Introduction to Numerology: Number 11

In previous articles, we’ve learned about the single digit numbers from 1 – 9 that make up most numerology interpretations. Now we’re going to take a look at the personality of the first master number, number 11. This number may be reduced to 2 by some numerologists. As a master number, it brings with it some special qualities that need to be understood, especially if it falls as a person’s Life Path Number.

What Does the Number 11 Represent?

The number 11 mixes the energy of the number 2 and doubles it. If you add 1 + 1 together you get the sum of 2. It is the most intuitive of all the numbers. It represents a pathway to the unconscious, to insights that defy logic or reason. 11 signifies creativity, intuition, loyalty, the need for harmony and balance embodied in a number 1 and adds the impetuousness and natural penchant for leadership. When 11 energy is at its best, it’s inspiring and unstoppable.

Characteristics of an 11

11 is the number of the dreamer, the romantic, the sacred clown. People are attracted to your energy and find you charismatic and dynamic. You might be a great teacher, writer, or artist. You could also do well in the aviation industry (as a pilot, engineer), or work with computers or modern technology. Remember, this isn’t going to be the number of someone who is logical and reasonable. This is the number of the intuitive, whose hunches are right, and who has the courage to step out on faith alone.

Although, there’s a sensitivity about you, which makes you charmingly shy and infuriatingly impractical at times. There’s great dignity and character in you, but that only comes through acceptance of everything that you are – the positive, and the not so attractive. You will be a faithful companion and will devote yourself to understanding your partner’s desires and needs. Your intuition shines in this area of your life and your loved ones will probably rarely complain of being neglected by you.

Challenges for an 11

Every person has their flaws. Being so close to the number 2, you have a duality that creates inner conflict as well as that dynamic and alluring energy. You may be more prone to fears and phobias than a 1 or 2. You can overthink things and doubt abilities. The key to success for you is to have a goal and work toward it. You can tend to dream and not take action, which some can interpret as lazy. When you don’t have an achievement to focus on, you have the potential to get fractious and self-destructive.

There’s a lot of personal power here, for you embody everything – both positive and negative – found in numbers 1 and 2. It makes you a very complex character indeed. There’s an indication of greatness here, but also of a great downfall if you don’t hold yourself accountable. For you to find the middle road, and really embrace your personal power, you have to grasp the energies of both 1 and 2. You must face the music when it comes to their shadow sides as well as stepping out in their glory.

  • Life Path Number 11

You’re not one to follow the crowd. You’re always reaching and searching. You seek enlightenment and you’re not going find it by any mundane or traditional means. You’re probably quite creative, but you have to take care not to be your own worst critic. You can achieve great things, but not if you keep talking yourself out of them. Make sure you’re not carrying emotional baggage with you or letting naysayers have too much influence over you.

  • Past Life Number 11

You’ve had it fairly easy in the past. You stayed where it was comfy. You did not know the thrill of accomplishing something amazing, or the agony of being defeated over something that was dear to your heart. You were content enough, but only because you didn’t know real happiness. Your soul was calling you to experience all that life had to offer, but you turned a deaf ear. The calling continued to become louder and louder until finally, here you are. The purpose of this incarnation is to take that leap of faith and know what it’s like to experience extreme emotional responses.

  • Heart’s Desire Number 11

You’re a natural peacemaker. In fact, this won’t be something you do, it will be at the core of who you are, something that is necessary to your health. You can’t stand discord and you want everyone to get along with each other. You have a very idealistic concept of reality and want to make the world a better place for everyone. Sometimes your ideas are a bit impractical, though. While you’re ministering to others, you will have to remember to look after your own needs.

  • Personality/Expression Number 11

You easily draw others to you with your magnanimous and charismatic personality. You’re charming, patient, and kind. It makes you a target for people of dubious integrity. You also need to learn to believe in yourself, for you truly do have the potential to be great. Sometimes your doubt and insecurities can create unnecessary obstacles along the path to your success. If you can project more self-confidence, you will achieve everything you put your mind to.

Note: There is no hidden passion or personal year number for the master number 11.

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