A Powerful Tarot Spread for Libra Season

​As we move from practical, structured Virgo season into balanced, beauty-seeking Libra, you may find yourself reflecting on this year, on its challenges and struggles and obstacles, from a new perspective.

Virgo is intensely focused, cleaning up messes and helping us wrap up existing work — and now that we are shifting into Libra’s Cardinal air, we have a new opportunity to start fresh, to begin additional projects, to take everything we’ve learned and use those truths in brilliant and perhaps unexpected ways.

With Virgo we were pushed to sit with the reflective energy of the Hermit, looking inward and considering what we’ve been hiding from ourselves. Now, Libra and Justice urge us to allow some of our ideas to spill out into the world, to put our dreams into practice, to combine innovation with awareness.

After taking the time to examine our own secrets and shadows, after uncovering what it is we truly believe in, Libra gives us an opportunity to see how those theories actually play out, and to learn from those around us. We introduce our vision, work with those we trust to refine it, use our natural sense of harmony and beauty and magic to create something that others are drawn to.

While we may be beginning something new, there’s a sense of rich certainty and power that we perhaps have not felt with other cardinal seasons.

Libra brings joy and clarity, asking us to make thoughtful decisions, to weigh the pros and cons of our preferences, and to find deep pleasure in our ideas. Libra wants to understand, to collaborate, to share. And in adopting an attitude of education, in being willing to listen to all, Libra can help us evolve and transform with sensitivity, courage, and grace.

Libra & The Justice Card

Justice may seem like an intense card for gentle, peace-making Libra, with its sharp swords and a perceptive ability to cut through certain issues. But at its core, the drive of Libra is one of equality and reciprocity, making sure everyone has what they require, honoring the needs and desires of all. This sign often gets a bad rap for being indecisive, so concerned are they with considering every side of a problem — but when Libra thrives, everyone wins.

When we feel strongly about what we believe in, when we’re willing to take a stand for the things that matter, we can join up with others that feel the same way, that view the world through the same lens. And in taking the time to evaluate all of the angles of a particular problem, we can recognize for ourselves where we are ready to push forward, and what we are willing to fight for.

This Tarot spread for Libra season invites you to remember the archetype of Justice even as you move into a new season of magic, equality, and strength.

Where have you been craving balance? What are you ready to begin, and what new perspectives might you need to keep in mind? How can you combine grace with power?

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Powerful 4-Card Spread for Libra Season


Card One: A Way to Find Beauty

What sings to you, inspires you, brings pleasure and comfort and joy? What expands your mind, opens your heart, speaks to your soul? How does beauty manifest around and within you?

Card Two: A Place to Seek Compromise

Where might you need to consider another viewpoint or perspective? What can you give, and what might that allow you to receive? Where is balance needed? What are you overlooking?

Card Three: Something to Fight For

Where is your energy, your brilliance, your ability to innovate, needed? Where have you been too soft or hesitant? How can you use your mind to solve an important problem?

Card Four: Something to Remember

What is an important lesson to carry forward into this new season? What have you been discovering? What have you forgotten that you need to hold close?

You can certainly use this spread for specific questions, but I recommend using it for more general readings, simply making space for the cards to speak openly about how you can fully embrace the energy of Libra season. The sample spread below was done without a question, to show you how this reading can work even without a particular situation or challenge in mind.

4-Card Libra Season Example Spread


Card One: 4 of Swords

A card of boundaries and rest, the 4 of Swords offers us opportunities for beauty in stillness, quiet, and introspection.

Sometimes taking a step back from focused movement and giving our minds an opportunity to heal and recover can inspire us to new observations and insights, allowing us to see our world through fresh eyes.

Where might you be served by exercising caution? What brilliance can be found in rest? There can be such magic in moments of gentle awareness, and this season is inviting you to reflection, making space for the beauty that emerges in tranquility.

Card Two: 2 of Cups

Love, friendship, and community can inspire us to great heights, giving us the sensation that absolutely anything is possible. But deep, authentic, lasting relationships usually require some kind of compromise, so consider ways that you can practice reciprocity with the people you care about, particularly when building new connections.

This is what the 2 of Cups is trying to tell us here.

How can you be generous with ideas, inspiration, insights? Libra is so good at making space for multiple perspectives, so do so with an attitude of openness and grace and you may be pleasantly surprised by the ways that you’re invited to grow.

Card Three: The Empress

An archetype of abundance, generosity, and creation, the Empress may not immediately seem like a card that inspires righteous anger or marching into battle. But this figure is no shrinking violet, no tame and timid creature. The Empress is fierce and powerful, stands firmly in strength, is in full command of their resources and abilities and communities.

There’s so much space for courage in Libra season, and the Empress serves as a reminder to be protective of what you are creating, to be brave and bold in the things you are offering.

Where have you been hesitating or holding back? Even if your work isn’t flawless or finished, be proud of where you are presently, and where you are going.

Card Four: 2 of Wands

When new ideas come forward, it’s tempting to harness all of that passion and energy and just rush ahead, enjoying the enthusiasm for as long as it lasts. But chances are you’re working on something that holds the promise of real longevity, that offers opportunities for deep transformation and magic.

With the 2 of Wands, remember to take some time to plan, to move with intention, to find your focus.

What are you actually building? What does your vision of the future really look like? Don’t confuse movement with progress—if you’re thoughtful about the actions you take, there’s no limit to how far you can go.

This sample reading is one of protection, movement, and personal power, urging abundance and creative energy. As you step forward into Libra season, remember the truths you uncovered with Virgo and the Hermit, and don’t let your capacity for joy get lost in your desire for equality.

This is a time for thoughtful and deliberate action, for awareness, for honoring all of our options. Have a safe and beautiful Libra season!

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