6-Card Libra Season Tarot for Balancing

On 23rd September, the Sun enters Libra, which means that the energies of Libra will be particularly potent for us all.

Libra is the sign of balance, indecision, beauty, and justice. Ruled by Venus, Libra has a love for all that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. In the Tarot cards, it corresponds with the eleventh card in the Major Arcana, Justice. The concept of fairness and equality is very important to Librans, just as it is in the Justice card. Doing the right thing is a priority in life, as Librans hate imbalance; even a wonky picture hanging on the wall can irritate them! With Libra, there is an innate desire to right the wrongs of the world and achieve balance and harmony. There is a reason their sign is represented by the scales of justice.

However, this noble trait is also where they tend to find the most conflict within themselves. Libra is a sign that hates conflict and their first instinct is to run from it or do everything possible to avoid it. While this may make them skilled diplomats, it also means that they can come across as two-faced or cowardly, refusing to take a side and instead staying in the middle ground. This is a contradictory aspect of themselves that Librans must face, as very often it is not possible to wield the sword of justice without an element of external conflict. Libra must make the decision as to what is more important to them: the desire to be loved and liked or the desire to right all that is wrong.

As Libra season draws in, it is a decision many of us may find ourselves facing. The scales of justice force us to take a long hard look at ourselves; we may experience polarities called into question; we may have some difficult decisions to make – are we going to follow our head or our heart? And with the New Moon in Libra appearing on the 28th of September, we may then have the opportunity to manifest the decisions we reach or ask for guidance if we feel particularly lost or confused.

Consulting the Tarot to help with indecision or feelings of perplexity is a fantastic way of working with the Libran energies and gaining instant advice for any situations that arise. Tarot card meanings can provide incredible insight into any situation – read below about the Tarot card spread you can use for this upcoming Libra season!

A Balancing Tarot Spread for Libra Season

This 6-card spread is fantastic for putting any polarities or differences into perspective. The spread is as follows:

  • Card 1: Your light side
  • Card 2: Your shadow side (This is the side that we tend to keep hidden. It’s typically perceived as “bad, dishonorable and immoral”).
  • Card 3: The state of your heart (This is the card that shows what your feelings are telling you).
  • Card 4: The state of your head (This is the card that shows what your mind is telling you).
  • Card 5: A de-stabilizing force (This is a weakness/obstacle in your path).
  • Card 6: A stabilizing force (This is your strength/advice for you at this time).

A Libra tarot spread for balancing graphic showing where all 6 cards go.

With this reading, you can ask a specific question or you can just shuffle out the cards asking them what the Libra season holds for you. See an example spread below to give you an idea of how this spread works! The question below is for a daily Tarot spread.

Question: What challenges do I face today?

Card 1: 6 of Pentacles

You are a generous and giving person. Others adore you for your kindness and generosity. It brings you fulfillment to give to others; your generosity may be unconditional at times, though you too gain something from it – the glowing feeling of being able to simply give in order to help others. This is a compassionate card and one that represents a selfless, giving nature. It represents your light side.

Card 2: Knight of Swords

This is the card that represents your shadow side. This could indicate that you may be prone to harsh words if you feel hurt or stung. Situations may arise today where your generosity is taken advantage of or disrespected, and you may lash out because of it. The Knight of Swords can also represent someone in your life, so it is also important to read intuitively. The Knight of Swords in this position can be someone who may take advantage of your good nature, so caution is advised.

Card 3: 2 of Pentacles

A card of indecision! This shows your heart may be uncertain about how to proceed. Divisiveness between head and heart is grueling at the best of times, but indecision within the heart itself is even more so! This card represents the state of your heart which shows the inner turmoil you may be going through.

Card 4: King of Swords

This is a good card for the state of your mind as Swords are Air, and Libra is Air. The King of Swords represents good judgement and keen wisdom. Though your feelings may be uncertain, your mind knows what is best for you. The King of Swords can also represent an older male in your life who is going to offer wisdom and guidance to you.

Card 5: 5 of Cups

Hmmm – this is a bit of a clue! The 5 of Cups indicates that powerful feelings may be blinding you at this time. You may be reluctant to “do the right thing” because of potential unhappy feelings that may occur as a result. This is the obstacle card – feelings of grief or unhappiness may be preventing you from doing what you know is right.

Card 6: The Emperor

This is the advice card and clearly has one message: Take control of the situation. In this instance, you would be wise to listen to your head as your emotions may be blinding you right now.

Overall, this reading speaks of someone who may be acting too generous with their time, money, and resources, and may be taken advantage of as a result. Their emotions are clouded, but their mind is telling them to “do the right thing.” They may be reluctant to do what they know is right because it may lead to feelings of guilt or unhappiness; but the Emperor card advises them that sometimes the “cruel to be kind” method is the only way to release them from the suffering currently inflicted on themselves, as well as the one taking advantage of them.


As Libra season approaches, we may all find ourselves riddled with indecision or moments of confusion. The battle between head and heart may be more pronounced; likewise, our desire to enact justice and do the right thing can be more powerful than ever. Reading about the Tarot online, as well as spreads like this can help provide extra guidance during this very Yin/Yang season. Embrace the lovely Libra and gain deeper insight into yourself and all you hold dear!

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