Aries & Aries Compatibility

Aries with Aries is a beautiful match and a fabulous combination. Aries is the Cardinal Fire sign, so when you put two of them together, guess what? You get fireworks. This is perhaps the most passionate and fiery match in the zodiac. This is what happens when you put two born leaders together that have the fire in their bellies to succeed in all areas of life. Is your love life always going to look like the Fourth of July? Not always. Most of the time, yes. But what happens when it isn't? Here's the good, the bad, and how to make it work with an Aries and Aries match.

The Pros

Aries gets Aries. After all, Aries knows Aries because Aries is Aries. So, of course, Aries will understand why their partner always needs to be the boss, always wants to lead, and always wants exciting fireworks around. And Aries doesn't waste time, nor do they like anybody else that does. This is yet another beautiful thing about this match. Aries is also very independent and does not like the kind of partner that needs to text them 50 times in one day. So this is a sign that appreciates that in another Aries. Aries loves pursuing, but they also love being pursued, which comes in handy when their partner is another initiator. There is no time wasted with Aries, which will work out very well for both of you.

The Cons

You both love to be the boss, love to take the lead, and are the strongest spirits in the room. So you can imagine what the cons are here. You can't both be the boss all the time. This is an enthusiastic and positive union, but you will butt heads once in a while. The Ram symbolizes Aries, so if there is any sign that is going to butt heads with you, it will be your fellow Aries. Consider yourself warned when you start a partnership with Aries. The clash of the egos is inevitable and will likely be the thing the two of you fight about the most. Being Cardinal Fire signs, tempers will also flare with Aries matches. But you know how to handle fire. Soften the blows and the sparks with the positive traits of Aries, generosity, and indulgences, and the fire won't last long.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Being symbolized by the Ram and being ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, wars are inevitable with this match. You will argue, but if you are going into a love experience expecting it to be perfect all the time, you will be disappointed. Prepare yourself, and be the best loving partner you can be; that fire won't last long. One thing you two are never going to be short of is passion, so use your spontaneous side to your advantage. You'll forget what you were fighting about when all is said and done.

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