creativity. There is nowhere to go but up for this pair! The foundation for this match is friendship and communication between these two. An Aries and Aquarius match is one in which both parties have a unique understanding of each other and is often filled with special thrills every day.

The Pros

Air and Fire is always a great combination on this planet, so Aries and Aquarius are destined to do well. This is a match that is based on many mutual commonalities and experiences. They will deeply admire each other, and respect goes along with that. Aries will love the big vision and big thinking of Aquarius, whereas Aquarius will adore Aries' spontaneous side. These signs are also highly independent, which Aries will appreciate. Aquarius offers Aries the fixed nature of loyalty and trust, and Aries offers Aquarius an exciting and passionate experience. There is an extraordinary bond between this pair and a deep understanding between them that is star-crossed to stand the test of time.

The Cons

If there is any zodiac sign that can compete with Aries' spontaneous side, it will be Aquarius. However, Aries can still be jealous and possessive. Aquarius will have a problem with that, leading Aries' temper to rise. And when Aquarius gets burned, they do not take it lightly. At the same time, Aquarius can work on understanding the possessive side of Aries and taking it as a compliment rather than as a lack of trust. Aquarius may not always be up for the vibrant energy that Aries needs to use every day, as Aquarius is more active mentally. Finding the balance in love between thinking and doing will be something both in this match will need to work on.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

A Cardinal Fire sign matched with a Fixed Air sign is one of the best possible matches because this pair always has every base covered. This is a very compatible match until or unless jealous natures begin to peek out. Aries simply needs to reassure Aquarius that they are in it for the long haul, and this will keep Aquarius' sentiments in the right place. Aquarius will also be excellent at keeping Aries on task and on point when it comes to completing tasks or even requests in love and should continue to do this to see their relationship thrive. On the other hand, Aries should pull back from the jealousy and possessiveness and realize that once their Fixed sign gets a fix on them, they are in it for the long haul. When both signs can overcome these individual insecurities, theirs is truly a cosmic connection.

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